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    I'm new member joint Today this side, I bought men bike "Autobike" Cruiser Elite. this is 5 speed bike with automatic gear mechanism, three centrifugal weights are sliding on rear wheel in and out and automatically changing chain position on rear 5 sprockets. Chromed frame is painted over by black paint, the bike have one spring and some arms on front fork for suspension, any idea how old is this bike? Never see this type of bike in my life, [I'm 72] what can be worth it? The fenders are chromed but little rusty, Front fork is chromed but few spots are with surface rust, This bike runs like new, change gears very smooth, rims in very good condition, brakes works good, two new balloons withe face tires 26 " X 2.1/2" on it. If somebody will be so nice and will send me any info about this bike I will appreciate my email wolskip at I will post some better pictures of it Tomorrow

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