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    rwb921 Guest

    Trying to decide which year my CCM Flair is. Anyone know of a site or able to point me in the right direction to find out info about serial numbers for CCM?
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    thebikeguy Finally riding a big boys bike

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    You can tell what year it was made by the serial number.A picture goes a long way in helping also.:)
    1921 A12345
    1922 B12345
    1923 C12345
    1924 D12345
    1925 E12345
    1926 H12345
    1927 K12345
    1928 L12345
    1929 N12345
    1930 P12345
    1931 S12345
    1932 T12345
    1933 U12345
    1934 W12345
    1935 X12345
    1936 Z12345
    1937 1A2345
    1938 1B2345
    1939 1C2345
    1940 1D2345
    1941 1E2345
    1942 1H2345
    1943 1K2345
    1944 1L2345
    1945 1N2345
    1946 1P2345
    1947 1S2345
    1948 1T2345
    1949 12345A
    1950 12345B
    1951 12345C
    1952 12345D
    1953 12345E
    1954 12345H
    1955 12345K
    1956 12345L
    1957 12345N
    1958 12345P
    1959 12345S
    1960 12345T
    Still working on 1961-1967
    1968 A12345
    1969 B12345
    1970 C12345
    1971 D12345
    1972 E12345
    1973 F12345
    1974 G12345
    1975 H12345
    That should be of some help.
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    d.wegg Guest

    1926 ccm

    Just trying to confirm the year of this bike. It was made by CCM, but as far as I understand it was sold by a department store with their label. Also the rear rim does not have a brake arm. Is this an original part? The serial # is H2719 as far as I can make out.

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    MERK Look Ma, No Hands!

    Dec 28, 2007
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    Is the rear hub a Hercules? If so, it`s probably original...
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    OldRider Cruisin' on my Bluebird

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    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    That rear hub could also be a British made Perry, I had a few CCMs of roughly that vintage wsith Perry hubs.

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    d.wegg Guest

    I checked the rear hub and found "PRE HER coaster hub" stamped on it. I've never seen one like it, but this is the oldest bike I have. Thanks very much for your replys.
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    MERK Look Ma, No Hands!

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    Is that all you can read? Or is that all that is stamped on it? A photo would make identification much easier. Hercules hubs were the primary hub for CCM made bikes in the 20`s, and they made a armless coaster during that period...
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    brayzil Guest

    Hi , just recently Came accross a vintage CCm Head Badge Says Red Bird , bike seems to be all original minus the grips look newer. If anyone could tell me the year? The serial number says 76E391 and the rear hub says pat 1937, the only missing part is the chain guard if they even had one? bike seems to work fine just put air in the tires and rode it around everything works great!! maybe if someone has some info on this bike It would be appreciated Thankyou working on posting some pics soon!!!