how do I tell - how old my bike is ????

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  1. jet843

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    Can you help me ?

    I have 2 Schwinn bikes.
    One is a Le Tour, The other is a Traveler.

    How do I research the age and worth of these 2 beauties ?

    I think they are mid to late 1970s

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  3. jet843

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    I've looked and could not find any serial numbers .......
    Is that possible ??

    The bikes both read "Made in Japan" -- "Aproved by Schwinn"

    They were originally purchased at a Schwinn bike shops.
    The bike shop emblembs are on the frame.

    Your thoughts ....
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    there has to be numbers unless they are either grinded off or painted over with a million coats of thick thick paint......did you check everywhere that link suggested? Search the bikes over there will be numbers...
  5. jet843

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    I found the Serial Numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!

    The serial numbers on both bikes were on the Left Rear Drop Out, near the rear wheel axle.
    I thought this to be odd - because I thought these were mid to late 1970s bikes.
    The Le Tour, my wife bought new in the mid 70s when she lived in New York.
    The Traveler, I bought second hand here in Chicago, last summer.

    The Le Tour is a --- 4J05281

    The Traveler is a --- E625476

    I looked on the link that Marty W provided, and am still not certain of the date of manufactor.
    What am I missing ? Can someone take a look ?

    I know you guys are the experts, please help if you can.

    Thank you,