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    Default Sweet Original Standard (Goebel)

    Picked up this sweet looking bike last week... can't find any info on the web. I was told there were only 18 sold in the US? Do I have anything here? I'm not really wanting to sell the bike, my wife loves the ride so all is good either way. It's just killing us to not have any idea what we have. Any info you could share would help.

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    I think you have a german bike---Austrian/Swiss maybe???
    nice lookin bike

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    After hours of searching the Web I still don't have much info:but here are some more clues.
    It has "Original Standard" on top tube and "Standard" head badge...
    "Goebel" on seat tube...
    "FAHRZEUG-FABRIK BIELEFELD" printed on the Goebel label... translated to "VEHICLE FACTORY BIELEFELD"
    I recon it's a Goebel made by Standard Bike company in Bielefeld, Germany
    The hub is a Tornedo Mod.55
    Shifter is a Tornedo Mod.55 made in Germany
    Generator is a Union mod 5554/1 made in Germany
    Light says made in Germany
    SS # on BB (729824)

    I was told there were a very limited nbr of these shipped to the US, but who knows as the same person told me this was a 1970s bike. But my research on the hub indicated production somewhere between 1955-1962.
    Thanks in advance for any help identifying "Standard" bikes and the history.

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    I finally found that "Proverbial Needle in a Haystack", it was right before my very eyes... just didn't know it.
    Hub date code = B... which indicated it's a 1959.
    So we now know Standard Cycling was still in business in 1959-1960.

    Dating a Fichtel & Sachs hub:
    When you have a look on th hub shell of old Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo hubs youŽll find a letter on it. They started in the year 1958 with the letter “A” and went with each year forward. The “I” and the “Q” was not used to prevent a mix-up with the “J” and the “O”. In 1975 the letters moved on the brake lever. On the brake lever youŽll find two letters. The lower on represents the production year. The upper letter the production month.
    A = 1958 D = 1961 G = 1964 K = 1967 N = 1970 R = 1973 B = 1959 E = 1962 H = 1965 L = 1968 O = 1971 S = 1974 C = 1960 F = 1963 J = 1966 M = 1969 P = 1972 T = 1975 U = 1976 W = 1978 Y = 1980 A = 1982 C = 1984 E = 1986 V = 1977 X = 1979 Z= 1981 B = 1983

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    Original Standard Cycles?
    Anyone with info on this company?

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