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    Default How do I tell how old my HUFFY bike is?

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    I have an older Huffy bike.... It is a 70 BENDIX Patented in USA. I have the serial number and need to know how I can find out more about it.
    Have had a gentleman call me 3 times this week wanting to know what I am doing with it. (I used it in my garden as a prop this Summer.)
    I would hate to just give it away and find out it was worth something.....

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    post pictures

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    musclebikes Guest


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    Huffy really didd't write down their date codes. So your bike cant be dated. But if you can post pictures or give me an extremely detailed description I might be able to help. Im a muscle bike guy and with that rear hub it sounds like a 20 in. musclebike. Ide like to know color, chain gaurd, name( chain gaurd) what the seat looks like, handle bars.

    And does it look anything like this?

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    Lala44621 Guest

    Default My Huffy bike

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    Will post pics later today... it does NOT look liek the bike you posted....I don't think it is a muscle bike.....

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    musclebikes Guest


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    cool, sounds like a plan I cant wait to see them.

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    Lala44621 Guest

    Default Sorry- no pics

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    Forgot to charge battery- will try tomorrow.......

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