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    Default Thunder Jet by Chain Bike Corp ?

    Hi, I am not a bike collector, but would like some information on a bicycle called the "Thunder Jet" made by the Chain Bike Corp of Rockaway Beach NY. It has a picture of a jet in the clouds on the tanks. I have owned it for about 20 years and it has always just sat in my "collections" room. thanks in advance Tony

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    It would be helpful to post up some pics of your bike, but in case you can't here is one of the three Thunder jet bikes i have. This is my son's 24" version.

    If you can't post the pics you can send them directly to me and I can get them posted. Having 3 of these bikes I have an affinity for them becasue of the "Jet Age" correlation. As for value, not nearly as popular with collector's as some of the other major brands, but still pretty cool in my eyes. The company later became the Ross Bike Corp.

    Is it anything like this one??

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    did you know that tank fits almost perfect on a shelby 52A frame
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    if u look in chucksoldbikes albums i have on e in there for sale
    but the lights are not in the tank
    so take a look a nd see
    its in the album with the bike by the little shed thank u its for sale

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    I have a 1975 Chain-Bike built Concord with the original manual I'm trying to sell. It was built in Allentown, PA. So when did they change to Ross?

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    Post Thunderjet riviera

    we have a thunder jet by chain bike corp in Rockway Beach, New york to.. we are wanting how much money would should sale it for and over 50 years old... we also want information on it.. looked every were and cant find anything... just saw the pict and that is just like ours! thank you!

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