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    Unusual Crank question. Has anyone seen a 'fluted' WALD crank like this? Looking to i.d. it.

    I have seen one that came with a Wald-built chain ring for a non-cantilevered frame Colson-Evans; (~1960). The chain ring used by Evans looks like a more common after-market sprocket, but has a different number of teeth and eliminated the extra slot for a one-size fits-all feature for differing...
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    Help i.d. this 1920s Elgin Motobike..

    Before Excelsior, Davis built Elgin bicycles for Sears; but then Davis closed about 1923. We see the “23” in the serial numbers, but I don’t believe that that is the code. I have seen Excelsior built Elgin bikes with and without letters in the serials, and I thought that the letters meant later...
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    hiawatha bicycle any idea on year

    1950’s CWC built girl’s tank bike for the Gambles stores with springer fork and rear rack. The truss rods and rack braces are of the 50’s patent for scuff protection. Check the serial number against the info in the thread for CWC serial numbers.
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    New Departure Model "A" - brake arm wanted to complete the restoration of a 1912 Shapleigh "Wonder" bike.

    1. Maybe check the for sale section: or eBay 2. Maybe post in the wanted ads: 3. Maybe this one is still available...
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    A little help to confirm this schwinn

    Neat bike. If the serial number website has error, the F350973 might be a typo, F360973 would make better sense after F360972. That's about 2,200 per day; looks like more on Fridays?
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    Mead Serial Numbers

    Old 2017 thread - perhaps there’s another with more examples. The Rugby was a Shapleigh Hardware St. Louis MO product likely built by Schwinn. A 1929 catalog refers to shipping costs FOB (free onboard) from Chicago in 1926 and shortly prior, and then from Westfield in 1927 and after. The Rugby...
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    Who made this Bonita Bike?

    #1,000. Diamond frames are tough, as are juveniles/youths' bikes. I believe that Colson did not have a 22-tooth sweet heart chain ring; look at where the drive pin lands, count the 5 tear drops; (thinking maybe a Miami Ohio bike). Maybe a bike that was baked pre-war? I remember seeing that...
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    Flying Merkel

    I am still trying to understand what those slotted head 'rivets' on the badge fasteners are called? @Rivnut
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    Assorted Chainrings price as listed in picture

    The top row 2nd from left sweet heart looks like a Colson 26T versus a Schwinn. (4 Teardrops versus triangles).
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    new to me 20s rollfast info needed..

    Seat position and geometry has trade-offs depending on riding style. Generally the rake angle of the seat post mast at ~70 degrees is intended to accommodate various rider heights or leg lengths; (the seat moves back some as it moves up to accommodate longer thighs). Moving the seat backwards...
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    Elgin information & value

    Unique kick stand, with bolts straddling the yoke or ”wye” rear fork is likely correct, and is shown in some catalog pictures, in-addition-to the ears on the rear triangle plates. Nice long tank and curved seat tube mast; could spend about same gathering separate parts and accessories. Sometimes...
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    1920 ish excelsior deluxe

    So Excelsior had a back history of making frames, then a reorganization and eventual move to another state. Perhaps Excelsior did not make their own chain ring sprockets at one time? I have seen some examples of Excelsior bicycles with Davis chain ring sprockets and Davis advertised parts for...
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    Looking to identify a 40s era crank

    It is a gray area to me. <edit> I see the pictures via another hand held machine. Westfield - perhaps earlier than the 1933 Torrington reorganization. The cone (half pair) with coarse 20 threads per inch, may be of value if not severely worn. In the 1990’s Columbia reproduced such cranks...
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    I need help with a decision on two bike please. There are no wrong opinions so let 'em rip

    Usually somebody chimes in to buy both, but not in this case, in ~30 replies. There were however a couple of neither's.
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    Sold!! Early Shelby Frame crankset Chainring

    The narrow truss tube was used by few makers, like Iver Johnson and Emblem Mfg., and others. Does not look Iver or Emblem, so I defer to the expertise of others.