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    Modesto CA Bike Cruise!

    The video shows a lot of bikes, apparently too many for an event without planned road closures and city support (for a fee). Public works to lay down orange safety cones, and pick up afterwards. Police or traffic safety at intersections. Basic public safety stuff? Sanitation for honey...
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    1921 Columbia ArchBar bottom bracket trouble.....

    Might want to check if the 1+5/8” is the interface dimension or inside diameter of the bottom bracket; and maybe take measurements in millimeters with digital calipers? Not sure if parts of any other makers of small BB bicycles — IJ; GWM/Fauber; Colson (lug frame); foreign bikes; or even older...
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    Please help identify this bike. Schwinn springer fork? How about the frame?

    Has a military-model drab olive green look to it.
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    Chainring question

    I figure 4, but only if adding a special “half-link” as mentioned above, which would result in a net reduction of 3 link pieces. [Remember that with 1/2” pitch chain, as with 1” pitch chain, the links come in pairs, and must be removed in pairs]. Without using a special half-link, the answer...
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    Balloon tire or cruiser

    Wikipedia has an article about “cruiser bicycle” (a rap/rapper song). I believe that some BXM kids, born in the 1970’s or so, thought that cruiser referred to an oversized 24” wheeled BXM bike, perhaps for the bigger kids. One might even find a bicycle ad from the 19th century (1800’s) that used...
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    Tire help for excelsior

    I have never done it before; but I would think that gluing a 30mm wide tire will not make it 42mm wide.
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    Pre war Excelsior help.

    We see that it is the same bike as was originally posted. There are a few pictures of the green & red or red & green Excelsior bicycles on this site; such as thread # 12768 — and the Sears Elgin labeled Excelsior-built bicycles are mostly red. What to do with a bicycle that is already gone —...
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    yard art gone wrong

    I don’t quite get the last picture(?); but the head badge in the picture before that one looks cool.
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    Antique Chainring identification

    Wm. H. Fauber or GWM La Porte Indiana, (besides Iver Johnson and perhaps others) may have used the slotted drive pin(?); but also undersized crank shafts. The first picture shows a tape measure and what looks like (to some eyeballs), less than a 15/16” hole in the chain ring sprocket(?). Perhaps...
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    Colson help

    Maybe 1940(?) - October; looks like a “loop tail” frame with a nicely done brazen repair in the usual weak spot (bb).
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    Wards Hawthorne - year and info help please

    Huffman built, for Montgomery Ward; not familiar enough with those to distinguish between 1948 or 1958. I would lean toward the later, with the 1/2” pitch drive train.
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    Prewar - Not Much Else

    Both the FBW and the “Mach-5” look to be Westfield built frames. Perhaps the “FBW” might stand for “Firestone By Westfield”. Previous threads 18314, 43203, 54601, 107658, 114603 and 119713 may refer; (even though they might not match a member’s catalog collection). The bright red bike shows a...
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    Postwar Rollfast I Think

    I have a later 1949-E girls Rollfast; (E068..., acquired before I learned the reduced value of girls bikes). It has a 52-tooth flying-R’s Rollfast chain ring sprocket with a Bendix (20-T?) coaster brake hub. DP Harris hardware used the “H” chain ring sprockets on their more deluxe (expensive)...
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    Postwar Rollfast I Think

    1949-E. The accent darts are of the more deluxe style, and the Harris chain ring sprocket looks like an easy pedaling 24-tooth. If possible, the short goose/swan neck stem might be lowered, if the fork steering tube is not bulged too much.
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    Chain Ring Identification

    Another 1911 connection might be the patent stamping. Pope sued Schwinn regarding the November 13, 1888 Smith-National patent # 392,973. That suit was dismissed on October 13,1911. Not sure when Pope started that stamping; but one might assume that it was somewhat less necessary after about...