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    Sunday's Show and Tell...10/6/19

    In the process of re-opening my 23 year old climbing gym, as a new state of the art facility with all the amenities, www.rockgym.com. We lost our Lease in February, along with 20 other businesses, to a large scale development that is still no where near happening, but all is well. We have found...
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    Urgent! Sunday's Show and Tell....7/21/19

    A late trip to the local Antique Fair when the prices are good. 1930's Marx Red Cap Porter with wood wheels, works good! Not sure what was going on here, 24" wheels, reinforced or broken headset, well mounted engine, looks like it was legit back in its day....$75, I passed. Dude...
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    Urgent! Sunday's Show and Tell....7/21/19

    Sandwich Bike, Serial #00000018, the Ikea of bicycles. It was a Craigslist drop-off, which I think pushed me over the edge. It does ride nice!
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    Urgent! Sunday's Show and Tell....7/14/19

    Above average condition, with perfect box, and the cars run well!
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    The Quail Motorcycle Gathering - Extraordinary Bicycle Category

    I'm tripping that it was three years ago, feels longer. The Clipper lives in Talbott's Motorcycle Museum in Carmel Valley, http://www.mototalbott.com.
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    Western Flyer help......Wild Man Kenny Brown

    After much consideration, I cancelled the meeting with the owner and passed on seeing the bike. Thank you all for the replies!
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    Western Flyer help......Wild Man Kenny Brown

    Thank you for the responses and insight. The chainring is definitely wrong, and the fenders I see on every other WF seem to be deeper, and the philips head screws on the headbadge are a big red flag as well. Based on those observations I think the bike has definitely been through a resto. I will...
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    Western Flyer help......Wild Man Kenny Brown

    I am waiting to hear from Kenny's daughter whether or not she knows if the bike had been restored.
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    Western Flyer help......Wild Man Kenny Brown

    I think this might be the only reason I am interested, as this is not my usual interest but I am hoping to get the bike with some provenance. Hopefully the bike is in original condition, as opposed to an older restoration, but I have not seen it in person yet. Anybody have info. on this paint...
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    Western Flyer help......Wild Man Kenny Brown

    I have the opportunity to buy this bike and was wondering if anyone can give me some info.? The bike belonged to "Wild Man Kenny Brown" who won the Daytona 100 in 1957, and started a motorcycle trick riding show in 1967. The bike was on display in his game room for many years. It looks like an...
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    OK cough it up! How do you find your scores??

    I have found most of my local scores through Craigslist, and I am not in a bicycle collecting/hoarding area of the country.....I like to search for bicycles with multiple prefixes to see what people consider an "old" bicycle. I will search all prefixes: Old, Vintage, Classic, Original, Antique...
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    1920's Iver Johnson Superior Truss Bridge Roadster

    Bump for a nice Iver Johnson at an amazing price.