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  1. J

    "Why Cheap Bikes are a Bad Idea."

    I enjoyed the bike man videos. I agree with @Sir Mike 1983 about people just thinking that a bike should only cost $100 or whatever, and thinking that they are getting a NICE new bike, what could be so bad? They don't really know. I drive around neighborhoods for a living, and I see them...
  2. J

    Schwinn approved Le Tour

    They are nice riding bikes and well made. This one has a tall frame. If it fits you well and you like it, ride it. I agree with the above value assessment. The seat and bars are not original, and if if needs tires that factors into value. I have one of these with a smaller frame, same color...
  3. J

    Portland pix

    Good pictures...I gotta get down there someday. I wonder what the yellow Edsel sold for? It appears pretty solid but the floors could be gone.
  4. J

    I have 2 old bicycles that were pulled out of a barn from family estate that was in family more 100 yrs. 1 of them is a ELGIN and the other is missing

    I'll agree not a lot of value money-wise but they have good parts on them. Don't scrap them! Put them on FB marketplace or CL for $25-30 bucks each and see what happens. Maybe a local collector would buy them for parts. The green one looks like it could be cleaned up and ridden but you'd need...
  5. J

    What do I have?

    I have a ladies middleweight Rollfast with what appears to be the same fork. Sorry no pics the bike is pretty buried. I got the bike in a package deal and at first glance thought it appeared to be a Schwinn fork too. But in a side-by side comparison the difference can be seen. It looks like a...
  6. J

    How did you get introduced in to the antique classic bicycle hobby

    I've always liked old stuff for the style, quality, nostalgia. My collecting interest had been old cars, auto related stuff, vintage toy trucks, and vintage (promo) model cars. My wife is also a collector/antique dealer so we're always shopping and picking. I had a lightweight Schwinn as a...
  7. J

    Where do you work on your bikes?

    I alternate between the garage and my basement. I have a workbench and well lit work area with a bike stand in the basement. My basement is dry and warm in the winter, but nice and cool on a humid summer day. I do most of my work in the basement but I don't like to do deep cleaning of parts...
  8. J

    Good first bike for restoration?

    I hope that you enjoy the bike. It's a good looking bike, I like the jet graphics on the tank and chain guard. It is a fun hobby. You can just enjoy the bike that you have, or be like a lot of us and end up with many. In time you will learn what you like. I have a mix of middleweights and...
  9. J

    squeaky brakes and seat

    What GTs58 said. The brake pads are old and hard. New pads are softer and the noise should go away. The new pads will "bite" better too so you should notice that you'll stop in shorter distance. It's easier on the wheels too.
  10. J

    Ann Arbor 2020

    I plan to go, but I'm only 3 hours away and have friends locally to stay with. This may be beyond Paul's control with the crowd size mandates that have been imposed. If it's on, I'm going. For all of the work that Paul and Anne do as well as those behind the scene I hope that it goes as...
  11. J

    Coronavirus effect on bike hobby?

    For the short term I see it effecting swap meets due to mandates regarding crowd size or concerns about exposure. And the effects on the economy are at the moment scary. I think that will cause people to be conservative with their spending until things look up. It may be a good time to buy if...
  12. J

    Is the hobby dying again?

    I'm still fairly new to the bike hobby. (10 years or so). I have never spent more than $300 on a bike. Not that I haven't wanted to. Some of that is due to my wife not understanding how someone could spend $1000 on an old bike... I have a lot of fun with what I have. I buy what I can afford, and...
  13. J

    Antique shops and vintage bikes

    My wife is an antique dealer and has 2 booths (in 2 different local shops). She also opens the shop and works the front counter 3 days a week. We also do a monthly local antique show April-Sept. as well as a few others that are not monthly. I say's actually her deal, I just help...