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  1. K

    Another big policy change at Ebay

    Maybe we'll have to resort to taking some vacation time from work, plan trips to various bike shows and breath some life back into our hobby. Some of my best memories involve Memory Lane, Ann Arbor and some smaller shows I attended in my area. I always met great people, saw things I had never...
  2. K

    1974 Schwinn Opaque Red Sports Tourer Revisited

    Hi Cabers, I know I posted this bike awhile ago, but I wanted to post some updated photos of the bike. It came to me with a dealer installed black Schwinn mattress saddle, at the original owners request. I wanted a red Brooks B17 saddle for it, but I couldn't find any available. I was on the...
  3. K

    Opalescent paint question

    My initial go to wax is Meguiar's no.6 cleaner wax. If I need something more aggresive , I'll start with Turtle Wax white polishing compound cut with a little water.
  4. K

    I'm thinking of getting a Planes and Trains tattoo of the badge on my leg...what do you guys think?....cheezy or cool?...

    I don't have any tats, but I have a suggestion. Pick a good tat artist and have him draw the image you want, where you want it, and live with it a bit. If you still like it in a week or two, make it permanent. Just a thought.
  5. K

    My firts deal at CABE. Shipping from mexico to Austin

    Hi fellow Cabers, I had been looking for a red Brooks B17 saddle for about six months, when I saw a posting of manuelvilla's. I noticed in a photo he posted, that he had a red Brooks hanging on his wall. I emailed him and he said he would work something out with me. We made a deal and I...
  6. K

    Sold 1940 Dayton girls lit tank bicycle

    My wife and I fell in love with your dog!!
  7. K

    1974 Colnago Super

    Wow! That's a beauty. Thank you for showing it.
  8. K

    Stainless Steel fender question

    Bruce Dell of Dell Metal Polishing has done a few sets of stainless fenders for me and they come back like new. I would email him at, or phone: 888-989-3355. He is a great guy and does beautiful work.
  9. K

    Marketplace Hoard Dawsonville Georgia

    I've tried to deal with people like this before. The bigger the piles and the longer they've been sitting there, the less likely you will make a deal on anything. When a family member is stuck with this mess, they will give it away and scrap what is left.
  10. K

    Bike Therapy!

    I don't know that much about skip tooth chain bicycles, but I do know about frustration when working with some bike projects! Step back and walk away from it until you're calm and thinking straight. I would start by checking the teeth on the chaingring and the rear cog. Is the distance the same...
  11. K

    1968 Racer tire question

    I ordered a pair of 26 x 1 3/8 blackwall Kenda tires from my local bike shop, for 15.00 each.They were labled as a Sunlite product. It took two weeks for them to come in, but they were available. The 27 x 1 1/4 size is a standard size. You can even upgrade to a better tire in this size. Stay...
  12. K

    Another crusty 5 speed

    This bike could have been a fenderless model with dealer installed fenders, judging by the brace mounting hardware on the rear fender. I always thought the fenderless five speed looked cool! It has the second version of the '69 only shifter handle, as well. That's a nice project.
  13. K

    UpSide Down Schwinn w/6' handlebars.........

    Sale of this bike comes with a six page disclaimer contract and a "fast talker" to fill in the details for the buyer.
  14. K

    No trolls needed

    I'm trying to figure out what finger he's pointing! Yikes!!!
  15. K

    Coppertone Varsity Tourist Barnfind *Warning - Crappy Pictures!*

    Hi juvela, Yes, the lever covers are a Hunt Wilde item, made and header carded for Schwinn. Hunt Wilde also distributed these on their own cards and in printed plastic bags. These were available in most of the stock Schwinn colors as well as many others. Having a limited amount of space to store...