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  1. ridingtoy

    Information Needed on Ladies Hawthorn Bicycle

    Looks identical to mine, which is a 1950 model per collector books I've looked through. Only difference is the lack of a metal skirt guard on yours. Dave
  2. ridingtoy

    Need some ID Help

    Pretty sure it's a mid/late -1930s American model from American National. That type of rubber top seat started appearing around that time. The American models had that shape of head badge with the slits top and bottom, but possibly other AN models of the era did, too. Being a balloon tire model...
  3. ridingtoy

    Looking for help identifying tricycle

    That sounds right on the money! A question was asked about that dark line on top of the fork. It's made that way. There's a metal center piece that sits on top the fork and angles on the side the way you see in the photo. I'm doubtful of a rust through on the main frame since the original paint...
  4. ridingtoy

    Need help ID'ing chain-drive tricycle.

    I'm wondering if this tricycle was possibly made by a Canadian company, since you aren't that far from Canada. By process of elimination in looking at certain design features, it doesn't appear to be a Murray, Rollfast, PAL, Colson, Taylor, or Siebert model. Dave
  5. ridingtoy

    Anyone know about a speedo pedal car?

    Not familiar with this pedal car make, but it looks like you could do a lot with it if you wanted to make it more fancy by adding detail parts, an upholstered seat, and a custom paint job. Dave
  6. ridingtoy

    Unique Toc /1900’s Hand Cart

    Wow...that's a unique ride on exercise machine! Looks like it could give the rider a good workout! Dave
  7. ridingtoy

    A little help with old yellow

    The book "Riding Toys" shows Sean's model bicycle on a 1941 catalog page. The model Wards Guy posted is on a 1937 catalog page. The frame style being slightly different between those two years. The seat style on Sean's is also the correct one for that time period. You don't see many of these old...
  8. ridingtoy

    AMF Rocket Tricycle

    It does look in pretty rough shape. It is an AMF Junior Rocket Trike by the circled stars in the rear step plate. Just out of curiosity, what were they asking for it. Dave
  9. ridingtoy

    20" Huffy Convertible

    That little 20" bike is a real gem!
  10. ridingtoy

    Seat springs wanted

    Here's his page on eBay - https://www.ebay.com/str/bicyclebonesclassicbicycles Dave
  11. ridingtoy

    Thread of Original Riding Toy Photos Only

    A little girl and her '50s Merc.....Murray Mercury, that is.
  12. ridingtoy

    Help Identify please

    These both appear to be Murray tricycles based on the rear step plate design which is identical on each one. One of them looks to still have a Murray hubcap on the rear wheel with the MO stamped in the metal. I'm guessing 1960s for a time period, but knowing the age of your grandparents you can...
  13. ridingtoy

    Help I.D tricycle

    Yes, I remember you from the groups page. The group never really amounted to anything, but Yahoo shut all the groups down at the end of 2020 which ended it anyway. Hope you'll post a photo of the restored seat. That's a skill I'd enjoy learning since I have a few long spring trike seats from the...
  14. ridingtoy

    Help I.D tricycle

    Terrific job researching this tricycle! Never heard of the Elmee tricycle line before....thanks for providing some vintage Australian tricycle history. Since the trike still had the metal seat chassis are you going to remake the leather top or have someone handy with leather work do it? That...
  15. ridingtoy

    New to meatricycle

    Definitely 1950s, probably early '50s. The rear step plate design is the positive identifier - Junior Toy Co. This is the style seat that would have been on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/255803776843?mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&customid=link&campid=5335809022&toolid=20001&mkevt=1 Dave