1. dougfisk

    auto shop pic

    No safety glasses or rubber gloves on these lasses... :)
  2. dougfisk

    The Vietnam War, Ken Burns - PBS documentary series

    This series is pretty outstanding in my humble opinion. I am through episode 6 of 10. If you are age 62 or older you will find it especially poignant. http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-vietnam-war/home/
  3. dougfisk

    get yours before they are all gone!

  4. dougfisk


    YouTube :) is (largely) what I imagined Netflix :( was going to be... but wasn't.
  5. dougfisk

    Best Girlie Bike Ever!

    This is one I put together for my daughter - a 1955 Schwinn Starlet. The chain ring is not original, but who could resist? The pedals are Schwinn bow pedals from a '59 Corvette - a nice deluxe upgrade. The tires are the Columbia repros available on Ebay. The basket, recent bike shop fare...
  6. dougfisk

    Thank You - Owner, Designer, Moderators and cds2323!

    For some time now, my start page(?) has included a band of images at the top called "New Gallery Uploads". I honestly do not know if this is a feature of my configuration or if it is universal to everyone. In any case, it is a tremendous enhancement to the site. It is in fact the highlight of...
  7. dougfisk

    The Missing Link Colson?

    A rare one of a kind, Colson straightbar with the turkey wing chainguard? :eek: ...Um no, this would be a "phantom". I bought the 37ish Colson 20in tall frame from a local because I wanted to try out a big-boy frame. I had stashed in my garage a girls 40ish Colson snap-tank style bike. By...
  8. dougfisk

    Schwinn Fore Brake Front Hub - Prewar 1937(?)

    Early (first year?) prewar Schwinn high-low forebrake. No shoes or springs, just what you see. New low price - $150 plus shipping. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on facts or description. :) Marked: MADE IN U.S.A BY ARNOLD SCHWINN CO CHICAGO FORE WHEEL BRAKE
  9. dougfisk

    Wanted - Spring For Lobdell Saddle

    I need 1 or perhaps 2 upper rear springs to repair this saddle:
  10. dougfisk

    1939 Shelby Built - Peerless Badged

    This is the only example I have seen of the Airflo fenders installed on this lower level non-airflo (non-wishbone) frame. I'll consider it a one-of-a-kind until shown otherwise. :) It is my proposition that Shelby was juggling more ballooner frame varieties than any other competitor in the...
  11. dougfisk

    Chainwheel i.d. thread?

    There was once a chainwheel or sprocket i.d./reference thread on this site. I have tried about 15 searches already. :( Could someone lead me to it?
  12. dougfisk

    What is this prewar forebrake worth?

    I have this prewar Schwinn forebrake hub that is incomplete; the brake shoes and related inside parts are missing. Someone contacted me expressing interest in buying it. What should I ask?
  13. dougfisk

    1941 Shelby-built

    This photo is dated 1941 Closeup of the headbadge - who recognizes it?
  14. dougfisk

    Monark Silver King Flocycle shed find

    I don't follow these and don't know how to price it. It is presently in Joliet IL, and by next week I will ship it to AZ. Is it worth $2500? If not, please feel free to educate me via PM... :) many more pics at...
  15. dougfisk

    Monark Silver King Flocycle "shed find"

    My brother found this in the neighbors shed. The family is clearing out the property as their parents are in elder care facilities. The bike was found in Lockport, IL. It could be for sale if someone else needs it more than I do.
  16. dougfisk

    1936 Schwinn "C Model"

    1936 Schwinn #C97 - I bought this on RRB a while ago, absent wheels and seat; but complete with a bent frame and bent fork and cruddy spray bomb repaint(?)... I scrubbed the cruddy primer/repaint off with steel wool and lacquer thinner revealing a pretty nice original finish for 78 years old...
  17. dougfisk

    Please help i.d. these rims?

    Who can i.d. these rims? They are drop center, more recent than the 60's I believe. Their unique characteristics are sharp angular bends, very raw completely unfinished welds at seams, and some numbers stamped. They are real straight and the chrome is excellent so I...
  18. dougfisk

    Interesting Shelby Oddity

    Quiz - What is unusual about this Shelby Airflow frame? :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Prewar-Vtg-Gambles-Hiawatha-Shelby-Bicycle-Frame-Barn-Find-26-Inch-Cruiser-Rat-/151311135128?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233ad8b198
  19. dougfisk

    Bomber Group Pics

    I was riding a lot , 10 miles a day, and decided to try out a variety of frames and other components in order to find the best fit for me. Well here is where we stand today... They are lined up in order of their placed-in-service date. Blue 37 Schwinn, Red 46 Murray built J.C. Higgins, Red 38...
  20. dougfisk

    1940 Shelby-built Hiawatha

    This is a 1940 Hiawatha built for Gambles dept store by Shelby on their top-of-the-line Airflo frame. All wishbone style frames through 41 at least were called Airflo in Shelby nomenclature. This scimitar style top tube configuration came out in 40 and lasted only through 41 I think...
  21. dougfisk

    1936 Elgin Robin

    I always considered the fenders and light the weakest aesthetic elements on an Elgin Robin. I was happy to find a Robin missing the front fender and light... (no doubt it now occupies a cobbled together Bluebird). This left me free to remedy the shortcoming as I saw it. I am directionless...
  22. dougfisk

    Hail Mary pass?

    No doubt, I am a knucklehead... http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/bik/4430565996.html A desperate attempt to recover about 80% of my cost without parting out... :(
  23. dougfisk

    Original Paint Recovery Breaking Bad!

    It is better to be lucky than good... I bought this frame because I saw the light aqua color peeking thru some chips and thought it was the original paint... and that a clever fellow like me might resurrect it. :) Turns out... this frame had 4 layers of paint. The aqua was layer 2. The...
  24. dougfisk

    RMS37 Phil, if you are out there...

    I tried, but can't PM you, so... Is this one of those rare transitional Murrays? http://www.ebay.com/itm/121266331842?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  25. dougfisk

    Prewar Westfield Fork Question?

    What? ...don't Westfield built bikes attach the fender to the underside of the fork crown? I have 2 forks I believe to be prewar Westfield in origin. Both have large voids on the bottomside of the crown where one would expect to find a threaded hole to insert a fender attaching bolt...
  26. dougfisk

    What is "SB" handlebars?

    In the prewar Schwinn catalogs they use the abbreviation "SB" to describe a handlebar type. What does this mean? Scout bar? Steerhorn bar? :confused:
  27. dougfisk

    Is This Fame Bent?

    I have been looking at early diamond frame bikes and I see a lot of this.... Are the bends in the top tube and down tube, toward the head tube, a styling flourish? ...or damage from a head-on crash?
  28. dougfisk


    This is a big deal I think... I don't know any reason why they shouldn't capture 80% of our transactions... http://ratrodbikes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=77158
  29. dougfisk

    1941 Colson, Fooling Around With...

    Immediately after removing everything that was not correct or original... not much left...
  30. dougfisk

    Help Educate Me... Please?

    I am venturing where I know nothing... I was watching this and thought I had a shot... only to be blown out. Where is the value, or how should I have estimated this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/161130549738?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  31. dougfisk

    Please Identify this Chainguard

    What is this chainguard for? And no, it is NOT for a Firestone Flying Ace. :rolleyes:
  32. dougfisk

    what is this skinny little kickstand?

    Here you go guys, show us a REAL feeding frenzy... http://www.ebay.com/itm/ELGIN-BLUEBIRD-PENCIL-STAND-WITH-CLIP-NO-RESERVE-ANTIQUE-BICYCLE-STAND-/331051722978?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d143868e2
  33. dougfisk

    59 Corvette and Related Items in Phoenix

    My ads, in a really futile attempt to make a little space - clearing out midweight items... 59 corvette http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/bik/4114244606.html S-7 hoops http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/bik/4114247930.html S-7 tires...
  34. dougfisk


    I am looking into some older bikes that use what I call non-standard or non-generic, (parts unavailable), bottom brackets such as Iver or Fauber. I know from experience that virtually no bottom brackets of this age are within specs. So what do you fanatics do to make them functional? I ride a...
  35. dougfisk

    Wanted: COLSON 1/2in drive Chainring

    Does anybody have one like this, '40 to '49 style, 52 teeth, for 1/2 in x 1/8 in chain?
  36. dougfisk

    Who manufactured this Elgin?

    Who manufactured this Elgin? The fork looks a lot like a Shelby, yet subtly different?
  37. dougfisk

    Shelby Fever Outbreak

    Like Herpes, Shelby Fever is never really cured - it just goes into remission... only to burst out again when you least expect it... I would like to have one like this... any offers or leads?
  38. dougfisk

    The Latest Dog-Runner

    I am kind of scrolling through all the old frames trying to zero in on the best fitting frame for my daily 5 to 10 mile rides... Well, I finally got around to a proper Shelby based bomber. ;) This is a 1938 or so Hiawatha built for Gambles Dept store by Shelby. Most of what is pictured here is...
  39. dougfisk

    what the heck is that, you ask?

    I ride a lot and am a stickler for performance and, therefore, carefully adjusted hubs. The adjusting cone on the old Musselman (Elgin, Higgins) rear hubs requires a 1 inch wrench. I have never encountered a 1 inch cone wrench... maybe they exist, I don't know. I found this wrench at a...
  40. dougfisk

    Union Front Hub Vintage

    Has anyone else ever seen a "Union" "Made in Germany" front hub on a '36 vintage (US made )bike? This is installed in a triple-step rim and the spokes and nipples all look to be correct vintage... this is a first for me. Notice it did not say "West" Germany...
  41. dougfisk

    New Departure Model D Dating

    My experience with ND model D's confirms much, not all, of what this poster said in 2007.... Can anyone else out there pinpoint the year (in the 30's) that the brake arm changed from "New Departure Model D" to "New Departure Brake"?
  42. dougfisk

    More Fork Fixin !

    When a swingset just won't do... Someone tell Vince I didn't have a spare bumper jack... or a hunk of big angle iron... or a way to cut a slot in a hunk of big angle iron... But I did have a 2x4 and Harbor Freight sells little bottle jacks... Only 103 today, a bit of a cool spell...
  43. dougfisk

    Even LOWER tech fork straightening

    What else is there to do when it is 118 degrees ouside? ... go out and tinker with your old bikes, of course! Most old bikes have bent forks. Some are more obvious than others. This one is pretty subtle: I have been looking around for a ready-made fork straightening fixture for a...
  44. dougfisk

    1948 J.C.Higgins Bomber

    I ride a lot - 5 to 10 miles a night. Here is the reason why... '' What she lacks in hair, she makes up in muscle tone. Penny at the end of her rope wanting to go in... I don't know why, it is only 110 degrees out here. I threw this together with extra parts that were not...
  45. dougfisk

    The Human Condition

    This is a pic from an Ebay auction billed as a "professional restoration" This is what is left after I removed the aftermarket, generic, incorrect, or otherwise inappropriate parts. Actually the rack struts are home-fabbed, the headset is not correct, and I haven't decided about the...
  46. dougfisk

    More Tech - Truing Head Tube Alignment

    In the past, I have just discarded frames with the head tube out of alignment. But recently I decided to try and save this frame. If you read the fancy shmancy service manuals, this is not supposed to be possible.... Nevertheless, here is my high tech head tube alignment fixture. To...
  47. dougfisk

    Coaster Brake Resurrected - Morrow

    I have this 1938 Shelby with a 37 dated Morrow coaster hub. http://thecabe.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?41640-Anyone-else-sometimes-like-them-simple I cleaned up and rebuilt the bike and rode about 50 miles ...to observe that the brakes were the worst I have ever ridden. :( Never to...
  48. dougfisk

    Anyone else sometimes like them simple?

    Autocycles, Bluebirds, and Twin-Flexes are OK I guess... but I kind of like them like this. :) - A 1938 Shelby Flying Cloud. I am as much rider and tinkerer as I am collector. I ride 8 to 9 miles a day (with the dog) without fail. This is now one of my two daily riders. I have put...
  49. dougfisk

    built for speed...

    I probably should have posted this here in the Schwinn category instead...:rolleyes: http://thecabe.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?41284-Built-for-speed
  50. dougfisk

    Built for speed...

    Built for speed... updates 5/11 Well... everything is relative :D As I have said before; I ride 8 to 9 miles a day with the junkyard dog... Here is the new bike - a 37 Schwinn with a 50 year old "amateur refinish" . This bike sat outside a long time and rust damage dictated replacement of...
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