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  1. TR6SC

    Found New Departure 11 Tooth Cog

    Anyone got an eleven tooth cog they would like to find a good home for? Many thanks.
  2. O

    Wanted 105 & 11 gage rear coaster brake hub!

    Prefer no pitting!

    Vans shoes size 11 nintendo mario

    45 shiped size 11 mens
  4. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold New Departure 11 tooth cog

    New Departure 11 tooth cog. $45.00 shipped.
  5. MsRock2

    Sold Mesinger Saddle 11 1/2 x 10 $50

    $50 plus shipping. PM for details. Located in San Diego

    11 G spokes for sale

    New pack 50 UCP spokes with plated steel nipples, 250mm (9-7/8"), 11-guage I have 3 boxes $15 shipped each.
  7. E

    Mesinger Seat help for a 1911 Iver Johnson

    I have a 1911 Iver Johnson that I have posted here in the past. When I got the bike it had a Mesinger seat. (See Pictures). I am hoping that that some folks here are much more knowledgeable than and can answer some questions. 1. Does this look like a seat that could have been used in 1911 on...
  8. E

    1911 Iver on the road

    *****warning for those who like rusty bikes look away and bypass this post***** In November 2016 I purchased this 1911 Iver Johnson. Today with some snow still on the ground I took it for it’s madien voyage. I know there will folks that find it offensive to have restored this bike and to you...

    Zebra converse size 11 mens

    These change blue color in the sun. In the shade they are black and white. 70.00 shipped mint
  10. K

    10 NOS packages handle bar tape

    Buy all for 50. Shipped. Also have several NOS schwinn ones listed on muscle bike thread
  11. filmonger

    Pierce 1911 info

  12. filmonger

    1911 Thor info

  13. filmonger

    1911 Harley Davidson

  14. filmonger

    Racycle / Merkel info 1911

  15. filmonger

    Easter at Brooklands 1911

  16. filmonger

    1911 Indian info

    1911 2 jet Indian carb
  17. saladshooter

    11 Tooth New Departure Cog

    Howdy Looking for one or three 11 Tooth 1" pitch cogs for new departure model D hub. Thanks! Chad
  18. Krakatoa

    ~~ SEVEN Heaven (7) ~ Seatposts! ~~

    Some neat ones here I've added approx decimal measurents in inches. Prices are shipped! For your consideration please note that fast, safe shipping is included in the quoted prices. PM me for interest, offers, questions, or corrections. I can be reached also at 401-585-3662. Paypal F & F or add...
  19. buck hughes

    DEC. 23rd at 11 AM in Lima

    this is what it's like in Lima, Ohio
  20. S

    1911 Simmons Hardware cool bikes

    Simmons are tight bicycles. 1911 sweet.
  21. bikemonkey

    1977 Schwinn Festival of Values Ad 8.5" x 11"

    Very nice large colorized original ad from 1977 - $8 shipped. Two sided - no rips, stains, tears, was only folded in center. Marked with "Goldy's Cycle Service, Canton, Ohio store stamp.
  22. KevinBrick

    New Departure 11 tooth rear sprocket

    Looking for 1 or 2 to upgrade my 9 tooth sprockets.. - Kevin 715/571-1994 text or call email KevinFlannery32@gmail.com
  23. E

    1911 Iver Johnson Head Badge Mystery

    Thanks looking. We have a mystery I would like your help in solving. I have a 1911 Iver and I found a correct V style head badge on EBay with the help of some Cabers. But here is the question. What was the orginal finish? I have been told 2 different things from 2 different sources...
  24. E

    Found Wanted 32 hole Model A New Departure front hub

    Would like a nice 32 hole model A New Departure Please PM Thank you in advance.
  25. E

    Wanted Iver Johnson no 6 roadster saddle

    Wanted a Iver Johnson saddle to restore. see Iver Johnson catalog Thanks for looking