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  1. MsRock2

    Sold Spokes and nipples 12" $25 shipped

    There are about 80 and not all are perfectly straight. $25 includes shipping. PM if interested.PP friends please.
  2. MsRock2

    Sold Pre-War Seat 12 inches

    $50.00 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM to chat.
  3. K

    12 NOS packages Schwinn handlebar tape

    Buy all 12 for $100. Orange, Blue, Reds. All unopened. Shipping included.
  4. B

    Sold 12 Heavy Brass Motobike Vintage Awards $120 shipped

    These are very heavy brass. All one money. Paypal is OK.
  5. C

    Sale Pending 11-5/8” Porcelain Standard Oil Sign

    Original no repo ( pump sign ) Porcelain Indiana Standard Oil Round Sign. Overall very nice condition. Brass inserts at each eyelet. 11-5/8” specifically single sided $125 shipped
  6. J

    My 1912 Harley

    After a 100 year old dirt nap. My 1912 Harley is running again. check it out. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMYEt7bDvh7v2sDQvrW-NRVjNvRjcCHLXX7EugSS72uD7jgWEwGGxi9KE6afyia4A?key=M2ZsMVpxVWlzRlp3bFY4M2lMMGFrMGl3bkNlSzlR
  7. O

    Boat or car spot light 12 volt

    Works is from a boat but you could use on a car $35 plus ship
  8. Mr.RED

    1987 Scwhinn Prelude 12 speed roadie

    I figure a share some pics of my 1987 Scwhinn Prelude which I rehabbed today thanks to the help of my new sonic cleaner. The bike was rather clean when I got the bike but I figure I test out my new sonic cleaner and strip all the parts off the bike for a good cleaning. The 1st picture is the...
  9. DonChristie

    Bikefest in Rock Hill, SC on May 12

    The city of Rock Hill has asked Hurricane Coaster to show our Vintage bicycles at their 1st annual Bikefest on Saturday, May 12 at the world famous BMX supercross track! Rock hill is serious about Bicycles and has spent Millions of dollars on their beautiful Bicycle complex complete with BMX...
  10. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Size 12 maroon converse

    29 shipped
  11. SJ_BIKER

    Green size 12 converse mens

    24 shipped
  12. klunk!

    10" & 12" Single Tube Tires Bike Trike Wagon Ride On

    12" PAIR SOLD. 2 of each available. 10" are 10 x 2 Gillette Standard. New Old Stock. Soft and Pliable w/ some light cracking. 12" are United States Overland Button Tread. NOS about 1 3/8" in width, soft. 10" Tires, $60/each tire shipped to lower 48, Or best offer.
  13. 39zep

    12 t Morrow/Bendix sprocket

    Looking for a 12 tooth Morrow/ Bendix rear skip tooth sprocket any condition. Any info/ leads greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking, Jeff G
  14. MarkKBike

    Vintage Peugeot 12 Speed

    A couple days ago I found this Peugeot for a inexpensive price. I didn't really need another bike, and it was a impulse buy. The paint was just too pretty to pass up on, and it was my favorite frame size. Once cleaned up it will look near mint, its in wonderful condition All it will need is a...
  15. kirk thomas

    Sold 12 bike books $60 shipped

    There is a lot of history along with repairs of the complete bike. There is some stories and some poems. There is tons of pictures. Just lots of cool stuff. $5 each if you buy them all with a free ride.
  16. gymmanager

    Colson trike 12" wheel

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Colson-Tricycle-Velocipede-Ding-Dong-Delux-Bicycle/322936354554?hash=item4b3081b6fa:g:BGcAAOSw8b1aKBKj Starting at $75, auction ends Sunday 17th at 6:24am. Seems reasonably priced. Ad reads: This is a Evans/Colson Tricycle in original untouched as found...
  17. Handle Bar Hoarder

    The 12 days of Christmas post here

    The Cabe Advent calendar we are going to get this started a little early this year 12 days to Christmas eve post a photo of one of your favorite bikes it can be yours or a friends or any bike. one for each day till Christmas eve let's see how many great bikes we can get on here before...
  18. C

    Sold Early am Radio Boat - Works Great ! 12" Must See

    Early 50's Am Radio Boat. Radio Works great with pretty darn good reception. Boat itself is in Great Shape !! Cool details, Refer to Picts. $120 Shipped OBO
  19. rollfaster

    Sold New Departure 12 tooth rear sprocket

    NOS unused. $50.00 shipped USPS money order only please.
  20. alecburns

    Rare Antique c. 1912 Cast Iron 16" Dayton Type 65 Toilet Bowl Oscillator Desk Fan

    For your consideration is a stunning 16" Dayton Desk Fan with Brass Blades and Brass Cage (BB/BC)! Being a type 65, the fan was the largest model of it's time with a wingspan of 16". It has 3 separate speeds, and around the year 1912, this fan was made by the Dayton Fan & Motor Co. in Dayton...
  21. P

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed in great condition. All original parts. Purchased approximately in 1980. 4130 Cro Molly alloy Wheels, Araya, Quick release front hub. I believe the serial number is GO285. Asking price : $200 which is negotiable. Please see pictures for details or feel...
  22. E

    Get a grip

    Anybody have an idea of what grips would have been used on a 1912 Inver Johnson? Cork, wood, rubber? Thanks in advance.