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  1. K

    Sold TOC 1899 Crescent No. 15

    Have decided it's time to move my 1899 Crescent No. 15 onto the next owner. Bike was restored years ago but was done very well. Bike is all black, no pins and does have a few nicks / scratches here and there. Based on what I know / info from others the only mod on the bike are the front forks...
  2. Hawthornecrazy

    1915 Dayton?

  3. Wards Guy..

    1915 Peerless

    1915 Peerless project. Frame, fork, neck and bars. Bars have a small bend. Crank is straight with one pedal hole stripped out(needs help). 28” frame $300 plus ship
  4. 1959firearrow

    1915? Great Western Manufacturing Co American

    From a little research I've managed to come up with a single ad from 1915 that shows a bike with the same chainring as mine but what else is original? Truss rods?seat? Handlebars the have a single hole drilled,front wheel is all metal? Front rim measures 25 inches. I'm excited as I never figured...
  5. MsRock2

    Sold Pre-War Boys Bike 15"

    Great condition but not sure of the make as their is no badge. Stainless goose, Cycle truck bars, great spring forward seat and really a cool little bike. Pick up or can be shipped - $400. San Diego area, may be able to meet you somewhere within the area too. PM for info/ discussions...
  6. cyclingday

    1915 Iver Johnson catalog.

    Although, I'm not fortunate enough yet, to own an Iver Johnson bicycle. I couldn't resist this neat little 85 page hard bound catalog when it popped up for sale recently. I guess you could say, the next best thing to owning that bad ass twin cylinder motorcycle, is being able to read about it in...
  7. buck hughes

    Sold 1915 Irish Mail-$280.00 shipped

    all original except rubber on back tires. $330.00 shipped-paypal as friend
  8. Pedals Past

    Sold Rare pedals BB still available and sold Torrington 15 mens tear drop pedals

    reproduction no shafts or tubes engraving is all there chrome is perfect needs blocks these are too short and used you wont find these better backplate is engraved says made in America $600 ...I have a set of repoo Bb Or skylark pedals with repop blocks no shafts chromed matching set used in...
  9. Mercian

    Persons Majestic No. 15 Tool Bag

    Dear All, I'm on the lookout for a Persons Majestic N°15 Toolbag (Embossed N°15 on the flap, with metal ends), like this: Image extracted from Krakatoa's rather good thread here: https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/persons-majestic-mfg-catalog.107337/ Thanks for your help. Best Regards, Adrian
  10. saladshooter

    Sold Delta Stimsonite No 15 Reflector Elgin

    Delta Stimsonite No 15 reflector found on Elgin bicycles. Has drawer pull as nut. $35 shipped OBO Thanks Chad
  11. O

    1915 J. W. Grady New Englander

    A 1915 or so J W Grady New Englander full bike all original parts except perhaps the tires. Original skip tooth chain crank new departure model C rear coaster hub. Original 28 inch wheels. The bike has original patina and has not been refurbished at all the seat is actually almost perfect. The...
  12. T

    Rear bike stand that is nice enough for nickel plate 28 " wheel 15'' high

    Wanted rear stand for 28" wheel 15" high that is nice enough to nickel plate.
  13. SJ_BIKER

    Sold 15 inch long schwinn scrambler seat

    95 shipped og cover one scuff by tag surface only
  14. M

    Found WTB Torrington 15 Pedals

    WTB Torrington 15 Shelby/Airflow pedals any condition.
  15. M

    Torrington 15 Pedals

    Need Torrington 15 pedals, Interested in any condition or parts! Thanks
  16. bricycle

    rough coffin tank 1915 thru 1936

    thanks, this style best....
  17. thehugheseum

    1915 English motorcycle

    sorry for the poor pictures this is a mystery bike to be honest......which kinda makes it even cooler it could be one of the over 300 manufacturers using the high quality JAP motors and chater lea castings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JA_Prestwich_Industries this is a great opportunity to...
  18. Rusty72

    1915 Chief Pedals

    Check out these pedals I made. Lots of machining CNC made. This is the first pair. What do you guys think.
  19. I

    Sold 1915 Premier Cycle Works

    1915 Premier Cycle Works, Premier, in nice rideable condition for a 102 year old. This is a Schwinn made Premier, with the perfect framework, and svelte rear chain and seat stays; center to top is 20”; I bought this bike here on the Cabe about a year ago, and it is not being ridden, so it is...
  20. Handyman

    1915 Iver Johnson Model 90B Chater Lea Racer - Recently Discovered

    I spotted this early racer of unknown make recently on eBay as I was searching for a set of wood Lobdell racing wheels. You can see the original listing that ended on Sept 27 here...