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  1. tech549

    Sold 1920s mead ranger frame

    frame ,fork,truss rods $200.00 plus shipping
  2. Robertriley

    Sale Pending 1920s Motobike part out

    Frame fork fenders truss rod $299 Seat $80 Drop Stan $80 $599 for the complete bike or just selling the parts listed and Keeping the rest for future need.
  3. Nickinator

    Sold Antique 1920's Gendron Wheel Co Pioneer Tricycle Toledo, Ohio

    Pretty cool old trike. Don't see these real old ones very often. Has the long spring seat, which is usually missing. Has adjustable bars, may or may not have had a repair, seen a few that look like this. Front of headtube and built-in badge is good. Missing one pedal, other pedal missing one...
  4. tech549

    Withdrawn 1920s mead ranger

    1920s ranger $1050.00 shipped with bag, saddle chassis has been modified a bit and stem is broken but does tighten down
  5. M

    Does anyone recognize this 1920's era truss frame?

    I'm considering selling this truss frame but before I do I kinda wanted to ID it. This is a 20" frame made for 28" wood wheels. It measures, seat tube 20", top tube 22-1/2", and down tube 23-1/2". The head badge screws on this measure 2-1/2" apart horizontally, same as a Mead Ranger badge but...
  6. Robertriley

    1920's Camel Back

    A friend purchased this off of me a while back and due to an unexpected situation, he needs to sell it. He has over $1000 into it so that is what he needs back out of it. Nice straight clad rims laced to a fresh nickel plated Model A rear hub and a very clean ND SM hub in front. The pins were...
  7. John zachow

    Wood Clad 1920's Bicycle

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/atq/d/1920s-era-bicycle/6547985327.html I could help with pick up and shipping if it helps Not mine
  8. bobcycles


    Really nice survivor NICKEL Chassis Persons skirted long spring MOTOBIKE era saddle! They don't come much nicer than this roughly 100 years old! Some stitching needs attention.. tool bag loops are there but the stitching is loose on ones side. Overall most stitching is very nice maybe not a...
  9. alecburns

    Value on 1920s Westfield??

    I cant tell what these are worth. I have seen some others with the rare Indian front fender that gets everyone's heart pumping, but how much would an average condition 1920s Westfield be worth? The specimen I'm looking as has no tank and no chain guard. It has this frame and fender. Besides some...


  11. nycet3

    Troxel seat pan 1920's

    i need a replacement for this pan. Came on a 1926 CCM Cleveland. Pan measures 10.5 inches long 8 inches wide at widest point. Rear Bolts are 4 3/4" apart, center to canter. Front to back bolt distance on a diagonal is about 7" center to center. Thanks, Joe
  12. tech549

    Sold 1920s motor bike bars and stem

    bars and stem as found 19 inches wide $150.00 shipped
  13. R

    1920's Auto/cycle bicycle license toppers

    $50 each. Sheriff star and dayton license is sold
  14. SJ_BIKER

    Sold 1970s COORS never chip Vaughans bottle opener NOS

    Odd ball find ...new old stock coors light beer opener in 1919 No 1 box screws included 20.00 shipped
  15. 3-speeder

    1920's Elgin on Toledo CL

    On Toledo CL but located in Cleveland https://toledo.craigslist.org/bik/d/1920s-elgin-bicycle-wood-rims/6485143796.html Photo
  16. barnyguey

    Sold 1920's Deluxe Flyer badge, brass, $75.00 free shipping, Beautiful Patriotic theme

    I've seen these on 1920's Schwinn bicycles. $75.00 with free shipping
  17. Robertriley

    Found 1920's Columbia tricycle seat post.

    I'm in need of a 1920's Columbia tricycle seat post and or possibly seat and post. Here's a photo to help out and the post is 3/8 wide. Thanks, Chris
  18. nj_shore

    1920's Columbia *Bicyclet*

    1921 Columbia "Bicyclet" I hate to let go of this gem, but times are tough.. This thing is heavy, made in the golden age. I believe it was painted (well) at some time, the rear wheel is bent, hard wheels have wear, front brake is incomplete. Central NJ $425
  19. hellobuddy

    Antique Bicycle sidecar, 1920's ???

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-art-collectibles/saskatoon/antique-bicycle-sideca/1214533025?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true could it be?
  20. stingrayjoe

    Teens 1920's Persons Majestic Motobike Pedals

    Please PM direct with all replies do not post them here thanks. You pay actual lower 48 USA shipping. Left and Right set of full sized men's bike pedals. The pins on the L pedal have been replaced. The axles spin free and pretty true. $50.
  21. jacob9795

    “Antique Bicycle Seat (1920's?) - $20 (NoVa)”

    Cheap early Girls saddle: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/bik/d/antique-bicycle-seat-1920s/6425717315.html
  22. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ 1920's Persons Majestic Mfg Motobike No 2 Saddle!~

    Original complete unrestored and unmolested with Victory lock attached. Compound springs take a look at how it's done pretty great! SOLD! Catalog scans shown for reference not included.
  23. jacob9795

    “1920's ?? Shelby Speedway Special 28" - $275 (Keene)”

    not mine. -Jake https://nh.craigslist.org/bik/d/1920s-shelby-speedway-special/6378604215.html
  24. carlitos60

    Original 1920s Elgin MotoBike Project Parted

    My Old Elgin Up for Grabs!! Original Chief Look Alike Color Skim!! ****Everything Includes Shipping! OBO PMs Please!! Frame, Fork, Badge, and Sprocket Assembly = $400 Fenders = $175 SOLD Nice TROXEL/CHIEF?? Moto Saddle = $250 21" MotoBike Handlebars, Stem, Grips = $250
  25. dmk441

    1920's Mead Ranger tank wanted

    Tank Found.
  26. DJF

    Bicycle 1910's - 1920's sidecar

    I am wanting to find a wicker or other lightweight sidecar, frame and seat, meant for a bicycle of the teens or twenties. Will consider all styles. Thank you
  27. C

    Sold 1920's OG Kingsbury Golden Arrow Car

    Og Kingsbury Golden Arrow Wind Up Toy. Famous - Broke land speed Record . This car is 18-19" long. OG correct Cord Tires. Driver intact . Window intact. Wind Up intact but never tried being almost 100 years old. Great Collector Piece Asking $375 Shipped
  28. MOTOmike

    Sold 1920's Delta Light with Red Glass Prism

    SOLD - I'm selling this cool Delta teacup light that has a red, glass prism on the back side. The light, obviously has been repainted. Whoever painted this light, screwed on the bezel onto the body before the paint dried completely, so the bezel is stuck on the body. Other than that...
  29. M

    Rare Late 1920's Gendron Toledo Tomboy Tricycle Project

    Another project I'll never finish. Just stuffed into a box since the 1990's. I think his little Toledo Tomboy was made about 1927 or 1928. Cool looking little thing. It took me two years to find the correct, original head badge for this! All the important parts are there. The frame is nice and...
  30. M

    Late 1920's Colson Deluxe Sidewalk Speed Bike Project.

    A nice little bike that I've been "finishing" since 1990. I'm just never gonna get it done so I'll let someone else do it. This is Colsons "top of the line" sidewalk bike with fenders and a New Departure Model C coaster brake. Bike is complete and very nice condition. Frame, fenders, and rims...
  31. gkeep

    If you can't afford a 1920s Motorbike, build it!

    Hi All, Stumbled onto this guys site. What a cool bunch of projects. Take a look at what this guy did with a 60s Schwinn! http://www.coroflot.com/tylervirga/1920s-Bicycle-Style-Build. His other projects are very nice too. Love that Indian, train stuff and the steam powered Africa Queen. Gary
  32. carlitos60

    1920s Leather Toe Clip Set!

    1920s Leather Toe Clip Set! $140 Shipped!OBO
  33. Jay81

    Sold 1920's Hawthorne Trail Blazer

    Frame, fork, trusses, fenders, crank set are all original as far as I know. Seat, bars and stem were included when I bought it. I added the rack, pedals, chain, persons siren, wheels and tires. Wheels are aluminum 700c, painted to look like wood grain. Tires are Schwalbe Fat Frank's. They...
  34. stingrayjoe

    Sold Troxel Long Spring Ladies Saddle Teens 1920's

    Please PM direct with all replies. Please do not post here that you are sending me a PM. I assure you the PMs are all answered in order. Thank you. Shipping in the lower 48 USA is on you. Well aged saddle with surface rust on hard parts. There are no rips, cuts or tears. The skirts still...
  35. Balloontyre

    Sold 1905- 1928 Mead, Sears bikes, others...Nice 20 tooth ND mod A driver.

    Very good 20 tooth cog New Departure Model A driver, complete. Original plating in great shape, teeth show minimal wear. $59 shipped USA from Milwaukee. Cash, MO, PayPal friends. Thank you
  36. mongeese

    Schwinn mead crank sprocket pedals hardware 1920s

    This set up is very interesting. Original hard grease that protected the nickel underneath. I cleaned a small spot on the backside to show potential. I believe underneath this overgreased and hardened gunk this sprocket and cranks would look like amazing survivors if warranted a shiny crank on...
  37. carlitos60

    FS: 1920s Elgin MotorBike Original

    All Original Except Wheels!! Serial Number Starts w: A Originally a Non-Tank Bike!!! $880 Shipped w NO Wheels!! $1080 Shipped w Wheels! Offers / Deals Welcome: PMs Please
  38. mongeese

    Prewar Racing Bars Stem Grips

    Nice set up here. 225$ shipped from WI.