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  1. IMG_20200404_120947682_1b.jpg


    finished cleaning up the '36 for now, has not been rideable for over 20 years due to worn BB bearings and incorrectly assembled Morrow hub mechanism
  2. OC_Rolling_Art

    Withdrawn 1936 LABL Los Angeles bicycle license plate

    Offered here is a 1936 license plate from Los Angeles (LABL) - these are pretty scarce in any condition. This one has been painted over but is solid. Embossed letters in good shape - with no metal loss or major issues. Has slight crimp on upper lip which can be repaired by making a little wooden...
  3. 1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    Experimenting with night photography and adding a Vintage / BMX Tribute to the Mix. To take this image I open the shutter for 15 seconds, flash a light on the bike for less than a second and hope that everything looks natural. the real trick is to get everything in focus...which will be the...
  4. O

    New Departure 36 heavy duty nos d hub shell

    Does anyone have one?
  5. fordmike65

    Odd '36 Colson coincidence....or Ancient Alien Intervention?

    Through a tip by a Cabe member, some sleuthing and another kind Caber that was more than willing to help a stranger without question, I was able to find a set of elusive 1936 Colson deep chrome fenders for my LWB Completely Equipped Motorbike. The bike popped up on CL with no contact info, but...
  6. jimbo53

    36 Colson w/TRM Convertable kit

    Here’s my 1936 girls Colson (Now dubbed,”Chuck”) that I added a TRM convertible tank and light kit to. Jim Harrison makes a top drawer product-if you’re thinking about getting one, you won’t be sorry. I first tore it down, cleaning and lubing. Added some brown Fat Frank whitewalls, and from...
  7. tripple3

    1936 Clipper CWC Double bar

    I Dig this frame and have wanted 1 for awhile. Cleveland Welding Co. double bar roadster. This 1 came with some set-backs but still looks and rides great; it feels solid..... "A" serial number and offset bottom bracket. 1936 I wonder if it being offset put more torque on the seat tube to cause...
  8. gtdohn

    Sale Pending 1902-1903 TOC New Departure Duplex Rear Hub 36 Hole

    Very nice ND Duplex rear coaster brake hub with 36 spoke holes. Plating isn't the greatest but will look perfect on an older restoration or an original rider. Functions perfectly Good teeth on the cog which is rare. Includes axle nuts and arm strap. $275. shipped to anywhere in the lower 48...
  9. tjkajecj

    Sold 1936 CWC Frame and Fork+

    1936 CWC Frame, Fork, Truss Rods, Crank, Sprocket, Seat Post and Front/Rear Fenders with Flat Braces. Items listed above are what I believe to be original to the bike. The other items in the last two photo’s I removed from the bike are most likely not original. The front wheel may have been...
  10. mr.cycleplane

    1936 schwinn motorbike/cycleplane

    well it starts out as a frame-then turns into a cruiser/roadster.....before long you find the other parts and you are on the way to building/restoring a piece of history!
  11. OliverRage

    1936 Ace High

    I picked this bike up the other day. Anyone ever heard of it? I was told it is a 1936 Cleveland Rainbow frame.
  12. KevinM

    Sold SOLD WW2 Eclipse 36 10 Cycle Truck or Columbia Model K Style Hub

    You get you choice of either WW2 hub. One has cones that comes off each end and the one on the right only has a cone that comes off one end. These early hubs are so hard to find. Both are SOLD each.
  13. Dan the bike man

    Sold 1936 Elgin Cyclemotor

    Rare 1936 Elgin Cyclemotor. This is motor only, no bike. $1300 shipped in the USA. Complete and should run just fine.
  14. bobcycles

    1938-1940 prewar Schwinn locking spring fork, 1936 locking fork Autocycle/Motorbike F/S

    First up---- 1938 -40 early profile standard 16 or 18" seat mast 26" mens balloon prewar bicycle springer fork. Complete as shown minus outer nut on pivot bolt. Original AN Yale lock with remanufactured key, works perfectly. Fork is Straight and solid... fair original black and ivory paint...
  15. W


    Sold Thiis is an all original bike from the saddle, grips, pedals, rear stand and matching "CREST DELUXE" tires. Missing is the horn button and the key for the locking fork. But I have an extra stem and double butted spokes and nipples. I've had this bike for 21 years and now it's time to move...
  16. C

    New Departure SM front hub 36 Hole

    Hey cabe'r's I am on the hunt for a New Departure SM front hub that has 36 holes. Can be ugly, but must be functional. No damage cones or cups, and no stripped axle or axle hardware. Hoping to find a cheap ugly roller. PM me with what you have! Thanks
  17. B

    Schwinn Bendix two speed kickback 36 spoke

    Schwinn Bendix two speed kickback 36 spoke. Chrome and painted stripes in very good condition. Works properly. Ready for your project $130 shipped Best to text or email direct 734.358.7147 carzncigarz@aol.com Thanks!
  18. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 36 schwinn skip tooth diamond chain, crank and sprocket

    I cleaned a few spots on the chain and it will clean up well. It has heavy grease on it. All threads are good. Backside of sprocket is in pretty good shape, front missing some chrome. 54 links, 7-1/4 inch crank arms. Everything needs a good cleaning check out the pictures. $63 shipped for...
  19. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 36 schwinn hockey stick chain guard

    Dark blue schwinn hockey stick chainguard, has surface rust but should clean up better. $60 shipped
  20. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1936 Ladies Columbia Ballooner $200 in CT

    Ladies Supurbe! See pics. I am not very familiar with these. Please ask questions. Looks completely original to me. (excepting the string skirt guard) Shipping around $80 via bike flights.
  21. Bike Magnet

    Found WTB 1936 Elgin Motorbike balloon tire front fender

    I'm looking for a front fender or fender set for a 1936 Elgin Motorbike. Any help finding a good fender is much appreciated. Thanks!
  22. S

    Vintage Baylis&Wiley rear track hub 36 hole

    Vintage Bayliss and Wiley track hub fixed gear with lock ring. 36 hole $47 shipped.
  23. azbug-i

    Sold 1936 Huffman Double Bar - Firestone Archer - very nice Original

    Selling this very very nice original 1936 huffman built firestone fleetwood. The battery tube and light are in vg condition but they dont seem to work. This is best original paint and finish bike ive ever seen. The original seat cover does have rips in it. Everything is very nice on this. Loaded...
  24. MsRock2

    Sold New Departure Rear Model A Hub 36 Hole $40 shipped

    PM for more images or to chat about part. $40.00 Shipped
  25. jchicago

    1936 Elgin Oriole: Craigslist Reno $675

  26. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 36 C Model

    36 C Model 2400.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 750.00 Deposit. I would like to Trade up to a Premium Bike with this or any or all bikes I have listed. Mike
  27. GreenLakeMike

    Lobdell Horizontal Spring Seat on '36 CWC Roadster on Ebay Sun night 8pm est.

    Guys, I had many offers including a couple that said they would beat any offers. Trying to make it as fair as possible. Listiing on Ebay sunday night. I appreciate so much all the help I got. Including education! I will scour my area and will put things up exclusively on thecabe.com. But...
  28. F

    WTB correct, original seat for 36 Elgin Falcon

    Need this for original paint bike. Decent condition. Possible pickup at ML or AA
  29. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Beautiful Bendix yellow band 2 speed kickback hub 36 spoke

    Here is a super clean, beautiful yellow band kickback Bendix 2 speed hub. No rust whatsoever, this thing is super clean. The yellow stripes are partially worn away one one side as shown in the pic. To turn it by hand it spins freely, but it seems to be stuck in gear. I’m not sure, I’m not a hub...
  30. Pedals Past

    28” TOC metal single tube 36 hole rims

    dont know the material so dont know the maker matched pair white unlaced single tube 28” 36 hole songle tube rims see photos $100 obo ff/pp plus ride pm to buy
  31. Pedals Past

    28” metal single tube 36 hole metal rim

    Had a solid tire see photos has interesting clamp cnnector on tireblack with red pin stripe seems to be a heavy duty rim see photos as I dont know anything about it or style $125 obo plus rde ff/ pp pm to buy
  32. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 1936 Schwinn Cycleplane Motorbike original

    1936 Cycleplane 5000.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 1000.00 Deposit. Thanks Mike
  33. catfish


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1936-PREWAR-SCHWINN-HUDSON-WOMENS-BALLOON-TIRE-BICYCLE/352329507759?hash=item520879a3af:g:tGUAAOSw7fBa0WF6 Nice bike !!!
  34. Pedals Past

    36 hole 1/2” pitch Bendix 2 speed hub

    Hub shifter actuator clamp instructions $350 shipped ff/pp 48 usa pm to buy
  35. sm2501

    Sold 1936 Schwinn mens cranks and hardware

    1936 dated Schwinn cranks and bottom bracket. $75 shipped.
  36. Slick4d4d

    Ross RMX MOTOxROSS 36 bike Moto x Ross

    Ross RMX MOTOxROSS 36 bike. I just found this bike but I can't find anything on it online so I am putting it out here to ask for your help.
  37. D

    Looking for Torpedo Duomatic hub 36 spoke

    Hi again, as mentioned above, I'm looking for a 36 spoke Torpedo Duomatic hub or complete wheel. Please let me know if you know where I can find one or if you have one and willing to sell. Thanks all!
  38. G

    Sold 1936 colson vogue

    nice 1936 colson vogue with Torrington battery tube handlebars, one of only 2 bicycle models that came with these bars. that are are very kool and decent shape. looks like original paint that was touched up quite a bit but shows very well . comes with delta hornlight, drop stand and skirt...
  39. Hobo Bill

    36 oriole westfield

    eye recently snagged this bicycle from muicman here in orygun..appears to be orig....it was purchased from some guy in new england...just a wondering if there was an orig. 36 oriole to compare this flambastic elgin too ..huntin' & peckin' for info...on the rebound,bd
  40. mongeese

    36 Schwinn dogleg crank and shelby? Monark? Crank

    30 a piece plus shipping from Wi.
  41. R

    Wanted: New Departure Model A 36 hole hub

    I am restoring a TOC rider. I need it for the Copake Auction ride. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
  42. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 36 Speed King Roadmaster Flat Tank

    1936 Roadmaster Speed King Flat Tank 3200.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 750.00 down. Thanks Mike
  43. TheFizzer

    1936 Pope for Trade

    Beautiful 26” original paint Pope. I would trade for an early 50’s men’s Gumby green Monark Super Deluxe or a men’s Monark Holiday.
  44. BWbiker

    Wanted '36 Gambles Fenders

    Need the budget model Gambles Eagle fenders, no fender light, or Mouse light. $26.95 Bike pictured at the top of the attached ad. Don't know if they're rain gutters, or fat McCauleys? Please PM or e-mail pics to fatire53@yahoo.com Thanks!
  45. larock65

    1936 Schwinn Royal Klunker Project

    Picked up an original paint Schwinn to build a multispeed klunker. Started with this. I'm close to done now with dual Atom Drums and some other cool bits. Need to set up derraileurs and decide on my bar stem combo.
  46. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 1936 Majestic Cycleplane 2Speed original loaded

    5500.00 free delivery to Memory Lane with 20% down.
  47. silverking surfer

    Found 1937 Silver King M1 Deluxe Parts Wanted

    i am building a 37 silver king m1 deluxe. i need the following parts s/s rear fender, rear fender struts, fork if you have parts please contact me thru the cabe or email me inyourheads@yahoo.com thanks
  48. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ 1936 Westfield built Elgin Redbird Camelback Project! ~

    Cool project! This is a 19" frame for 28" wheels. Looks like a July of '36 build on a '34 frame date. This is a good representative of the start of the period where overcodes were implemented at Westfield. What's here plus a nice Elgin badge with screws! I've even found a nice box I can use to...