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  1. Freqman1

    1937 Schwinn BA96

    First a huge thanks to @ZE52414 for getting this one to me. I know it looks pretty crusty and it is a 16" frame but I see a lot of potential in this bike. Most everything I have has all the bells and whistles and I like this one because, although it is a base level bike, it has a (working)...
  2. Freqman1

    Withdrawn 1937 Elgin Army Tribute Bike

    A pretty solid piece that was done back in the day to replicate an Army bike--THIS IS NOT a real military bicycle. This is a Murray built bike with a solid Westfield hanging tank, Bendix front hub, Morrow rear hub, and what appear to be flat Lobdells. dropstand bolts are not correct. No tires...
  3. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Motorbike Frame - Original Paint - Tall

    Been looking for a tall one with OG paint? Here ya go. I think it's a 1937, but do your homework, if it matters to you. $275 shipped in the continental USA.
  4. D

    1937 roadmaster

    Hello everybody ! I was fortunate enough to get this great bicycle from Stromberger last summer . I’ve been doing some light cleaning on it and just thought I’d post a pic of how it turned out . Seat and bars are high and mighty in these shots as I was out on a quick and chilly morning ride...
  5. Maskadeo

    Sold 1937 Schwinn Liberty Frame and Fork

    I recently bought this, but Fedex damaged the rack, rear fender and one wheel in shipping. OG paint 26 inch boys frame and truss fork. Key is broken off and a couple of the bearings are missing from the headset. $375 shipped.
  6. Robertriley

    1937 Rollfast

    I pick this one up a couple years back and once I saw the brother bike to this one I lost interest . I have about $2400 into it and I'm willing to take a bath on this one. $1999 Now $1499!
  7. Saving Tempest

    A bike for the Incredible Shrinking Boy...

    Hopefully not a very long thread, but the Columbia '1937' I bought from @buck hughes is on the Fedex truck today. It's the last of three bikes I'm putting together for my sister's kids, the other two being Holly Huffy via @partsguy for his sister and the 1995 Schwinn deluxe springer from @Jay81...

    Schwinn 1937 model c frame 26inch

    200.00 plus shipping to your area...no seat included
  9. fordmike65

    Ladies 37 RMS lives again

    Finally, the infamous "Cali Cartel" bike is on the road. It took a Cyclone Coasters CWC ride to get me off my butt and her rolling again. She got a complete drivetrain service including all new ball bearings throughout, correct wheelset, a sweet pair of John's creamwalls & a nice slightly used...
  10. Wards Guy..

    Hawthorne 1937 ish

    For Sale: Hawthorne “Zep” style bike heavy patina.... very cool look. Shovel was not considered in the sale. Neck bolt was broken when I found it. But let me know if interested. Tank is in solid condition, no horn setup left inside. If no sale I will part out. I know the tanks are liked a lot...
  11. gtdohn

    Reduced 1937 CCM coaster brake hub with spare $50

    Nice condition, fully functional 1937 CCM coaster brake hub. Has 1/2" pitch cog and comes with almost complete extra hub for spare parts, also with a 1/2" pitch cog, and extra arm. Both for $50 shipped to the lower 48 states only. PayPal as friends
  12. brwstrmgmt

    1937 Roadmaster Supreme - B & G pair

    Offering a restored 1937 Roadmaster Supreme boys/girls set. Concourse restoration, no excuses. $ 18,000 for the pair only - will not split. Serious inquiries only.
  13. frank 71

    Sold 1937 Schwinn C-Model Parts-Reduced Again!!

    Beautiful Original Paint Frame Sold. Head Badge Sold. Fork & Truss Rods Sold. Long Spring Saddle $175.00 . Fenders Sold. Dogleg Crank & Chain ring Not original Might be Wald Sold. Wheels & Tires Sold Free Shipping on all Parts. Buyer for the Fork & Saddle Backed out.
  14. Axlerod

    Withdrawn 1937 Hawthorne

    I believe this is a 1937 Hawthorne Zep or Comet. It looks like it had a restoration a long time ago. It has some patina to it. The wheels are 26” triple drop centers with New Departure hubs. I know the bars and neck are not correct but I’m not sure beyond that. It also looks like the chain could...
  15. SJ_BIKER

    C model schwinn straight bar frame 1937

    26 inch. 250.00 plus shipping schwinn straight bar bare frame seat not included.
  16. SJ_BIKER

    1937 SCHWINN C model Frame

    Bare bones frame. Build a klunker...or restore it to former glory...rat rod project? 375.00 shipped. seat not included. looks like red was the original color based on paint on the inner crank tube.
  17. kirk thomas

    Sold 1937 Rollfast $650 shipped OBO

    This bike has been totally rebuilt and has original paint. The headlight is in great condition, it even had the paper instructions in it . The cording has been restrung. The bike is a beauty. The rubber looks NOS Gillette Bear 26 x 2 1/2". The rims are perfect. The whole bike is in great...
  18. ZE52414

    Sold 37 liberty

    okay offering this up for trade or sell. Only issues is the rear hub needs gone through. Just spins. Here’s what I’m looking for in trade. Prewar schwinn drumbrake wheelset/cable/lever Tank jewels Og fender bomb. Or asking 1500$ Plus the ride. Or best offer.
  19. M

    1937 Pope Cruiser $600

    Rare Antique 1937 Pope tank bike. 26" x 2.125" ballon tires on steel rims. Skiptooth chain ring. Original saddle and seat post. Original wheels with New Departure D rear coaster brake hub with “New Departure D Brake” stamped on the brake arm. Big chrome fenders. Chrome cargo rack. Horn on the...
  20. B

    Need ISO 37 x 642 tires

    Hello! I recently bought the bike below. The rims require ISO 37 x 642 tires. I can't find the tires in the US, and the only place I can find them is a website in Italy, ilovebike.com Unfortunately, they can't ship to the US, but they can ship anywhere in Europe. Can anyone point me to either...
  21. C

    1937 Elgin Skylark totally restored. How much is it worth?

    Hi: What would a 1937 Elgin Skylark totally restored be valued at?
  22. ZE52414

    New/old 37 Schwinn

    Just picked it up yesterday and already looking to add on some parts. Would you guys strip the blue or just paint over it? Hmmm
  23. Autocycleplane

    Sold 1937 Schwinn C-Model - Updated parts and photos

    1937 Schwinn C Model. New John chains, full service of all bearings, light cleaning, and some small parts got this back in shape and riding like new. Seriously this tall sized frame rides amazing. 30” Torrington bars for the discriminating tall gent or lady. The bike also now has a lens for the...
  24. buck hughes

    Sold 1937 Columbia-REPRODUCTION

    never put together-comes with no seat( unless I can find the seat) $125.00 plus shipping-paypal as friend--delivery to Memory Lane Thursday.
  25. onecatahula

    37 Schwinn

    (not mine) https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bik/d/1937-schwinn-prewar/6562973050.html
  26. bobcycles


    Very hard to find Tornado spring Mesinger saddle that only made it on to the rarest of the rare 1930s prewar bicycles! Full restoration of skirted tornado spring saddle in a slightly 'patina' natural aged vegi tan leather. One of the coolest saddle designs ever made for the exotic prewar...
  27. ivrjhnsn

    Sold Block Chain 3/16" x 37" long

    Up for sale,, a small length of 3/16" wide block chain, 37" long with a cool master link. $35 mailed. Paypal ok ..Thanks for looking
  28. Jay81

    Sold Prewar 1937 Westfield Peaked Fenders

    1937 Westfield peaked fenders with flat braces and drop stand clip. Original paint. Mounting tab on rear fender needs repair (see pics) $60 shipped in the lower 48 Paypal as friends or USPS money order
  29. Jay81

    Sold Prewar 1937 Westfield Chainguard

    Original paint $55 shipped in the lower 48 Paypal as friends or USPS money order
  30. fordmike65

    1937 Colson Imperial-Hornlite or Torpedo Hornlight??

    I'm getting ready to put my 37 Imperial project together, but I need to iron out some details before I get started. I'd like to get the general consensus of those who have been in the hobby much longer than I have. I figure there has to be more than a couple original paint Imperials out there...
  31. fordmike65

    Pre 1937 Colson serial number project

    I'd like to compile a list of Colson serial numbers and take a stab at cracking the code. I have a few written down with a description of the bike and a few pics, but would appreciate any info other Cabe members would care to share. If possible, please post the serial number and a pic of the...
  32. Jay81

    Withdrawn .





    Stutz, Acme Bicycle Supply, vintage bicycle brass head badge from 1937. HERE ARE PICS OF BIKE IT GOES ON . $50 SHIPPED
  35. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Payments? 1937 model 37 Dayton streamline Pre war $2700

    This is a very rare 1937 Dayton Long tank. Look at the pictures. It's all original. Rides great. $2,700 shipped FIRM in the U.S. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST if you want to buy it, send a message. I will not part the bike out. I'm selling for what I paid for it. Thanks for looking. I'll do...
  36. cyclingday

    1937 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme

    1937 Firestone, Fleetwood Supreme. I purchased this bike around this time last year, but just now got around to going through it and dialing it all in. There are only three colors for this model listed, Black, Opalescent Maroon, and Seafog Grey. I can only assume that this type of Green, is what...
  37. KevinBrick

    1937 Original Rollfast on Ebay

  38. mynameislegion

    Sold 1937 Zep Tank 24 inch

    Uber Rare 24 inch 1937 Zep hanging tank. Original paint has oxidized from red to orange with white pin striped motif which looks like that found on 37 Hawthorne Zep bicycle. I bought this tank based on pictures and didn't realize that it is considerably smaller than a regular 26 inch bike tank...
  39. szathmarig

    Sold Original Paint Fastback 37 Hawthorne (Zep Style Frame)

    I'm not sure about the chain guard, but the rest of the bike is original paint for sure. The grips are cracked under the black tape, $400 shipped from Wash. D.C. or best offer. PayPal F&F. Now $350 shipped. Now $300 shipped. Now $270 shipped, or $200 local pick up. This bike has no repairs, no...
  40. OldSkipTooth

    Sold 37 Hawthorne frame set

    37 badged Belknap frame, fork and truss rods complete and straight. $155 Shipped conus from 95472. Pp f/f or add the 3% fee. Thanks!
  41. Dan the bike man

    1937 Dayton Huffman Streamline RARE!

    Very rare bike here. 1937 Dayton Huffman long tank. All original. Note the rust holes in the tank. Rides great. I have the badge but no screws. These don't come up for sale often. Worth more but will sell for $2,700 shipped FIRM, I WILL NOT PAYMENTS .
  42. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn No longer for sale

    Super rare 1937 Glidacycle. Some say there's only 10 or so of these around. I added a random front wheel. Shafts need reinforcement. It's a great start for a project. Supposed to have fenders but I don't have any. You don't see these often. $2600 NOW $2000 no shipping. I will take somewhere to...
  43. tryder

    1937 26" Mead Ballooner Question.

    Hi, I do not recall ever seeing a Mead tubular rack in any other color than brown. I am wondering if they came in other colors. Does anyone know? My bike is Maroon. Pictures would be great. Thanks.
  44. DonChristie

    Sold FS: 1937 Wards Hawthorne Zep CWC made

    She appears to be an original paint 1937 Wards Hawthorne Zep bike (similar to the Roadmaster supreme) with maybe some "fixes" done several years ago ie: tires, skirt guards, maybe paint on the chrome and a missing key lock mechanism. Otherwise, the paint has only been cleaned up with windex...
  45. DonChristie

    1937 Wards Hawthorne CWC made

    I posted this in the Show and tell thread but figured I would also make it's own thread. This is a Craigslist score I got last Tuesday. It appears to be an original paint 1937 Wards Hawthorne bike (similar to the Roadmaster supreme) with maybe some "fixes" done several years ago ie: tires, skirt...
  46. B

    Sold 37 Pope sold Sunday morning

    1937 Pope bicycle was sold Sunday morning , thank you to everyone who showed interest , wpb
  47. B

    Sold 1937 Pope, from original family1937 Pope

    1937 Pope , 600.00 plus shipping , I have the chainguard
  48. B

    1937 Pope

  49. Jay81

    Withdrawn 1937 Westfield Ladies bike

    Bought this from the estate of the original owner with the intention of cleaning it up but I lost interest. Morrow rear hub with G3 code (third quarter 1937) Goodyear G3 whitewalls that look to be in decent shape. Some light cracking but look usable. $325 shipped or $250 picked up or delivered...
  50. Jay81

    Sold 1937 Schwinn Ace Motorbike

    1937 Schwinn Ace The tires that are on it now are John's whitewall chain treads (see pics below) Note the hole in the rear fender - partially hidden by the license topper. $3000 shipped. USPS money order or cash only. Can deliver to MLC or AA with $1000 down, balance on delivery Could also do a...