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  1. dperry

    1939 Shelby Flyer - track bike?

    Is this a Shelby Flyer track bike? Shelby is known for cruiser and roadster bikes, so I’m surprised there was a track racing model. A bike like this suggests that Shelby had a racing interest, so I’m seeking any clues if there was a Shelby-sponsored bike racing team. I got this as crusty barn...
  2. Demzie

    Sold '39 Elgin Twin-Bar

    Alright Fellers, another Elgin Twin finds its way to the market for you this fine Wednesday. FIRST 3 Pictures are as shown of how it currently sits. The following pictures are detail shots up close and progress of the build as a whole. Parts are as Follows: PROS -Correct front and rear...
  3. nick1985

    1939 Elgin curve bar bike colours

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find some more information on my recent find. Does anyone know what colour these 1939 Elgin bicycles came in and what stencil/decals they had? I've seen some that look like a dark blue so I was wanting to collect some parts in that colourway if possible. Does anyone have...
  4. Dangerwagon

    '39 5-Bar (actual barn find) finally all cleaned up

    I promised Shawn S. I would share pics a while back so I took these shots this evening. Really came out great. This belongs to my father who actually pulled it out of an airplane hanger in upstate NY in 2005.
  5. kirk thomas

    1939 Mercury Flyer in NY

  6. WetDogGraphix

    39 Hawthorne Twin Bar

    I had another thread, but the title wasn't quite right so I'm starting this one.... https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/5-bar-project.81247/ I can't believe I've had this bike for 2 1/2 yrs, but it's time to get off the pot. I've got about 95% of the parts so no more stalling...Had some frame...
  7. robert bell

    1939 CWC hawthorn zep paint

    getting ready to paint my 39 CWC zep. bike was originally roadmaster cream with black head and red pinstripe. here's another one two tone green. catalog says black with white head only. would you restore to black like catalog says, or original CWC color?
  8. onecatahula

    39 DX

    (not mine) https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/bik/d/mens-39-prewar-schwinn/6625938311.html
  9. Robertriley

    1939 Good Year Highway Patrol Grill Tank Colson

    1939 Good Year Highway Patrol Colson. Very rare prewar bike, painted to match the original colors and all the chrome is original chrome and came on this bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $3999 https://thecabe.com/forum/media/albums/1939-good-year-highway-patrol-colson.1426/
  10. Robertriley

    Sold 1939 Original Paint Twin-flex

    Great bike! It will need a new tire and tube but a great bike and has been on many local and Cyclone Coaster rides. Accessories not included(Shur-spin and lock). I will do a 30 day payment plan. $3999 https://thecabe.com/forum/media/albums/1939-airflyte-twin-flex.1248/
  11. kreika

    1939 Harley

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/mcy/d/1939-harley-davidson/6611346443.html Don’t know if this is a good price but it sure is cool!
  12. Alan W

    1939 Shelby Airfliow headset cups wanted

    1939 Shelby Headset cups wanted. No my picture. Not my bike.
  13. jchicago

    1939 Shelby Speedline Deluxe Airflow on FB

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1687042898182868/ $16,500
  14. bikesnbuses

    Sold LOCAL P/U 1939 ladies Columbia $300 CASH

    TORRINGTON #17s are no longer available..Bike is now $300 picked up OK,to be clear..This is for local PICK UP only in southern RI only. Ive been really sick and have bad injuries to right elbow and shoulder If you have someone you know/trust to pick it up and ship it to you that is fine also.I...
  15. Dan the bike man

    Sold Pre-war Colson ! SoLD

    $1000 Now $900 NOW $800 shipped in the USA
  16. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Offers? NICE Colson Pre-war Men’s

    1939 Colson really nice! Rides like a dream! $1500 shipped. I’m keeping the shurspin propeller
  17. robert bell

    Reduced prewar ladies schwinn locking springer 38? 39?

    ladies schwinn springer, really long neck, longer than my 40 hollywood by 1/4", locking, no key. early DX springer or 38-39 maybe. $100.00 shipped. has extra long threaded stem so fork can be cut to fit any prewar ladies frame
  18. BWbiker

    Withdrawn Prewar Schwinn Deluxe Spinger Brown & Tan Fender Set

    Straight and clean 1939 on Schwinn Deluxe Brown & Tan - ***please note the camera makes them look cream, I double checked and they are Tan. lighted springer front, matching standard rear fender. $275 Shipped. $225 local pick up. Thank you! fatire53@yahoo.com
  19. B

    WTB Schwinn Chrome Hockey Stick Chain Guard

    Looking for a chrome Schwinn hockey stick chain guard that will fit a straight or curved down tube frame. It doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks!
  20. S

    1939 C Model Schwinn

    I'm fairly new here & have fun with buying & building old bikes. I bought this frame & wanted a nice daily rider. Some pictures will remind some of you cabers whom sold me parts,,, so here is what I started with
  21. robert bell

    38 or 39 bare twinflex frame

    got all other parts minus chaingaurd and bare frame for a mens 1938 or 1939 huffman or dayton twinflex. any for sale??
  22. J

    my 39 Hawthorn project

    my 38 Hawthorn Project. picked this up about a month ago pretty stripped down. I've added the correct wheels grips and pedals and tank so far. I've got the correct chain guard coming and fenders with front light coming soon.
  23. D

    Sold 1939 Roadmaster Taking offers

    1939 Roadmaster - Original with the exception of the headlight being incorrect and that the tail light battery can is missing. $750.00 Don't be afraid to make reasonable offers. Note: These bikes are being listed for Joe Mikulanis from Sunbury, PA. All questions concerning conditions of the...
  24. Jay81

    Wanted: 1939 Monark 5 Bar - Complete Bicycle

    I would like to buy a 1939 Monark five bar bicycle in original paint. Needs to be complete and correct or very close to complete / correct. Needs to have the pencil springer, tank, butterfly stand, etc. I do have the dual position bars and stem so those aren't a concern. NOT interested in the...
  25. locomotion

    Sold .

  26. robert bell

    39 zep wheel help

    what is the correct profile wheel rim for a CWC built 39 hawthorn zep?
  27. Autocycleplane

    WTB - Nice original 38-39 Schwinn Motorbike

    I'm looking for a nice original paint 1938 or 1939 Schwinn Motorbike, must have all original painted parts. Big stacks of cash and partial trades ready to make a deal for the right bike. I'm looking for a keeper here, something I can obsess over for years to come. Thanks for the read and...
  28. Glenn Rhein

    39 scout

    Picked this up today, Columbia built for Edw. k Tryon co. Philadelphia Scout Original paint
  29. locomotion

    Sold .

  30. ZE52414

    Withdrawn 1939 jewel tank lasalle

    Up for grabs is my 39 motorbike. Looking to finish up a project and buy something new. I’m probably going to regret this, but it’s a schwinn there’s more out there in the wild:). Defects-bottom right side of the door has a little bit of damage. Dents and dings. Also someone used a screw to...
  31. island schwinn

    Sold 39 Colson Roadking snaptank.

    Seat,tires,grips not original. Rides smooth and quiet. Handled the San Francisco hills without issues. Gasless radial included at asking price. $1700.00.will ship it on your dime.PM works best.
  32. Scribble

    1939 Shelby Traveler

    Got this put back together with the correct truss rods.
  33. Freqman1

    Sold 1939 Monark/Airman dual light bracket

    A pretty rare piece that only came on the Monark model GT 497 (boys) or model GT498 (girls) or Airman equivalent. Pics show the '39 Airman that this came from. Lights are shown mounted on bracket but you get only the bracket. $45 shipped or $40 delivered to MLC/AA. PP as F&F or add the 3%...
  34. Robertriley

    1939 Twin Flex $3999

    Great bike! It will need a new tire and tube but a great bike and has been on many local and Cyclone Coaster rides. Accessories not included(Shur-spin and lock).
  35. T


  36. JimRoy

    1939 American Flyer.

    For Sell. Freshly restored 1939 American Flyer. Very good rider just in time for spring Has original paint on frame and most of front fender. Originaf front badge. Glass rear reflector. ND hubs. Everything works. This is$799.95 plus bikeflights shipping
  37. saladshooter

    Sold 1939 Roadmaster 4 Gill

    Rare 1939 Roadmaster 4 Gill Frame and Fenders are original paint. Tank's "Roadmaster" sticker is original but the white and red has been touched up at some point in it's life. The fork ends have been repaired. Rack appears to be a 2nd cousin. $2500 + shipping Ask any questions you may have...
  38. jimbo53

    39 Colson Snaptank Turkey Wing Guard and Rear Carrier - Red

    Looking for a chain guard and rear carrier with similar patina in original red paint. This is what I’m looking for and this is the sad, pitiful snaptank :they’ll go on. Can you make my sad :cry:snaptank happy :) again with her missing parts?
  39. ejlwheels

    Sold 1939 Huffman Twin-Flex

    Hard to read serial # but I believe it is N 102578 2 "N" might indicate that it had been badged as "National" The rear lower fender stay has been professionally repaired. And there is some kickstand squishing on the underside. The top springer plate looks like it was...
  40. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 1939 Dayton Schmidt Flyer Beautiful original

    1939 Dayton Schmidt Flyer I3 Dated rear Hub (March 39) Single Flex. 2200.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane. 500.00 Deposit required. Mike
  41. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1939 Hiawatha Arrow - Shelby

    Letting my Arrow go! The tank has original paint, while the rest is very old spray can repaint with the accent colors applied and distressed to match recently. Seat top is recovered by Bob U, but the chassis is original and un-restored. The chain guard has had the front bracket moved to fit...
  42. Pedals Past

    Sold 1939-40 Schwinn American Flyer

    First year schwinn lightweight New World mens original paint bike .... As&Co sprocket 2 piece crank Torrington #4’s?rubber block rat trap style pedal expander brakes with Schwinn script, orig mens ball end grips, free wheeling rear hub, unknown crank hanger mount lightweight aluminum spring...
  43. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn No longer for sale

    1939 Rollfast with Samsco badge. Banana tank. As shown $950.
  44. G

    Reduced 1939 colson stroller

    1939 worlds fair colson stroller , original condition, even has the plastic beads that are always missin. compliment your bike collection with this rare kool piece, 125 bux plus shippin or will deliver to memory lane
  45. saladshooter

    Found 39 CWC Rack

    Howdy Looking for an original black paint CWC rack like this. Please PM me what you have. Thanks Chad
  46. barnyguey


  47. S

    wanted. 1939 Schwinn prewar truss rods

    Looking for a nice St for my 39 C model build
  48. oldfart36

    Sold 1939 Ladies Monark 5/4 Bar.

    Pics are "as found" 1939 Ladies Monark 5/4 Bar. Original paint (cream and blue with red pinstriping) is very nice, right down to the wheels. The bike still sports the hard to find parts, horn light button, horn light, and glass reflector on rear to name a few. Only thing that could'nt be found...
  49. 66TigerCat

    1939 Raleigh Record Ace RRA frameset

    Prewar Raleigh RRA frameset. 23". Serial number dates it to 1939, first year for the 23" frames. Repainted years ago. Missing head badge, seat binder bolt and bottom bracket oiler plug. Paint has wear, chips, scratches, etc. Chrome on fork is very good, shows minor wear. Note Raleigh/Heron stamp...
  50. ohdeebee

    Found 39 DX Tank

    Looking for a black 39 Schwinn DX tank. Ratty is good. Does not need to be perfect. Cash or trade. Thanks.