1. Dave Stromberger

    1940 Schwinn Henderson Motorbike - Blue with Red

    I'm thinking this is a pretty rare color combo? A quick search didn't turn up any to match. I cleaned this frame up a bit today. Originally it showed almost no blue at all. Came out kinda neat! I'm half tempted to make a ratrod out of it!
  2. mr.cycleplane

    Sold prewar schwinn forebrake 1940

    prewar Schwinn forebrake complete patina'd condition. spins smooth-'meat' left on the shoes. nice original cadium on the porkchop would look great on decent original bike. clamp is for the truss rod-not springer.350 shipped pp/ff
  3. mrg

    1940 Hiawatha info

    This is a approximately a 1940 Murray built Gambles Hiawatha, there is a lot of info on the Elgin version and even a little on the Mercury & Western Flyer versions but nothing so far on the gambles Hiawatha Just wanted to see about the little things like handlebars gooseneck panels and seat...
  4. Demzie

    Sold 1940 Cwc 20"

    For Sale: 1940 CWC 20" Pros: -Fully Brazed Solid Frame (No welds, no breaks, no problems) -Matching "Silent Safety" ZigZag Tread Tires! (Gently Worn, no holes, holding air firmly) -Complete Skiptooth Chain (Perfect fit, uncertain of link count) -Plush Grips (not flexible, but not rotted or...
  5. Axlerod

    Sold 1940 Firestone/Huffman Airflex parting out

    I am parting out this 1940 Firestone Airflex. The frame and fork are being sold together And so are the fenders and fender ornament. The frame and fork are solid but have a few coats of bad paint. The fender ornament is nice and the threads in both holes are good. The fenders have quite a few...
  6. lgrinnings

    1940 Morrow 26" drop-center wheel set

    This 26" drop-center wheel set came off a 1940 CWC Western Flyer. Rims have been repainted red (original color was maroon) but don’t appear to have spent any time out in the weather. Rear hub is a Morrow coaster with a J-1 (January, 1940) date designation. Rear 10-tooth cog shows very minor...
  7. lgrinnings

    1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring

    This 1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring retains very nice original chrome. A n ideal chainring if you need one, or a sweet upgrade for short money. $25 plus shipping from Newburyport, MA 01950 or I can deliver it to Dudley on the 8th. Message me if interested or with questions...
  8. donniedee

    1940 Schwinn DX "CRUSTY RUSTY" BUILD

    Getting this crusty rusty in two weeks, its a 1940's Schwinn DX all orig, plans are for a total regressed, new all black balloon tires and tubes, looking for the following parts for it: glass headlight lens rusty to match rear rack old glass rear reflector complete old speedometer will...
  9. Oldnut

    1940 Huffman

    Nickenamed this one lockjaw
  10. lgrinnings

    Sold 1940 CWC no-gill no-horn bent tank

    This 1940 CWC Western Flyer/Hawthorne, no-gill, no-horn bent tank has been repainted on the outside. Inside is dusty, but there’s no trace of rust. Original color looks to be maroon. Light switch is gone, but battery tray and rubber grommet are still in place. Front screw is present, but no rear...
  11. badbob

    Sold Vintage 1940 Schwinn Autocycle Standard

    Vintage Prewar 1940 Schwinn Autocycle.. Bike has nice original paint. Original chrome is nice too.. Original tires were replaced with NOS US Royal USA tires.. $2500. plus shipping
  12. Dan the bike man

    Sold Sold

    All of the bikes I have listed will be going into long term storage if they aren't sold or having payments made in 2 months. I'm easy to work with as far as making payments. A few hundred down and a few hundred every few weeks is ok. This is a 1940 Columbia. Beautiful teal and white original...
  13. Dan the bike man

    Sold AF Prewar mens tank bike SOLD

    Nice prewar American Flyer. Great rider! $750 shipped Now $600 shipped. If I remove parts you can save more.
  14. robert bell

    straight 1940 schwinn ladies frame

    1940 schwinn 26" ladies frame, straight, $90.00 shipped
  15. robert bell

    Sold 1940 schwinn cobalt ladies rear fender $40

    rear fender off 40 schwinn hollywood ladies 26" bike. no rot, solid $40.00shipped
  16. Kstone

    1940 Four Gill Ridewell

    At long last she's put together! Also, to head this off from the start.... This bike is NOT for sale! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST, but someone will be prying this bike from our cold dead hands. ;) We bought this bike from Craig @BICYCLE HEAVEN. We obviously cannot thank him enough...
  17. TheFizzer

    Reduced 1953 Murray Strato Line

    Super nice great riding 26" Murray with original paint. New tires. Working headlight & horn. I don't wanna sell but it's just a little too short for me to ride, I'm 6' 5" $525 plus shipping or trade?
  18. D

    1940 Elgin Taking Offers

    1940 Elgin Original paint. Carlisle Gum Walls. Head light. Tail light. Speedo Cable and bracket. Bike needs attention $550.00 Don't be afraid to make reasonable offers. Note: These bikes are being listed for Joe Mikulanis from Sunbury, PA. All questions concerning conditions of the bike...
  19. S

    1940 canti

    repainting a frame were the paint was to far gone to save,looks like it had the fork stop as i will show in the pics,i know it should have one would like to replace it,if someone has the diamiter and length that would be kool,im seen pics but cant figure ot the diamensions,thanks
  20. bobcycles

    Sold 1940s-50s Schwinn Expander brake nu shoes/ restorable 190 shipped

    Post war Schwinn brake in fair shape Looks like shoes are redone, legible script on backing plate and hub Some pitting on back of backing plate Usable front drum brake for B6, Phantom etc 190 shipped Bobcycles@aol.com Or pm here
  21. Neanderthal77

    Sold 1940 Schwinn Ace

    I am selling a 1940 Ace badged Schwinn. It has a locking fork with key broken off. No hole in the fender for a light. A rear fender brace is broken. Looks like it was repainted and the pins on the fenders are still there. Any questions or want more pictures let me know. This bike will be...
  22. Maskadeo

    Withdrawn Bikes coming to Memory Lane Phantom & 1940 BA107

    Bringing a few bikes to Memory Lane this week. First year Phantom. This bike is completely original with the exception of the rear reflector that the original owner added (will throw in a correct one). Not a hodgepodge or reproduction parts and repainted stuff. Rides great $1800...
  23. Autocycleplane

    1940 Schwinn Admiral BA107 - now with rack

    1940 Schwinn Admiral BA107 straight bar balloon tire bicycle. Full service, new front axle, bearings, front drum shoes relined, new leather seat top. Curved miller stand, front drum brake, springer fork with original key, schwinn script rear glass reflector. New John chain tires. The bars, stem...
  24. kreika

    Sold 1940 Mercury Pacemaker frame and parts

    Pretty sure the serial starts ME=1940. Frame in good shape. Fork good also with all hardware included. Chain guard good. Bars,stem, cranks,chainring and lucky seven with patina. Two rear fenders in decent shape. Check front fender pics it’s been reinforced. The orange looking racks front mount...
  25. New Mexico Brant

    Withdrawn Huffman 1940 Lit Big Tank Bike Fender Ornament

    Original Huffman 1940 lit tank bike fender ornament. Decent condition: some minor chrome loss and pitting, scratches, and tiny ding; secondary modification on front point extension with drilled mounting hole and grinding area. (See images for details.) One original underside hole seems stripped...
  26. dave the wave

    Sold 1940 Monark Superframe 5-Bar Handlebars SOLD !!

    $350 shipped paypal friend or usps money order. SOLD!!
  27. LarzBahrs

    Sold 1939 Shelby No Nose project

    For sale due to car trouble only. Else I would not even entertain selling it. Have the right to pull the sale if stuff gets resolved as Im hesitant to sell. Selling my 1939 western flyer badged Shelby no nose project. Pictures speak for themselves. Frame has 2 dents on top tube and tank has some...
  28. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Huffman fender ornament Pre-war

    Fender ornament for 1940 Huffman lit tank. $275 now $250 NOW $200 shipped in US. PayPal as friends/ family.
  29. Dan the bike man

    Sold 1940 Huffman only $1,950!

    Rare prewar 1940 Huffman lit tank. What you see is what you get EXCEPT i HAVE REMOVED THE SPEAR ON FRONT OF THE TANK AND THE HORN BUTTON. $1950 shipped in the US. PayPal as friends/ family. Thanks
  30. Dan the bike man

    Sold Seat for 1940 Huffman littank

    Men’s seat for 1940 Huffman Lit tank bike. $300 shipped in US. Friends/family PayPal
  31. B

    1940 Huffman og lit tank bike

    Looking for a very nice original complete 1940 Dayton lit tank mens bike. Please PM me or email me directly to blealess@telus.net. I am in the Pacific Northwest or will pay to have it shipped. Thanks Bill
  32. Dan the bike man

    Sold Prewar Huffman 1940 Lit tank

    This was posted last Monday and I haven’t finished paying. I had to pay shipping and so I’m adding that and shipping to you on the price. Or you can pick it up in SE Michigan when I get it. See second pic for details on this bike. $3,500 or no rack $2,700. I am NOT offering the $500 deposit/...
  33. coin1812

    1940 Huffman Dayton Lit Tank

    Selling one of my favorite bikes. 1940 Huffman/Dayton Lit tank. I believe the forks are incorrect but the truss rods are correct. There is a small hole, probably about penny size, at the bottom of one of the tank sides. You can' really see it unless you are looking for it as it's kind of...
  34. PlasticNerd

    Found 1940 Schwinn high flange front hub

    looking to build a special deluxe with my smooth tank canti , also need rear drum brake and all parts for it, thanks
  35. RustyK

    Sold 1940 Huffman Bigtank - ML delivery

    1940 Huffman Bigtank - ML delivery with $500 down. The tank is a FIBERGLASS JAFCO tank with real Delta horn button. Tail light lens is repop. The seat was recovered by Bob U. Hubs are rebuilt, rides and stops. J-3 1940 Morrow on rear. Welded on kickstand. Equipped with Johns chain tires...
  36. stezell

    Sold 1940 Monark 4 bar project

    1940 Monark 4 bar project, fenders and chainguard were stripped before I got them, New Departure wheels, frame, and fork all have original paint under house paint , correct butterfly kickstand with hardware, all parts are original to the bike, including the seat with wear tabs, and Torrington...
  37. Jay81

    1940 Huffman Firestone Airflyte

    Here's one of my newest additions to my collection. 1940 Huffman built Firestone Airflyte with the big lit tank. This particular bike has the ultra rare see through tank lol. Looking for opinions on this. I will NOT restore this bike, as I like them original. But as you can see the tank has some...
  38. Jay81

    Sold 1940 Columbia

    1940 Columbia No pedals Serial is E129228 = 1940 BB code G10 = October 1940 Morrow hub code J3 = 3rd quarter 1940 $750 Shipped & fully insured in the lower 48 USPS money order or PayPal as friends only.
  39. stingrayjoe

    Sold SOLD1940 Elgin Twin 20 Twin bar balloon tire bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions comments or concerns do not post replies here thanks You pay Bikeflights shipping I bought this on the CABE restored as is a couple years ago. The saddle has the original cover but chassis is restored. There were some big chips in the paint when I bought it. The...
  40. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS 1940 Schwinn

    One of the best originals in the hobby. $8500 shipped
  41. skipelmore

    1940 Snyder

    looking for a tank. Just testing the waters price wise.
  42. ace

    Sold 1940 Dayton Chain Guard

    Original paint. $65.
  43. ace

    Sold 1940 Dixie Flyer Ladies Big Tank

    One rust through hole. Not bad. $300.
  44. K


    REDUCED: Nice 1940 Cleveland Welding Company All American with dropstand and, ( battery pack and light/non functioning/no glass) Tires are shot. $350 local pick up Add $100 shipping from 17702 in 48 states.
  45. H

    1940 bicycle seat ..item is sold

    Bicycle seat..restored ....made by Lycett of England...known as a mattress seat...new leather...copper rivets..comes with saddle bag.....asking 55.00
  46. Robertriley

    Ebay stuff listed today TOC to 1940

    I listed a bunch of stuff and might ad a little more this weekend https://www.ebay.com/sch/robertriley/m.html?item=302608529299&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  47. redline1968

    Sold 1940 schwinn track bike original beauty.

    This beautiful example of a prewar schwinn racer is going up for sale.. excellent original blue paint with faint pinstripes of gold... original extension Bars and optional fluted racing crank....no damage on it and is complete with the original setup tires.. won’t be cheep but your getting the...
  48. petritl

    1940 Umberto Dei resurrection thread

    I’m beginning the process of bringing back a frame set I purchased a couple of months ago. Bike will be a 4spd with an early Cyclo derailleur . The frame and fenders were dropped off to be painted (RAL 5013)
  49. thebigorangecat

    1939/1940 Westfield (Victory) in Red

    UPDATE: Bicycle i.d.'d as: Westfield Built - Possibly a Victory Model BB Code: F 2 (1939 Built) Serial #: E125267 (1940 Assembly) ________________________________________________________________________________ After digging around this forum for a few days, taking into account what the...
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