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  1. Krakatoa

    Rare Postwar Jet Age NOS Carlisle JET FLYTE & NUCLEUS 26" X 2.125" Balloon Tires!

    Super neat and unusual NOS tires here! Both are 26" x 2.125" balloon tires. I've tried to show all the markings on each. The Carlisle looks like a 1950's tire. The NUCLEUS is also old but a real head scratcher! The tires are nearly the same pattern and the Carlisle has a very slightly larger...
  2. L

    Early 1950's Hercules Saddle , Brake, Kickstand, Wire rack, Wheel etc

    Selling Some parts from 1953 Hercules 26 inch three speed: (will try to post better pics shorty ) All the crust on this bike that i did keep on bike cleaned up well, more dried out grease than rust, chrome quite good after soaking Saddle: $25 Horsehair pading , cover loose with house...
  3. M

    Need some help with this 1950s Schwinn

    Ive had this for a little while just napping in my garage. I got it from a lady who used it as a lawn ornament for the past 30yrs. I’m just curious to year and model. I can make out a few letters which makes me think its a jaguar. I was told its a 56 but i think its a 54. Then again I’m almost...
  4. S

    1950's Disney Davy Crockett Pedal Wagon

    We have a 1950's Walt Disney Davy Crockett Pedal Wagon up for sale. Buyer pays shipping. Location: Herrin, Illinois USA We are currently entertaining offers for this item. Please make an offer if you are interested.
  5. E

    1950's J.C. Higgins Tandem Bicycle - How to price?

    Hey, I picked up this bike on the side of the road and it has an odometer that reads 1,136 miles. I'm curious what one of these goes for. I'll post photos in the next few days. Any help on research people have done on this bicycle would be helpful. Here's what the bike currently looks like.
  6. TophH

    (Sold) Late 50's Early 60's Thunder Jet Super Deluxe Double tube Men's Bike

    I have a Vintage Thunder Jet. Has double tubes..It's a great ride. Serial number is 6110197 Trim Grips, Mesinger Leather Seat Chrome needs polished. Very little paint chips (see pics).. As far as I can tell It's all original. This bike is stored inside took pics outside for lighting. This is...
  7. S

    Withdrawn 1950'S Schwinn 26" Chrome S2 Rim Set Panther Phantom Wasp $125 shipped

    Chrome is still pretty nice and should clean up good for a rider / survivor build. Both show age and wear with scratches and dings 3 are noticeable 1 on the rear and 2 on the front see pics. The rear spins true and round within roughly 1/8" the front spins fairly true but is out of round about...
  8. oldfart36

    Original late 50s Saddle Bags

    For Sale: Original late 50s Saddle Bags. These bicycle bags are in super shape, condition is Very nice, and complete. Need cleaning, as found. $125.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.

    Sold 1950's Columbia good year front fender light $65 SHIPPED

  10. jmastuff

    vintage 50's murray kids wagon,has been weld repaired

    cool old wagon, after looking closely the bottom has been repaired by the front wheels...50.00 F/F plus shipping, add 3% regular p/pal
  11. I

    Sold 1950's Monfor Motebecane, another Price Drop x 2!

    1950's Motebecane Monfor Bicycle in beautiful original condition. Please see photos. I will ship in the CONUS for $385.00 via BikeFlights, paid with PayPal friends and family or add 4% for goods and services. This is not my usual purchase, but such a cool old bike that I could not let it go, if...
  12. bobcycles

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Phantom leather saddle- Distressed orig Restored- F/S

    Original Schwinn Phantom 1950 and up riveted saddle repadded and recovered in leather semi distressed with faint Schwinn stamp like the original saddles had after use. Chassis, springs, clamp and wear tabs are original "survivor" parts for the original look, original Schwinn wear tabs have...
  13. Adam1231

    Bubble blowing musician 1950s tin toy

    Could used to be cleaned. Good shape. Put a battery in it years ago and nadda. Not sure what it would take to get working. Nice display toy As-Is. Asking $60 or trade
  14. atencioee

    Schwinn Straight Bar Tank

    I'm looking for a Schwinn Straight bar tank. Thank you.
  15. kirk thomas

    1950's Rollfast in NY

    https://utica.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-1950s-rollfast-bike/6588688672.html I can pick up and ship. I did talk to this guy he is about 10 miles from me and will do a pretty good deal.
  16. P

    Barn find in Fox Lake WI

    I needed help identifying these two bicycles. The red one is a Schwinn, 1950's? I know some parts are not correct (seat, reflectors) and it has been painted over, but it has some good authentic parts (sweetheart chainwheel, chain guard, Schwinn badge, fenders). The blue one is labelled a...
  17. Freqman1

    Scarce 50s Headlight

  18. Skatelab

    Reduced mid 50's Schwinn Hornet Deluxe Original Paint

    For sale 1950's Green on Green Schwinn Hornet Deluxe straightbar. Original paint but one side of tank has a bluefish color, looks original but maybe has been color sanded. Still nice. I can send a better pic. Seems pretty OG except tires, stem and handlebars. Delta light has been repainted by...
  19. jmastuff

    mid 50's schwinn rat parts

    rusty crusty S-2 wheels, rear operates, rear has very slight wobble,(few spokes missing) spokes are rusty. they are thin and probably should be replaced, 35.00 ............ fender set, far from perfect, have rust and a few dings/dents.40.00 pair...chain guard decent condition,35.00...all parts...
  20. jmastuff

    rat 26" 50's huffy tank bike

    50's huffy, pictures should tell the story, some parts obviously not stock, good looking cruiser..265. plus shipping
  21. jmastuff

    late 50s girls 26" schwinn american, decent

    pictures should tell the story, decent paint, chrome will clean up, 145. plus ship
  22. MsRock2

    Sold 1950's Funk and Sons Super Crost light $40.00 shipped

    1950's Edward J. Funk & Sons Super Crost Hybrid Corn Seeds Bicycle Clip On Rear Tail Light $40.00 PM shipped or pick up in San Diego
  23. 1

    Sold 1950s shelby with springer

    Here up for sale is a nice shelby for someone looking to fix it up and ride it This bike has a rare shelbys Springer fork Looks to be repainted a very long time ago. This came from a barn sale . Great fixer and will make a good rider. If you have any questions please let me know thanks and...
  24. Leoncito

    Reduced Columbia/Viking 50s

    Have this Viking/Columbia bike project,looks like previous owner started restoration and repainted bike so paint is in ok shape wheels also seemed to have been gone over with a coat of pain and they look in decent shape it comes with a locking fork and it has the key.l bought the tank on e bay...
  25. Sven

    Schwinn's 1950's Opal Green paint

    Does anyone know if there a automotive paint that is same or close to opal (opalescent) green used from 1955 to {I believe} 1958 ? Would this would use a silver metalic base with the green shot over? This is not for touch up. It will be for a redo. Thanks for your help!
  26. ByronsBygones

    50's Monark Sunliner girls 26''

    Selling a bunch of bikes that have been sitting around in my barn. This is a real beautiful girls Monark Silver king Sun Liner. delta rocket ray has some considerate rust and I couldn't get the horn working.. but I'm not an expert.. just put some batteries in and fiddled with the wires abit...
  27. Miyata FL.


    Gorgeous.. Not my bike. https://valdosta.craigslist.org/bik/d/1950s-fleetwing-girls-bicycle/6568408975.html
  28. bobcycles


    Housepaint on the Spitfire Schwinn 20" BALLOON frame from 52 or 53. Nice little project no kickstand but takes the bolt on variety. Frame looks sound....just multi - colored.. Hard to find these little cantilever guys. 150.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or pm here
  29. bobcycles


    tank is sold! Presentable Schwinn 50's JAGUAR tank slotted for the cable. Chrome is decent... a few small dings, nothing major. Paint shows some wear but a nice solid tank with no rust out or major issues. Original 50's tank and not a reproduction 140.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or PM...
  30. lounging

    Found Headset Lock Washer from 1940's or 1950's Schwinn

    Hello I am looking for 3 of these schwinn headset lock washers. No reproductions please. I think they were all very similar thru the years but if anyone has some from the 1940's that would be super... thanks
  31. D

    50's Shelby on Albany NY C/L

  32. deddings

    1950's roadmaster (painted 1956 chevy blue) at Memory Lane

    Hey there all. I know this is a long shot. But after the Memory Lane swap meet, I am regretting not purchasing a bike I saw. I can not remember the gentleman's name, but he had a 1950's Roadmaster that was painted 1956 Chevy Blue. He said he was taking it to Ann Arbor if it did not sell at...
  33. RustySprockets

    1950s Indian Scout -- $400 (Bel Air, MD)

    Looks to be very original, in excellent shape, with period accessories. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-1950s-indian-scout/6575565030.html
  34. spomalley86

    Schwinn 20" balloon 1950s

    This is an original schwinn 20 inch ballooner. All og except pedals. Would like to keep complete but may part out. Lmk if you have any questions. Thanks for checking it out! Asking 650.00 plus shipping
  35. SJ_BIKER

    20 inch schwinn crank 1950s

    From a 20 inch schwinn project that got parted out long ago. Threads good og chrome plating .. 30 shipped
  36. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Clean 50's OG Paint Columbia Fleetwing

    Very nice original turquoise-green metallic paint Columbia from the 1950's, badged Fleetwing, 26 inch. Original matching Mesinger seat (has some wear through at the edges). Replaced tires and tube, serviced, rides well. Repop Clipper speedo; condition issues: has a weld repair on guard...
  37. T

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-Huffman-Huffy-Bike-Tank-Deluxe
  38. bikiba

    Sold 1950s ROllfast

    1950s rollfast up for sale... paypal as a friend please.
  39. fat tire trader

    1950s French Parts

    Hello, I'm looking for French parts from the 1950s and earlier. On the top of the list are: Simplex 543 derailleur Prior hubs or wheels with Prior hubs Peugeot head badge Beborex brakes If you any of the above or other parts that you would like to sell or trade, please contact me. Thanks, Chris
  40. I

    1950's Girls Schwinn Starlet Project Bike Horntank

    Schwinn Starlet Project bike $120. Local Pickup 48067 which is near Detroit and Ann Arbor bike swap.
  41. Rollo

    ... 1950's Schwinn Starlet $100.

  42. SJ_BIKER

    ladies schwinn phantom 1950s saddle? anyone?

    looking for a leather schwinn ladies phantom saddle? anyone have one for sale?
  43. 66TigerCat

    Sold Late 40's/early 50's Phillips Credalux No.101 pedals

    Scarce Phillips Credalux No. 101 pedals, late 40's/early 50's vintage. Chromed steel. 9/16". Very nice condition, only minor surface rust. Low to no miles on these. Stamped "Phillips" and "Made in England". Note the oil port on the dust cap. It's hard to see in the pic but below the hole is the...
  44. morton

    Sold 1950's Hawthorne Deluxe Delta Headlight

    Some call this a motor cycle type light. Below is a link showing application; http://www.nostalgic.net/bicycle71 Insides look excellent (see pic) but I did not get it to light. I did not change bulb so maybe that's it. I suspect any "normal" ;) person cold get it to work, but my luck with...
  45. Moseph

    50s Schwinn Wasp/Hornet/Spitfire

    I passed up on a bike back in December and now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't. It was set up almost exactly as I'd want one so now I'd like to find something to kind of replicate that build. I'm not necessarily looking for a specific model bike but I definitely want an original paint cantilever...
  46. mongeese

    Track parts 50s 60s 70s 25.4 bars & 26.8 seatpost

    Track bars with clamp area of 25.4 Drop or moustache or any variant. Seatpost 26.8 diameter 50s 60s 70s era parts Message me please and leave your number if you want to speed up process. Or send pictures first whatever you prefer. Willing to purchase or trade you more of whatever it may...
  47. mtnbikeman

    50's JC Higgins model type help

    I was hoping someone could help with what model this bike is so I can know what kind of fenders and chain guard to look for. Perhaps someone has a more complete bike they can post a picture of. Serial #MOS-M MOD 502 237. I think it's a 1956 other than that I have not seen another example of one...
  48. gkeep

    Nice early 50s Womans B.F. Goodrich Schwinn

    Someone should rescue this beauty before it get s parted out or dropped off at the local Goodwill. I just wish it was nearby, I'd grab it for my wife or daughter. Wish I knew someone closer than Philly or Pittsburgh...
  49. Handle Bar Hoarder

    Sold FS 50s girls Western Flyer super

    For sale 50s Western Flyer super girls bike local pick up or can deliver to the orange county monthly ride at the orange circle in orange county California or take to the local bike shop for shipping there is only one bike shop near me Palm Springs, CA 92262 price is $1200 Plus shipping or...