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  1. Krakatoa

    ~ 1960's 26" Forks Columbia & Murray! ~

    Two 1960's era 26" forks in good used condition both straight and uncrashed as shown. 1st measurement is tire clearance below the crown. Columbia blue 1965 blades 2" apart, 6 5/8" steering tube. $40 shipped Murray red blades 2 3/8" apart, 6 3/4" steering tube $40 shipped Rethreaded and cut to...
  2. L

    Sold Brooks B72 : Black, 969 stamp on bottom , nice shape

    Brooks B72 : -Black - 969 stamp on bottom - nice shape - see pics: very minor scuffing to edges of rear corners, small abrasions between 3rd and 4th rivets, else very good $50 plus shipping from DC Please see my saddle bags and other three speed parts / accessories items posted...
  3. L

    Union diamond pattern Block Pedals Schwinn style w/ tpp12 reflector

    Union Block Pedals fine diamond pattern blocks Made in Germany Schwinn style , with Union logo on caps these have the smaller , tpp12 reflectors , c1971 marked k-10 476 on inside $12 ships for $8 from dc via usps
  4. Bike Magnet

    Sold 1960's Schwinn tandem

    I have a 1960's Schwinn tandem for sale. It isn't rideable as is, but would make a good project. One rim is incorrect and the bike is missing one chain. The rest of the bike is all there though. If I'm unable to sell the bike whole i'd be willing to sell parts off of it, just let me know what...
  5. L

    Monark Middleweight w/ the Tail Fin Guard : model i.d. Anyone have one Or a pic and parts?

    Looking to i.d. this Monark more specifically ..... I am guessing its early 1960's based on the huffy style features and what i read in similar threads .... Looking for Pics or catalog of an original condition / same model Did this bike have a tank ? i.e similar to the middleweight mini tank...
  6. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  7. T

    late 60's avenger 5 sp. WTB

    looking for this bike as had it at 14..... AMF avenger 5 sp. not the areo style.......OK in winston-salem, NC
  8. bikemonkey

    Need a good 1960's drop center hoop (rim only)

    I need a good 26" flat top rim (the thread title is incorrect) for a mid-60's middleweight (not Schwinn size). By good I mean the following::) No dents (removed or otherwise) or impact issues. Lay it on a large piece of plate glass - if it rocks I can't use it. 36 hole, standard 80 ga spoke...
  9. Bike Recyclery

    NIB/NOS Schwinn Fender Lot: 11pc - 1960's thru 1980's - 700c / 27" - 26" - 24" (Stingray BMX Lightwe

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & www.bikerecyclery.com There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  10. atencioee

    Women's 60s Huffy Corvair, Camaro tank

    I'm looking for a women's Huffy Corvair tank...the one that does NOT have a switch and has "Corvair" on the side...not the top.
  11. kirk thomas

    3 1960's tank bikes in NY

    https://binghamton.craigslist.org/bik/d/3-1960s-bikes/6593722408.html I can pick up and ship for you
  12. MsRock2

    Sold Vintage 60's Schwinn Cruser Spring "S" $25.00 shipped 7 1/2 x 8

    $25 includes shipping in USA only - or pick up in San Diego PM to talk.
  13. BarrisCollector

    WTB Early 60s CycleRite light generator kit.

    1962ish.Looking to buy the entire kit. These were used on Stellar mini bikes in 1962. Have an original mini bike missing the kit. Any help or leads are greatly appreciated! Regards, Greg D Bayside NY
  14. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SCHWINN-FLEET-Mens-BICYCLE-1960s-Cruiser-Tank-Badge-Fenders-24-Tires/392032093618?
  15. Junkman Bob

    Sold 1970s libertas road bike

    Nice example of what I believe is a late 60s early 70 libertas . Great O G condition ... no tires or inner tubes 125$ you pay for the ride ... just send me shipping label and I pack tight . PM me with any inquires Junkman Bob
  16. Glenn Rhein

    Early 60s S7 26 inch kick back wheels schwinn

    I spent about one minute with Some WD-40 and find steel wool and And they started to clean up really nice. Tires are OK and seem to hold air. $125 shipped
  17. bikesnbuses

    Sold Small vintage 1960s GI Joe lot clothing and accessories

    Good lot of old GI Joe clothing catalog inserts from box Air Force etc..Navy uniform top has rip, What you see is what you get ..Asking $45 shipped in the USA obo
  18. 66TigerCat

    1960s Yonezawa Flagship California DC7 tin plane

    1960s Yonezawa American Airlines Flagship California DC7 tin toy plane, made in Japan. Yonezawa was founded in the 50s. They made robots, cars, rockets, etc. through the 1970s. They were purchased by Sega in the 90s. The plane measures 21" from nose to tail with a 23" wingspan. It takes 3 "D"...
  19. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn Dealer Sales Manual + Tools Catalog + Fixtures/Supplies Catalog: Black Binder - 1960's -956p

    This is a dealer sales manual in the famous black binder, with tools and fixture/supplies catalogs added in. The sales manual served as an all inclusive guide to running a Schwinn dealer. It gives a unique look behind the scenes of a vintage Schwinn shop. Literally every aspect of shop life...
  20. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn Dealer Catalog Rack Countertop Display: 1960's / 1970's (RARE)

    This is a vintage 1960's or early 1970's Schwinn-issued dealer catalog rack, that was designed to hold the various 3 & 5 hole punch catalogs and service bulletins a dealer needed easy access to. The back vertical plate features a classy Schwinn Quality emblem depicting an early Schwinn...
  21. Bike Recyclery

    Sold NOS Schwinn Dealer Catalog Display: Countertop Sign - 1960's / 1970's - "America's Favorite Bicycle"

    This is an unused dealer countertop display, designed to distribute consumer catalogs (like the ones in this set), from the vintage 1960's and 1970's era. The back pieces fold up and fit together with a notch system to create a tray to hold a stack of catalogs. The front of the piece serves as...
  22. mongeese

    Track parts 50s 60s 70s 25.4 bars & 26.8 seatpost

    Track bars with clamp area of 25.4 Drop or moustache or any variant. Seatpost 26.8 diameter 50s 60s 70s era parts Message me please and leave your number if you want to speed up process. Or send pictures first whatever you prefer. Willing to purchase or trade you more of whatever it may...
  23. SJ_BIKER

    1960s 70s wood skateboard

    75 shipped
  24. Jim Barnard

    Withdrawn Schwinn frame now for sale in parts section

    Frame and guard have been powder coasted black. Seat is NOS but has some shelf wear, pedals are union and new, wheels are in need of cleaning and maitenance, fenders are stainless, rear rack is AWOL, but has left a nice mark on the rear fender. Headlight is NOS schwinn, correct for a later year...
  25. mongeese

    1960s Raleigh Ruby wanted to buy wtb

    Private message me please.
  26. mongeese

    1960s wood racing peaked rim

    Need a match to this rim. Able to purchase or trade. Just need the rim but will also purchase whole wheel or sets.
  27. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 60s Jaguar hood ornament

    Mid 60s Jaguar hood ornament. Good for Rat Rod project $18.00 shipped
  28. Barto

    Need early 60's Columbia Sprocket

    Hey all, building a 60's-ish Columbia Firebolt for my daughter and am looking for a 48 tooth 1inch pitch Sprocket with "EXCELENT" Chrome. Below is the OG sprocket and crank with what I assume to be typical rust. Already tried evaporust...this was the result. Looking for something nice! Thx...
  29. ohdeebee

    1960s Delta Lights

    Chrome one appears NOS. Very nice inside and out. $125 plus shipping Finned light has some crazing in the plastic but not bad. Very clean in and out. $85 plus shipping
  30. Jim Barnard

    Sold Two Troxel " Cushion Comfort" Saddles from the 60's

    These came on a Schwinn Tandem and I found them to be awfully ooooogly. But maybe you want them. Great for just after starfish surgery or perhaps when you have just been released from prison. $35 ea shipped or 2 for $60 shipped. They are in CT
  31. benmcjamin

    1960s Spaceliner rear fender reflector

    No chrome but really clean no cracks no busts. Has one deep scratch on side as pictured $35 shipped add 3 for West coast
  32. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Early 60's Hawthorne Space age middle weight part bike

    Giant steel tank! Front wheel and fenders may not be correct. $150 shipped from CT
  33. Leoncito

    Mid 60s Schwinn varsity violet

    Mid 60s schwinn varsity ,Wolber original seat,missing brake and shifter cables please refer to pics for condition.Asking 160 shipped.
  34. retrobuilder

    60's Columbia parts

    Needing usable 1960's chainguard and a front fender for either a Columbia Speedliner or Fire Arrow. Small dents and surface rust is okay. Need the hardware. A wheelset is needed but not the critical parts for the rebuild. Reside in N. GA /Atlanta area. I've done lots of 80's- 90's bikes-...
  35. pedalpower17

    1960s Sting Ray?

    Have never bought a muscle bike, but have been offered this one. I'd like to know if the components (spring fork, grips, saddle, tires, etc) are the originals or same as originals. Were the Krates the only ones to have the 16" front wheel and spring fork? Any knowledgeable guidance appreciated.
  36. S

    23" Schwinn Traveler-50's to early 60's

    decent or better condition. mostly original preferred. 23" frame size please. i feel a 21" would be slightly uncomfortable without a taller aftermarket stem
  37. S

    Reproduction parts for 1960's bicycles

    We have plastic reproduction parts for the following makes and models of 1960’s bicycles (prices listed include shipping): Murray Astro Flite: Men’s dash ($26), bezel ($40 includeing lens), and lens ($8.50); dash knobs ($13) for men’s or women’s Higgins/Sears Flightliner: Women’s bezel...
  38. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn front aluminum rack 1958 to 1960s

    26 inch part 50.00 shipping not included....last pic is reference
  39. sfhschwinn

    Sold 60s cycle truck

    This truck needs a full restoration. As you can see the front rim is completely broken, weld on front stand is broken, front fender has rusted away, basket wires are bent or broken but it is the large full size basket. Headbadge and seat are missing. Looking to get $400 plus shipping or pickup...
  40. F

    Sold 60s Esso 'Tiger' grips 45 shipped

    Clean set of Esso Tiger grips, good condition. No cracks or chunks missing. Ever so slight curve in one. 45 shipped
  41. M

    Sold 1960s Chrome Bicycle Vintage Headlight with Bracket $25

    1960s Chrome Bicycle Vintage Headlight with Bracket Nice condition headlight, uses 2 D cell batteries, made in Japan. There is a little corrosion inside the light but it isn't bad. Have not tested the light. $25 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  42. M

    $20 1960's Schwinn Metal Ruler With Bicycle Dealer Advertising Rates & Rules

    Great condition. What every Schwinn dealer had in the 60's. $20 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO. Mark Mattei, Cycle Smithy - Chicago, IL cyclesmithy.com Follow the link and check out the "Museum" and "Vintage Bikes" under the Bicycles drop down menu.
  43. stoney

    Sold SCHWINN 1960's "S" SEAT COPPER

    Nice clean seat, has a couple of light runs on edges. Missing seat post clamp. $27.00 + shipping PAYPAL as Friends and Family
  44. M

    Sold 60's 70's Stewart-Warner 20" Bicycle Speedmeter Sealed in Box MIB for Stingray

    Has tears on box top, box end/flaps are still sealed from factory. MIB mint in box. Made in USA. $30 Shipped. PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  45. twinflight

    Spaceliner: worth it?

    This 1960s Sears Spaceliner is on sale online for around $50 but don't know if it's worth it. I've already done a fair amount of research on it. I have no idea what condition its in other than what's seen in the pic. The prices I've seen it sold for are all for the boys deluxe version. My plans...
  46. Jon Marinello

    Sold 1960's 26" Schwinn Camelback Frame/Fork/Chainguard/Kickstand/Headset

    Original red paint. Collegiate. Pretty clean. Really nice kickstand included as well as the badge, fork, chainguard, seat clamp, BB cups and complete headset. $99 PP F&F + actual CONUS shipping.
  47. speeddemon

    Sale Pending FS: 1960's Violet Sears Spyder Banana Seat 5 Speed Bicycle $325 obo

    For sale is a 1960's Violet Sears Spyder 5 speed 24 in bicycle. Serial Number: 02459510 It is pretty darn close to all original, only non-original parts is the front tire has the original rear tire (Allstate Sports Tread by Sears) The seat has no rips, holes or tears, original paint is in...
  48. D

    1960s Schwinn Typhoon Canti

    1960s Canti frame Typhoon - Grey and Pink/salmon original paint? 24" bike. Cool project bike. Will ship via BikeFlights - $75-$100 depending on location. Price: $80 + shipping
  49. oldfart36

    Late 60's Schwinn Tandem.

    For Sale: Late 60's Schwinn Tandem. Complete original bike, except for pedals, but does need minor attention. Looks like someone started to sand on the paint a bit, but never got around to finishing what they were up to. Rear hub needs gone thru, also needs tires. Cool project for a fun rider...