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  1. Casual dreamer

    63 wasp quick cleanup teaser

    So I did a partial cleaning on my swap meet find 63 wasp just to see what it is going to look like and I think it's going to clean up nice! I added the 7000 seat and the uniroyal nobby on the rear (both found here on the cabe!) . Soon I will give it a full service and detail.
  2. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 1963 Columbia men's $30 send me a label

    This bike is a 26" Columbia men's bike. I have a blue chainguard I can send with it or find your own. The front light lens is missing.The pedals are scripted Columbia. I would like $200 shipped for this bike
  3. I

    Reduced 1963 Schwinn Hollywood

    1963 Schwinn Hollywood. This is a 2 speed bike. This bike appears to be 100% original. Chrome is beautiful as this was a Colorado/ Arizona Bike. It does show some age with dents and scratches. Previous owner touched up some of the paint chips. Please ask if there is more pics you’d like to...
  4. mcmfw2

    1963 Stingray Strut

    Looking for a good condition 1963 Stingray Rear Strut .. aka sissybar....Any help would be appreciated [email protected] Thanks
  5. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1963 (?) Schwinn Tandem $200 +sh (bike in New London CT)

    Nice paint on this single speed with heavy duty spokes. Rides well. Not much at wheelies. I put these seats on her after taking off the troxel super thick butt saver saddles. These look better by far. I added the head light. Can be picked up at the June 10th show at Wethersfield CT.
  6. Jay81

    Sold Nice 1963 Schwinn Typhoon

    Very nice 63 Typhoon Not perfect but very presentable. New pedals Possibly original tires on the bike, could stand to be replaced if you plan to ride it a lot. $325 plus shipping PayPal as friends or USPS money order only.
  7. guffey

    63 Lime Standard

    Got the this from the original owner's family August 63
  8. N

    My New October 63

    Recently picked up this all original 1963 standard. Original paint and decals. My buddy got this off of the original owner in Chula Vista CA, and I recently got it off of him Sweet little bike
  9. G

    Pair of 1963 varsitys

    I have a pair of 1963 varsitys, one is a flamboyant red Tourist, the other is a flamboyant lime sport. I picked up the sport for parts for the tourist I have since decided that they are both to nice to part, so I am now looking for a front derailleur for a 63 varsity, it seems that it is a one...
  10. Jim Barnard

    1963 Schwinn AMERICAN

    Plenty of patina on this old gal. Luckily, I have the missing Tank, rack, grips, reflectors, fender light and pedals to put her back to complete. I stopped in a shop to get a bike box and she was on the floor. It will be fun working on her.
  11. partsguy

    1963 Fairlane Parts

    Sharing my listing for a VERY NICE original hood. I also have the following parts available for this car: - Dome Light w/ wiring $12 shipped - Dimmer Switch $10 shipped - Gauge Cluster $60 + shipping - B-Pillar Emblems $30 shipped - Throttle Cable $15 shipped - Dash Vent Cables w/ controls $25...
  12. M

    Advice Please: Found 1963 Girls Columbia Rambler (Flamboyant Blue)

    Hello all! I’m am essentially bicycle illiterate, particularly with vintage bikes. I rescued this specimen this week from a scrap metal recycling dump. She is currently in three pieces (body and 2 wheels), but I don’t believe I left any of her behind. What can I say, she just spoke to me. My...
  13. P

    WTB 24" Rear Razor Edge Chrome Fender for a 1963 American

    Looking to buy a nice original 24" razor edge chrome rear fender with chrome braces for a 1963 Schwinn American bicycle. E-mail to [email protected] or call (419) 566-8401
  14. mongeese

    Schwinn 1963 fleet stingray like rare

    Missing the slim line tank. Most of these bikes were turned into first year Stingrays. Twenty inch wheels with the rear original Westwind. Trade for bikes or parts pre 1920 or 350 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Please let me know if you have a tank.
  15. Bender

    63 64 65 wide stingray handlebars

    Looking for a clean handle bar for a fresh build ... let me know what you got ....thanks Steve
  16. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1963 1964 Schwinn Stingray Tires Knobby and Westwinds

    Please PM direct do not post replies here do not post PM sent here thanks. These are original Schwinn USA Tires not repros. Good for place holders early Stingrays but are not correct date coded tires. See photos 20" Whitewall Westwind with original Schwinn Tube good for 1964 and up $75. +...
  17. S

    Reduced Armstrong 1963 era 3 speed

    Armstrong 3 speed , with sturmey archer 63 hub, and thumb shifter, bike has fenders removed. $80 plus shipping bikeflyte
  18. Velocipedist Co.

    Sold 1963 Cycle Truck

    The Long Beach Coasters' Cycle Truck ride is soon approaching and I've already discovered that this is also an awesome swapmeet bike! This original paint postwar Schwinn cycle truck (fenders repainted) is in great rideable condition. I purchased this bike very recently but would like to sell...
  19. IMG_4880


    Nothing like Coppertone and Chrome on a sunny day!
  20. stingrayjoe

    1963 1964 Schwinn Stingray Solo Polo NOS Seat Cover

    Please PM direct with questions or comments do not post them here thanks. you pay the lower 48 USA shipping 1963 1964 Schwinn Stingray Solo Polo NOS Seat Cover made for Persons or Troxel Solo Polo seats. Cover up that ripped up seat or just change the look of your bike with a different color...
  21. IMG_4819


  22. IMG_4817


    Built on 11-22-63, same day as President Kennedy was assassinated.
  23. Brian R.

    1963 CCM Sabre, like new!

    When I first saw this bike, my first thought is that I wasn't interested in buying it as it was outside of my collecting focus. All my bikes are coaster-brake bikes, as I like their simple, elegant look, without a mess of cables going every which way. I prefer 28" wood rim bikes, but have a few...
  24. schwinnguyinohio

    1963 corvette / trade

    April 63 Corvette , good chrome , kickback , crash rail seat , star burst badge , I added a 4 reflector rear rack , westwinds , Some scratches in paint but no touch ups . 450 / 375 without rear rack or trade on a stick shift Schwinn .Locsl pickup or delivery to Memory Lane fall show , I also...
  25. Cooper S.

    1963 schwinn 26 inch stingray

    Looking to sell my 1963 schwinn (no model decals) has new tires and rebuilt bearings and schwinn stamped ape hangers. Comes with original fenders tires and bars as well bow pedals and extra hard ware and bent stem that was original to the bike $230 OBO LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (if I had a paypal I...
  26. jason morton

    Reduced 1963 Schwinn Deluxe American

    May 1963 Schwinn Deluxe American 26 in. $430 + $65 Shipping All Original accept tires and light. The light is a NOS Delta martin. I have the original westwind tires and the schwinn tubes. The tubes still work like new...... Pennsylvania 16161 . firm on price. If interested message me...
  27. fatbike

    Unavailable. Delete post. Thanks.

    Well... not a bicycle I desire to move, its my commuter, most comfortable rocken bike i have ever owned rode/ride on a daily, the past 1 yr 1/2 Hard to put a number on this bike. Anyhow! Hers the scoop. 57cm C t C seat post. 1963 serial numbered frame W/matching fork serial number. Some...
  28. Cooper S.

    Most uncomfortable bike I've ever ridden/ 1963 schwinn

    just finished this '63 schwinn I've been working on, it had no model decals I could find, so it's a big stingray now, but it's the least enjoyable bike I've ridden
  29. mongeese

    Earliest schwinn stingray bars 1963 1964

    Schwinn set unstamped 180 shipped. Wald set stamped 150 shipped. From Wisconsin. Original bars original finish uncut.
  30. Cooper S.

    Schwinn coppertone middleweight

    Picked this up of of eBay, i got it for $45 and was local pickup. The serial number dates it to may of 1963. This thing is rougher than a stucco bathtub! I will post more photos tomorrow.
  31. mongeese

    Early stingray schwinn slik & westwind set

    Carlisle slik 100$ shipped Goodyear made westwind 50$ shipped 20" tires for stingray- stingray fastback- junior-runabout- From WI and pick up available
  32. jason morton

    May 63 Schwinn Deluxe American coming along.

    IMG_20160925_191332 by jason morton posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:25 PMIMG_20160925_190943 by jason morton posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:24 PMIMG_20160925_191501 by jason morton posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:23 PMIMG_20160925_191133 by jason morton posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:22 PMIMG_20160925_191451 by jason...
  33. jason morton

    1963 Schwinn Deluxe American Handlebars????

    What other Schwinn's can I pull the handlebars from that would be correct for the 26" Schwinn Deluxe American?? And are girls the same as the men's?? Thank you..
  34. Baldy Jeff

    '63 Sting Ray/ Typhoon Frameset

    Very nice original paint on this early '63 frameset - GREAT start for a sweet Sting Ray clone at fraction of the cost - Includes stencil to rescreen guard if you wish - $350 plus ship PLEASE email direct - [email protected]