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  1. bikemonkey

    Need front fender for a '66 Five Speed Stingray

    Need a decent front fender for a '66 Fastback five speed Stingray. Thanks!
  2. T

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5-speed Bicycle

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5-speed Bicycle On Ebay
  3. A


  4. bikepaulie

    Jan 1966(?) Schwinn Varsity ten-speed step-through in blue....

    Recently acquired. Here’s pics. Curious about the serial number missing the year. Also, the downtube shifter mount, combined with stem shifters. Is this a prototype bike?
  5. stingrayjoe

    Reduced 1966 Schwinn Stingray Banana Seat Original

    Please PM direct do not post any replies here thanks! Original one year only smooth glitter seat for standard, fenderless models- same pan as the 1965. This is a full size seat not Jr. size was $125. Now $100. plus shipping. in lower 48 USA
  6. bikemonkey

    Wanted - 1966 Schwinn Stingray razor edge front fender

    I need a razor edge front fender for a 1966 Schwinn Stingray - it has 20 x 1 3/8" S5/S6 wheels so the fender needs to be 1 3/4" wide and not the wide version. Chrome needs to be reasonably good with no dents. Thanks!
  7. bikemonkey

    1966 Coppertone Stingray

    A gentleman rolled this into the shop yesterday. He bought it 10 years ago and it has been stored since without being touched. He saw some vintage bikes in our store window last week and thought it was time to get his bike was cleaned up. He had no idea of the value beyond it was a Schwinn with...
  8. E

    My 1966 B.F. Goodrich Challenger

    This is my 1966 B.F. Goodrich Challenger ladies' bicycle. Model-wise, it's actually a 1966 Murray Skybolt, but it was built by Murray for B.F. Goodrich with B.F. Goodrich badging. My dad bought it for my mom back in 2006, but she couldn't ride it because of her back, so I took up riding it. To...
  9. T

    1966 Coppertone Schwinn Panther 2 speed kickback s 7 slimline tank both racks

    1966 Coppertone Schwinn Panther 2 speed kickback s 7 slimline tank both racks On Ebay
  10. Kenny Middendorf

    66 panther bendix coaster brake

    Hey everyone , I am rebuilding my first rear hub . So once i pulled it apart one of the bearing cages had disintegrated and needs to be replaced . My question is are all Bendix coaster brake bearing sets the same or do i need to find part #'s. its off my 66 panther . thanks Kenny
  11. Kenny Middendorf

    66 panther bendix coaster brake

    Hey everyone , I am rebuilding my first rear hub . So once i pulled it apart one of the bearing cages had disintegrated and needs to be replaced . My question is are all Bendix coaster brake bearing sets the same or do i need to find part #'s. its off my 66 panther . thanks Kenny
  12. Jim Barnard

    Sold NICEST 1966 Raleigh RSW 16 in CT ***NOW $400 ( from Hogie's in NJ)

    This RSW spent its recent life in the hands of a private collector, before that it was in the "New England Muscle Bicycle Museum" in Bloomfield CT and I believe it originated as part of that huge NOS pile of bikes in Hogies Bike Shop in Hawthorne NJ. I do not think it has been ridden very much...
  13. Marc's Classic Chrome

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback

    this is a very nice original paint Fastback frame, work and guard. I bought it two years ago off of eBay and I am just too deep in projects. I paid $425 will sell for $355.
  14. ZE52414

    Sold 1966 Coleman 200 a lantern (untested) NICE

    Offering up a real nice 1966 dated Coleman 200A lantern. Few little scuffs and scratches, but overall in great shape. Asking 115$ shipped
  15. A


  16. nj_shore

    1966 Honda 150

    Nice bike. Motor gone through, Runs well. New Seat, Recent Repaint, New Tires. Speedo does not work. Good NJ Title. $2750 New Jersey.
  17. 66TigerCat

    1966 Captain Action Captain America action figure

    In 1966 the Ideal Toy Co. introduced Captain Action to compete with Hasbro's G.I. Joe. You could purchase different Super Hero packs and he could become Batman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Green Hornet, Buck Rogers and others. The mask fits over Capt. Actions entire head. It's a pretty cool concept...
  18. W

    '66 this 'Violet' paint?

    I'm 90% sure this is the Violet paint color, but I'm a touch colorblind. Can anyone confirm? Thanks in advance.
  19. RustyK

    Sold 1966 Schwinn Paramount track bike og paint - ML Delivery

    Can deliver to Memory Lane with $500 down. Asking $2000 delivered SEE 30+ DETAIL PICS HERE Sept. 1966 #1 frame Schwinn Paramount fixed gear track bike in nice shape. Everything is correct and original to the...
  20. stingrayjoe

    Reduced 1966 Rayex Sunglasses Surfing Beach Counter Top Display NOS Longboard

    Please PM direct with all replies questions or comments do not post them here. Thanks You pay USPS PM Shipping in lower 48 USA. Old "Rayex" counter top or wall cardboard display with some old stock in place. This is not in great shape (in four pieces total) but indeed a very perishable item...
  21. mongeese

    66 Schwinn Panther lot or parts

    100 plus shipping from Wi. for all here except wheels. Wheels extra 25 if all purchased. If any parts needed message me with your phone number. Excellent clamp is 25 shipped. Guard is 40 shipped. Someone should buy all and make a great rat rod or klunker.
  22. kingfish254

    Sold 1966 Coppertone Schwinn Panther Bicycle Bike

    SOLD $650 Plus shipping
  23. D

    66 Schwinn

    I bought a house and found this tied up in the rafters of the garage. Just curious for into about it. Serial number places it as an August of 66 bike.
  24. mongeese

    1966 Schwinn Panther 220$ shipped

    220 shipped from Wisconsin. Original tires. Coppertone color. Small cap bow pedals. Untouched as found.
  25. Jim Barnard

    66 Panther 2 speed slimline

    Last weekends find in Vermont!
  26. Jim Barnard

    Sold Looking to trade a 66 Harley Davidson BTH 175cc for:

    One of 1150 made in the USA. Last of the Hummer line. Bike runs well and is a combination of NOS and original parts, some are original finish and some are rechromed or powdercoated. The ABS shell is Willie G's first attempt at a boat tail look founde later on the XLH in 69/70 and the Superglide...
  27. A

    Reduced 1966 sears spyder

    1966 sears spyder $375 plus shipping ,postal money order only, the bike is located in Indiana
  28. stingrayjoe

    1966 Wham-O Frisbee

    Please PM direct with questions or comments please do not post them here so I get the PM e-mail alert. Thanks! You pay actual lower 48 USA shipping. Pretty kool original 1966 dated Frisbee flying disc in nice shape $15.
  29. oldfart36

    Sold 1966 Schwinn Starlet III (Violet & White)

    For Sale: Dec. 1966 Schwinn Starlet III Don't usually mess with the middleweights, but this Ladies Starlet is worth a second and third look! These pics are as I found it, I have not cleaned it yet, original owner bike. The bike only needs very minor cleaning, paint and chrome is killer! Original...
  30. 72 Slik Chik

    SOLD 1966 Schwinn Slik Chik w/ speedometer

    Moving out of the country and selling my favorite bikes. Honestly, if this one doesn't sell, I'll just keep on storing her. She has been my little buddy for about 20 years. 1966 Schwinn Slik Chik - very good/excellent condition Serial # MB23119 (December, 1966) $300 - pick up only (Houston...
  31. ZE52414

    Sold 175$ shipped. 66 typhoon deluxe

    Picked up another typhoon. This is the 2nd time I owned this bike. Serial number CB4233 Has the normal wear and tear. All and all it's pretty nice. Needs a rear tube. Tires seem to be pretty good. Carlisle roadgripper. As found condition. Bicycle tag and 2 license plates from my home town...
  32. abe lugo

    Sold 1966 Batman cowl

    I have spare 1966 Batman cowl. Worn once briefly for some photos. The white shipper box is gone. Comes with collector box. The box has a kink in the side but otherwise a good storage for this cowl. See pic. The cowl looks mint, has the inner spacer for smaller heads. SOLD This is about the...
  33. HARPO

    1966 Schwinn 3-speed Camel Back Speedster 24''

    I just picked this 24'' wheeled Speedster up the other day. First one like it I've ever had or seen here on Long Island. The Sturmey Archer hub is dated 7 66 and works perfectly and was covered in grime when I got it. Hence the perfect condition of it. The paint hasn't fared so well over the...
  34. S

    could a 1966 schwinn stingray be a ramshorn? 10-66 has schwinn ramshorn handlebar.

    I have a schwinn 5 speed stick shift stingray made in 10-1966. It has a genuine schwinn ramshorn handlebar. The typical ramshorn decal on chain guard is missing. could this still be a ramshorn made in 1967 without the ramshorn logo. How can i check or be sure. Thanks, steve. I can post pics but...
  35. bikepaulie

    1966 Coppertone Schwinn Varsity project with bag, lights....

    Looking forward to cleaning this guy up and pedaling around the neighborhood. Original owner gave a hand-written note explaining how this was purchased in St Claire, MI for $69. ‘...worked all summer cutting grass to raise the money.’
  36. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1966 Stingray Coppertone Standard Model J38 aka fenderless Original paint

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments please do not post them here thanks. You pay the actual lower 48 USA shipping.. Original bike except for the 1970's era replacement Schwinn Sting-Ray Slik The front tire is original dated 1966. The rear rim has a couple pin holes rusted through...
  37. Frosty

    1966 Sears SpaceLiner Boys Bike Retro Chrome Jetsons Type Thing

    This 1960s Chrome Sears Spaceliner with almost complete with all original parts is up for sale. Mising headlight lens ,rear reflectors And the silver plastic headlight trim, all the internals for lights abd horn are included. It is a project Bike that is ride-able on Original 24" Sears Cruiser...
  38. Schwinn Addiction b.c.

    64 Chevy 66 Cadillac hub caps

    Chevy super sport hub cap, 66 Cadillac, and others. Whatever is pictured $50 each Redlands, ca
  39. Adam1231

    Sale Pending 1966 Schwinn Fastback Rat Bike Parts

    bike was originally violet, you can see the og paint underneath..would sell the bike for $70+ Unless someone could use any parts off it?
  40. P

    1966 Schwinn Fastback Chain Guard

    Looking to buy a nice original factory paint and screen coppertone chain guard for a 1966 Schwinn Fastback. E-mail to
  41. Adam1231

    Rider seat for 1966 sky blue fastback

    Hi. Looking for a patina matching seat for my sky blue 66' fastback. Doesn't have to be original factory, just an acceptable replacement. :sunglasses:
  42. sm2501

    Sold 1966 Huffy Silver Jet amazing condition

    Huffy Silver Jet. I believe this to be a 1966 model. Came from Dayton and has a 1967 Dayton license plate. Amazing original condition. Untouched. Shows off well now, but will look really great detailed out. Probably the nicest one out there. Appears to even have the original tires. I'm guessing...
  43. P


    Looking to buy a nice set of original handle bars for a 1966 Schwinn Fastback. E-mail to
  44. O

    1966 Schwinn RACER

    An acquaintance (in Ohio) asked me about selling the bicycle he bought new in 1966. He said it is all original, including his name he scratched on the head tube during college. I don't deal with this era bicycle, so I don't have an idea of the approximate value if he was to sell it. Comments...
  45. Brian R.

    1899 Lozier Toronto Cleveland Model 66

    I bought this Cleveland at a farm auction in Almonte, Ontario Canada. I believe it to have all its original parts. I thought it was black, but a friend who helped clean up the paint insists it's dark green. I'm a little colour blind so it's hard for me to tell. Is it possible black paint might...
  46. TheFizzer

    Sold 1966 Coppertone Fastback

    Original paint 1966 Fastback. Brand new repop Schwinn rear slick and Schwinn front tire. Trade for 26" men's original paint bike or sell for $600 plus shipping
  47. TheFizzer

    Sold 1966 Fastback for Trade

    Original paint 1966 Coppertone Fastback. What's out there for trade?
  48. K

    1966 Schwinn Fastback Wanted

    I am looking for a nice all original 1966 Schwinn fastback Jim
  49. bikeyard

    Sold 1966 Schwinn Stingray ish Hollywood

    I believe this started as a Hollywood. MBxxxxx serial 1966. Seat and bars off a Fastback? Bars are Schwinn. I received the other saddle as well. So you could go either way, change the guard and rear fender its a Fair Lady, change the seat and bars its a Hollywood. Should clean up decent...
  50. TheFizzer

    September 1966 Schwinn Fastback

    Schwinn fastback. Missing one spoke. $675 plus shipping