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  1. mdwakefield

    Looking for replacement: 24'', 36 spoke rim; whitewall tires (2)

    We're in process of breathing some life back into an old, Schwinn tandem. One of the rims is in tough shape and we're looking to replace rather than repair (as mentioned, 24', 36 spoke). We are also looking for whitewall tires to fit the same (for this and the rear rim). First post to The Cabe...
  2. biggermustache

    24" DX colors???

    How many different shades of red were used to paint the 40s and 50's DX bikes? I know there are light red and maroon, but was there a third option? like maybe a dark red? Thanks, Stan
  3. bobbystillz

    Sold '40s (early '50s?) 24" Murray 'Jet Flyer'

    FOR SALE late '40s (early '50s?) 24" Murray 'Jet Flyer' . This sweet little thing is pretty much barn found. It is all original. I HAVE gone through this one, and here's what I found/did: This was exposed to the elements but there are no cracks, breaks, or rust holes in the frame. I disassembled...
  4. tim elder

    24" Schwinn

    Not mine. https://omaha.craigslist.org/atq/d/antique-schwinn-boys-bicycle/6722601537.html
  5. G

    24" S6 28H rims needed

    Looking for 24" S6 28H rims to replace the rusty ones on a Town & Country I am restoring for my mother.
  6. easyrider

    Sold 24" girls shelby survivor

    anybody interested in this little girl i'll keep the head light and tail light 100.00 plus the ride
  7. Puruconm

    24" Ballon TIRES

    Looking for a set of 24"×2.125 tires
  8. bobcycles

    BRACE YOURSELF!!!!! for NOS Schwinn post war braces/ sets...whizzer, 20", 24" 26" Variety... F/S

    NOS braces up for grabs... the real deal...some very hard to find sizes. First up.....S10 WHIZZER front fender braces...NOS Mint and .... a very hard and unusual size to find 2 fronts for S10 spring fork fender 20.00 plus postage bob cycles@aol.com pm here RARE rare RARE NOS 20" Balloon...
  9. Bike Recyclery

    NIB/NOS Schwinn Fender Lot: 11pc - 1960's thru 1980's - 700c / 27" - 26" - 24" (Stingray BMX Lightwe

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & www.bikerecyclery.com There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  10. gkeep

    1952 Girls 24" New World

    I rescued this one about 6-7 years ago from becoming scrap metal. Seem like someone rode it a fair amount but took good care of it. It's too bad it is only a 24". My daughter was not into riding back when it would have fit her size, wife says to small too...but I rode it around the block today...
  11. S

    24 inch s7

    anyone know the iso size for a 24 inch s7?memory lane used to have the tires but there no more,tanks
  12. AndyA

    Columbia 24" girls ballooner is new to the fleet

    Appears to be mostly original bits here and they add up to one heavy bike. Rims are pretty crusty, but it looks like they were originally painted white. The sticker on the seat tube says "Matawan N.J Bicycle License 1961." Unfortunately, head badge is missing. So, can any of you balloonmeisters...
  13. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SCHWINN-FLEET-Mens-BICYCLE-1960s-Cruiser-Tank-Badge-Fenders-24-Tires/392032093618?

    24" wheeled lime 10 spd.

    Just couldn't say kno to this one just too clean lime green sporting 24" wheels Graphics seem early altho serial number under the badge would lead me too believe some wher after 68 ? Very cool nun the less
  15. REC

    WANTED! Chrome 24" chainguard

    I am looking for a chrome chainguard of this style for a 24" bike. Any help out there? Needs to be in good to NOS condition. The painted area color (where this one is white at least) is not important. Chrome is VERY important! Mounting hole spacing is approximately 16 & 1/2" PM with price and...
  16. chucksoldbikes

    FOR SALE schwinn typhoon 24 inch

    for sale is a Schwinn typhoon 24 inch coaster break 225.00 shipped California residence 235.00 shipped srial number is==je09244b -sept- 9- 1969 nice rider great starter bike for a young collector
  17. bobcycles


    tank is sold! Presentable Schwinn 50's JAGUAR tank slotted for the cable. Chrome is decent... a few small dings, nothing major. Paint shows some wear but a nice solid tank with no rust out or major issues. Original 50's tank and not a reproduction 140.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or PM...
  18. bobcycles


    Fully restored every nut and bolt nothing left unaddressed 1952 Schwinn juvenile 24" Green Phantom bicycle. Purchased as a basket case a year ago at Memory lanes, I decided to restore the bike 100% rather than disperse the parts across the globe. Along with the project came an NOS pair of 24"...
  19. T

    Sold 1934 ? Schwinn Camel Back 24" $275.00

    I think this is a 1934 ? Schwinn Camel Back 24" badged as a B.F.Goodrich. Looks like a good older restoration, good bike 275.00 + shipping to the 48
  20. Wayne Adam

    1954 Wasp 24"

    I purchased this clean unrestored 24" Wasp from the original owner years ago. Nice chrome and paint with the typical scratches and wear of a 63 year old bike. $225.00 delivered to Trexlertown on Saturday. Wayne
  21. T

    Withdrawn 1938 SCHWINN 24" Camelback coming to ML

    Nice old Schwinn Camelback coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday 375.00
  22. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn Fender I.D: 24" and 26", maybe 20?

    Hi! Can anyone identify what models these fenders went to? I can't find them in the catalogs I have. Also, do you know what the CP or GD that appear on fender tags refer to? -First is a 26" really wide fender, with no model number -Model # 52-335 -Model 52-015 Any ideas? Thanks!!! :)
  23. Chiptosser

    24" dimpled Rims

    I am looking for 24" dimpled rims with 36 spokes for a pacemaker project. If anyone know of any available for sale, I would greatly appreciate an info locating a pair. Dale
  24. easyrider

    Sold 24 inch

    anybody interested in this little girl 200.00 plus shipping
  25. A


  26. Classic Cool Rides

    Wanted: Western Flyer 24" TANK needed Cash Ready

    Hello CABE'rs ! Please help me complete this 24" Western Flyer Cream Puff !! Need a TANK to fit this ........ HORN or NO horn....... any color condition flexible ......... Please reply here or PM me......... Thank you! CCR Dave
  27. kirk thomas

    Sold 24" Schwinn Neon $200 shipped

    This sign is a hanger or shelf model. The light works great. I would like to sell this for $300 and you can pick up or I can meet you at the Copake Show. I do not want to ship this.
  28. bobcycles

    Anyone in Local So. Cal area have a 24" Schwinn carrier for sale?

    Need one ...paint condition not important...must be for 24" Schwinn ballooners 1940s-50s PM or email bobcycles@aol.com
  29. stezell

    Sold 1977 Schwinn Speedster 24"

    1977 Schwinn Speedster 24" with a 3 speed, new tires in good overall condition. Asking $175 plus shipping from Clarksville, TN 37042 to the lower 48. If you need more pictures or have any questions please ask. Thank you, Sean
  30. M

    Wanted small Speedsters (24" wheel)

    I'm working on a tv show and need a Speedster (or 2 or 3) that's on the small side for an adult male actor who is 5'2". I need it asap in Los Angeles. Any out there? Thanks!
  31. TRM

    24" J.C. Higgins Restomod

    Just started this last week. I'm planning to finish it in time for the Get-A-Grip show next weekend in Cleveland TN. Here's how it looked when I brought it home...
  32. bobcycles

    CA$H PAID for 24" Schwinn rear carrier...any condition

    Looking for a 1940s-50s Schwinn carrier for the juvenile 24" models....paint condition unimportant.. bobcycles@aol.com
  33. mynameislegion

    Sold 1937 Zep Tank 24 inch

    Uber Rare 24 inch 1937 Zep hanging tank. Original paint has oxidized from red to orange with white pin striped motif which looks like that found on 37 Hawthorne Zep bicycle. I bought this tank based on pictures and didn't realize that it is considerably smaller than a regular 26 inch bike tank...
  34. T

    Withdrawn Hawthorne 26" Prewar w/ springer

    550.00 + shipping. 26" Prewar Hawthorne with springer
  35. T

    Sold Schwinn 24" Camel Back

    400.00 + Shipping to the 48. Schwinn 24" Camel Back----
  36. S

    What is it: 24" girls tank bike

    my friend brought this over for me to fix. it had a head tube decal at one point. cottered crank....mis-aligned of course, bent fork
  37. fat tire trader

    Reduced 24" JC Higgins Now $500

    24" JC Higgins Needs full restoration $500 local pick up or $650 shipped Reduced! Now $400 local pick up $500 shipped Trades considered
  38. Gthoro

    24" 40s Firestone Tank

    24" Firestone Cruiser tanker project. Has some warts, but it is a worthy project. Warts include: seat post tabs are bent out, no horn, missing some spokes, rims repainted, and no chain. Please ask any questions you may have. $180 plus shipping or pick up in SW Wisconsin.
  39. pedalpower17

    Schwinn Truss Rods - 24" Girls

    48, 49 or 50.
  40. pedalpower17

    49 Girls 24"

    I just picked this one up today. 1949. She should clean up nicely. In 1948, it appeared to be the B2CXE. It 1950, it seems to have become the J-86. Anyone know the model number in 1949? Also, pretty sure this equipped version came with truss rods. If anyone has a 24" pair from those...
  41. W

    Shelby Girl's 24" Donald Duck bicycle

    This bicycle is assembled from two different bicycles in my collection. The frame, fenders, crank, pedals, chain guard, wheels, handlebars, stem and seat are from a '51 model. The rear reflector, front fork, tank and Donald Duck head are from what I think was a '49 model. The wheels have been...
  42. Talewinds

    Remind Me of the Lacing Pattern? Prewar 24" Silver King

    Putting my Flo-Cycle back together (in another thread). Can someone take a look at their 24" Silver King wheels front and rear and let me know the spoke lacing pattern? The bike has been apart so long I don't remember. Thanks much!
  43. partsguy

    Columbia Roadbike Kickstand $40 paid!

    Needing a kickstand for a 24" Columbia roadbike. It is a built-in kickstand, similar to the Schwinn roadbikes. Would like to have this by mid spring, I KNOW this is out in somebody's junk pile, might still be on a bike. I will give you an incentive...$40 for the one who sells me this kickstand...
  44. kingfish254

    Sold 1970 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike

    SOLD $450 Plus Shipping 1970 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike - Just in time for Valentine's Day. Links to Video and Detailed Pics Album in first comments of this post. Troxel Purple Glitter Banana Seat Red line pedals Red Line Carlisle Rear Tire Red Line...
  45. kingfish254

    1965 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike

    1965 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike Troxel Purple Glitter Banana Seat Red line pedals Red Line Carlisle Rear Tire Red Line Bridgestone Front Tire 333 Three speed hub and grip shift
  46. easyrider

    Sold 24 inch shelby survivor

    400.00 plus shipping [make offer]
  47. 1

    24 inch long spring seat SCOUT. RARE

    This seat is a little smaller than a 26 inch seat. Came off a 24 inch frame Here is a decent shape scout long spring seat for sale. The leather is hard and will crack easy but great for a display bike or maybe thare is something you can put on the leather to make it soft again. Also missing...
  48. Handle Bar Hoarder

    24" birthday present

    I need everyone's help here on the Cabe my daughter is turning 12 and I need to find her a 24 inch girls bicycle would like to find a starlit or something Close to that needs to be complete and very original and clean no restores no repaints no projects I hope someone on the Cabe can come...
  49. bobcycles

    CASH PAID for NOS Maroon 24" Schwinn carrier

    Looking for a 24" rear carrier/ rack for a 24" balloon 40s-50s Schwinn bike needs to be Original paint and preferably NOS or 9+ condition...NOS preferred will step up to what ever Retail $ is fair. PM here or bobcycles@aol.com
  50. C

    24 inch S-5 Wheels

    Need a couple donor wheels for my Manta. What other bikes used 24 inch S-5 Wheels? Thanks