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  1. K

    New Member: Murray Missile Rider

    Hi folks, After more than 50 years, I have my first bicycle still. I'm 62 but received a Murray Missile for Christmas in 1967 or 1968 [I have had a few bikes since then ;)]. Here is a photo. I took off the aluminum rack that was on the bacK. I painted it black in the late 1970's. I sort of...
  2. L

    Early 1950's Hercules Saddle , Brake, Kickstand, Wire rack, Wheel etc

    Selling Some parts from 1953 Hercules 26 inch three speed: (will try to post better pics shorty ) All the crust on this bike that i did keep on bike cleaned up well, more dried out grease than rust, chrome quite good after soaking Saddle: $25 Horsehair pading , cover loose with house...
  3. L

    Chrome Skiptooth Wheel Set Wheels WheelSet

    Chrome Skiptooth 26 inch Wheel Set Musselman D (rear) coaster hub pretty nice chrome. They have not been soaked or polished , they are as found, Tires appear OG , meaning it does not look as tho tires have ever been of the rim so I cant say what the inside ofr rims looks like. All i have...
  4. Demzie

    Sold 1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme

    1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme $300 OBO Won't ship but willing to drive a bit and meet. ALL original save for: The Tank (which is correct for make, not for model and is comprised of two good halves. One is showing leftover decals as shown, and the other still under repaint) The Grips which are...
  5. Z

    1950s JC Higgins Sears Header Bike 26" Complete Rider

    1950s JC Higgins Sears Header Bike 26" Complete Rider $800 Plus Calculated shipping via Fedex Ground or pickup in Los Angeles, CA. Cost will be and based on zip code, I ship bikes frequently and pack them very safely.) Looks To be Original outside of the Chinese wheels that the previous owner...
  6. S

    Withdrawn Troxel Ladies seat 26" ballooner $35 shipped

  7. S

    Sold Very Nice 26" Enamel Lobdell Drop Center Rims New Departure hubs $175 shipped

    This set will clean up Very nice. Original paint. Both hubs are New Departure rear is blackout and the finish is super nice the front is the nicest unrestored one I have ever seen. Both rims spin true within 1/8" or less , axles are straight with nice threads. Blackout coaster brake strap included.
  8. S

    Sold Late prewar early postwar 26" Monark Kickstand $40 shipped

  9. S

    Withdrawn 1950'S Schwinn 26" Chrome S2 Rim Set Panther Phantom Wasp $125 shipped

    Chrome is still pretty nice and should clean up good for a rider / survivor build. Both show age and wear with scratches and dings 3 are noticeable 1 on the rear and 2 on the front see pics. The rear spins true and round within roughly 1/8" the front spins fairly true but is out of round about...
  10. stoney


    In need of 26" balloon flat braces for raingutter fenders---front and rear fender braces, need to have 2 hole brace mount. I believe they should measure 14 1/2" from end to center of hole for wheel mount. That is what is on my '34 B10e and they fit nice. PM with pictures and price please...
  11. stezell

    Withdrawn 1936 Elgin 26" motobike

    I've got a 1936 Elgin motobike with 26" ND wheels with Model M rear hub, Troxel saddle that I have applied leather conditioner for a while and kept in the house. The original pedals were toast and the art deco stem was broken when I got it. Everything moves freely, I'm sure it will clean up good...
  12. bricycle

    Is there an easy way to tell if a fender is a 26" vs 28"

    If it is not mounted. thanks.
  13. stoney

    Found THANK YOU bricycle --TRIPLE STEP WHEELSET 26"

    In need of nice set 26" triple step wheelset. Please PM with pictures and price. Thanks, Ray
  14. MsRock2

    Reduced 26" wheels plus Bendix Hub $50

    I'm not certain that the rear brake on this set works so I'm including this Bendix hub set as part of the package... $50 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM for sale, thanks for looking. Wheels came off a Speedway Special and the tires do not match.
  15. G

    WTB 1946-52 Schwinn DX 26" bicycle

    I am looking for a 1946-1953 Schwinn DX bicycle with a camelback frame. PM me prices and pictures please Thanks!
  16. bobcycles

    BRACE YOURSELF!!!!! for NOS Schwinn post war braces/ sets...whizzer, 20", 24" 26" Variety... F/S

    NOS braces up for grabs... the real deal...some very hard to find sizes. First up.....S10 WHIZZER front fender braces...NOS Mint and .... a very hard and unusual size to find 2 fronts for S10 spring fork fender 20.00 plus postage bob cycles@aol.com pm here RARE rare RARE NOS 20" Balloon...
  17. lounging

    1946 Schwinn Tapered Kickstand for a 26" Boys Bike

    I might need 2 of these tapered kickstands for a boys 26" schwinn B6 reasonably priced please. Thank you
  18. AndyA

    First 26" Bike: 1960 Flightliner

    For my 12th birthday, my parents gave me a beautiful red and white Flightliner. I finally had a big boy bike. I purchased a set of streamers, covered the bike with a tarp every night (no garage), and rode it to school. It sure looked good in the school bike rack. Somewhere around age 14, I...
  19. Bike Recyclery

    NIB/NOS Schwinn Fender Lot: 11pc - 1960's thru 1980's - 700c / 27" - 26" - 24" (Stingray BMX Lightwe

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & www.bikerecyclery.com There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  20. irideiam

    Sold 26" 1964 Murray Flightliner Cruiser

    26” 1964 Flightliner, complete, never repainted, frame is covered in surface rust with original paint still visible, the rims, guard and fenders will cleanup pretty well with super fine 0000 steel wool, see pictures of test spots, minor pitting in chrome. The front light is complete and...
  21. BWbiker

    Need 1938 Schwinn 26" Black & Cream Fender Set

    Want to buy- 1938 Schwinn 26" Black & Tan Springer front, standard rear fender. Have 1939 Brown & Tan set listed for sale I will trade. Please reply direct by e-mail to fatire53@ yahoo.com or pm if you must. Thank you
  22. B

    Rollfast Hopalong 26 inch Springer fork, longhorn handlebars

    1950's springer fork and longhorn handle bar...$225 shipped.
  23. tjkajecj

    Sold 26" Drop Stand

    26" drop stand is up for sale. $65 shipped CONUS. PayPal payment PM with interest, can take additional measurements and/or pictures. Tim
  24. New Mexico Brant

    Sweet NOS Wald Side Kick Stand 26" bike

    Very clean and nice NOS, never mounted Wald side stand for a 26 inch bike, marked Wald with the patent number, original cad plating, in good condition, some soiling, minor tarnishing, and shelf wear, retains original rear mounting bracket that has never been used as well. Approx. 16 inches...
  25. bikesnbuses

    Sold *72 10 9/16" NOS cad plated double butted spoke set with nipples

    Sweet set of new old stock set of 72 Torrington double butted ( DB ) spokes for your 26 balloon tire wheel set.. These measure 10 9/16" Ive built a set of wheels using these and they work fine ;) Asking $58 shipped obo May trade for cool patinad' prewar handlebar mounted horn or 80s...
  26. ADReese

    Sold 26" chrome S2 wheel pair

    Rider quality set of Schwinn S2 wheels. Came from a house painted '50 ladies bike that I used for parts. Front wheel wheel has script hub. I replaced the axle, but only have one axle nut. Chrome is nice but is hazy and has some areas that have been scrubbed aggressively in the past. Rear wheel...
  27. Slick4d4d

    Repurposed antique 26" bike wheel, should it remain repurposed or restored?

    So I found this antique bike wheel, repurposed into a gaming wheel, at a local flea market, the approximate measurements are 26" diameter, 4" hub width (not include bolt ends) and 1.5" rim width. As you can see it has a wood ring, missing a piece, screwed to it. They did a clean job attaching...
  28. robert bell

    Found WTB 40-41 CWC hawthorn 26" girls frame

    need a 1940-1941 ladies 26" CWC built hawthorn bare frame. will be painting it, so just straight and solid will work. got 41 snyder version if needed or trade or will buy. building CWC all american for wife, got all other parts except CWC frame and chaingaurd.
  29. jmastuff

    rat 26" 50's huffy tank bike

    50's huffy, pictures should tell the story, some parts obviously not stock, good looking cruiser..265. plus shipping
  30. jmastuff

    late 50s girls 26" schwinn american, decent

    pictures should tell the story, decent paint, chrome will clean up, 145. plus ship
  31. tjkajecj

    Withdrawn 1947 JC Higgins 26" Boys Tank Bike

    1947 JC Higgins 26" Boys Tank Bike. Wheel set and Nexus system not included. Frame needs a small repair, does not affect riding the bike. Frame, Fork, Truss rods, Tank sides, stem, handlebars, rear rack, crank, chain ring all original to bike. Fenders, of course, and chain guard are not...
  32. RLS

    1954/56 Schwinn Tiger 26"

    I mentioned in another thread I had a project I was doing for a friend..... So I should have kept up to date from get go with pics and documentation. So the sad state of being a Shcwinn was picked up for $15 on Craigslist being advertised as "50's Schwinn?" It was a carried out and loaded...
  33. easyrider

    Sold 26" stainless raingutter

    front fender some one cut a couple inches off the duck tail needs repaired 25.00 shipped
  34. C

    WTB Prewar drop stand 26"

    also needed the fender mounted clip.
  35. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Nice Pre War SHELBY 26" Balloon Correct Dropstand! ~ ~

    Very nice pre war Shelby 'eared' dropstand for 26" balloon tire bikes, correct and original in every way. Excellent straight un-abused non-janky condition, the last two images show typical wear to bottom. SOLD thank you CABE!
  36. T

    Sold $400.00 Hawthorne 30 something, Springer 26" Boys

    Looks like a very good older restoration, guessing 30's. 26" Boys bike 500.00 + shipping to the 48 from 67204
  37. kirk thomas

    Sold Murray Fleetline Forks 26" men's$150 shipped

    These forks are in nice rider condition. They came from a men's 26" bike. They are nice and straight and the bearings will be included. I would like $150 shipped.
  38. John G04

    Found 26 inch dropstand

    Wanted to buy a 26 inch dropstand for a schwinn c model. Just need the stand as i have the clip to hold it would like one with patina to match the bike. Thanks
  39. SJ_BIKER

    Fiberglass fish mount 26 inch long

    240 ahipped
  40. birdzgarage

    Withdrawn 1983 schwinn 26" cruiser

    Hey guys! I got a nice 1983 schwinn cruiser up for sale. It's all og.i put new tubes and some aged but new duro whitewalls on it.some chrome loss on rear wheel and top tube decal no good but other than that seems nice.rides good.ive took it around the hood a few times.last US built.murray...
  41. cds2323

    Reduced 26" Drop Stand $75 shipped

    This stand has a glossy black finish. Was like this when I acquired it. For a 26" bike. $75 Shipped. PAYMENT BY US POSTAL MONEY ORDER I always provide a tracking number when I ship.
  42. alecburns

    Prewar 26" Handlebars

    Hello. Approx. 26" wide handlebars parted from a Prewar Shelby. Chrome is at about 60-75%, though I think some rust removal will do it some good. WALD Brand. Remains untouched, $30+ Shipping. Buy it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/597884910/vintage-prewar-bicycle-handlebars
  43. Glenn Rhein

    Early 60s S7 26 inch kick back wheels schwinn

    I spent about one minute with Some WD-40 and find steel wool and And they started to clean up really nice. Tires are OK and seem to hold air. $125 shipped
  44. looneymatthew

    Sold Ukai 2.125/LACED 26"

    Very clean straight and true cherry orig gold Ano. 26×2.125 alum. BMX CRUISER WHEEL SET Spokes and nipples are perfect/heavy gauge Hubs are shimano MX large flange with highly Desirable MX rear coaster. no brake rub no curb dings 9.75 out of 10 condition ready for your Strand cruiser. 400 plus...
  45. Barto

    26" Stainless Steel Middleweight wheels

    FOUND!!!!!! I'm looking for a nice 26" Stainless Steel middleweight wheels. These will be going on my daughters build so must be in nice shape. Please PM me Bart
  46. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ WTB Pre War WESTFIELD 26" Balloon Fork in OG Blue Paint ~ ~

    Please like this as shown. Will consider women's for so long as cross section if fork leg is a stout. See pics red fotk is also balloon 26" but off Women's and has more slender arms. Blue fork has heavier larger cross section. Thanks, Nate
  47. T

    Sold ZEP STYLE 26" coming to ML

    Nice old ZEP style Hawthorne coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday 425.00
  48. T

    Sold ROADMASTER 26" Boys, good rider, coming to ML

    Just a good rider, Roadmaster replica bike, Exc condition, coming to ML Thursday, Friday Saturday. 225.00