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  1. prewarmachine

    Prewar Schwinn

    Just got to take my new daily rider out for a spin. Got a clunk in the rear axle when it goes from driving to coasting, so a little diagnosing to come, but it's close. Thanks to: Tim the skid for the frame Frank 71 for the fork Ace for the stem Scott for the badge
  2. P

    Sold Goodyear Airwheel G3 Black 26 X 2.125 Tire Pair Excellent Condition Updated photos

    This set came off a garage queen 1947 Schwinn Ace DX 26" woman's bike that appears to have barely any miles. The tires are very flexible with no cracks and in excellent rideable condition. There was some light paint spots that I cleaned with a soft blue scrubby with citrus cleaner. Still a few...
  3. G. Wilson

    Help with an Ace

    Can someone tell me a bit about this bike? It is a Schwinn made Ace and looks very similar to a 1948 Schwinn Tripple Speed that I found photos of online.
  4. kirk thomas

    Sold 1941 Schwinn Ace DX $375 shipped

    This bike came from a barn in NY and is just missing the tank and headlight. The bike was a one owner bike and as you can see has been painted. You never know what's under that paint. This bike has a Miller Kickstand and a Deluxe rear reflector. The bike pedals and brakes. The rubber is old not...
  5. OliverRage

    1936 Ace High

    I picked this bike up the other day. Anyone ever heard of it? I was told it is a 1936 Cleveland Rainbow frame.
  6. Neanderthal77

    Sold 1940 Schwinn Ace

    I am selling a 1940 Ace badged Schwinn. It has a locking fork with key broken off. No hole in the fender for a light. A rear fender brace is broken. Looks like it was repainted and the pins on the fenders are still there. Any questions or want more pictures let me know. This bike will be...
  7. T

    SHIMANO DURA ACE ST-7800 - 10 SPEED STI - 2x10 combo On Ebay

    SHIMANO DURA ACE ST-7800 - 10 SPEED STI - 2x10 combo On Ebay
  8. T

    Schwinn Ace

    Posting for a friend. Sold in "AS IS" condition local pick up only in Santa Rosa, CA. 800.00, firm on price. Contact Jaime at 707-481-9805
  9. Glenn Rhein

    Loaded Prewar Ace

    I was lucky enough to pick this up off craigslist dial clipper, torrington stem,locking fork,delta hornlite, battery tube and horn button. I’m not a Schwinn guy but it’s very cool bike. I’ll clean it up a little tomorrow
  10. Sarg1969

    Western Flyer tank on a ‘41 Ace

    Well....a ‘40’s Western Flyer tank kinda fits a ‘41 Schwinn Ace.....the search continues for the correct tank..........
  11. bobcycles


    High Quality water transfer decals I had made over the years... Hard to find and never before reproduced 35-39 "Wheel" AS delete tank decals ....2 sets as they are always a challenge to apply, especially the door side.. plus a full PATENT sheet, both quality seals and the down tube decals: Ace...
  12. bobcycles

    WOW ! ACE ...NICE nice NICE example!

    amazing no one hit this yet...
  13. Jay81

    Sold 1937 Schwinn Ace Motorbike

    1937 Schwinn Ace The tires that are on it now are John's whitewall chain treads (see pics below) Note the hole in the rear fender - partially hidden by the license topper. $3000 shipped. USPS money order or cash only. Can deliver to MLC or AA with $1000 down, balance on delivery Could also do a...
  14. Gthoro

    Sold Schwinn Ace Head Badge

    Schwinn Ace Head Badge. $50 shipped or pick up in SW WI. PayPal preferred.
  15. sccruiser

    Straightbar Ace in Bay Area good little winter cleanup project.
  16. barnyguey

    Does anyone want these badges? What should I ask for them?

    Howdy! I've posted theses badges for sale several times now. I've lowered the prices several times and really don't know what to ask for them. Does anyone want any of them? I've lowered them to a point where it's less than I paid for them, so I'm not trying to make my money back. I just want to...
  17. redline1968

    1920’s East side motorcycle “ACE” update

    A bit of history this company bought and sold used Indians and Harley motorcycles and parts in the teens..still currently in business. i.d. Bet they would kill for this one...Must be a special order bike for promotion of the business.. truley a rare bike with a rare badge... It’s a Westfield...
  18. NoControl

    Schwinn Ace

    Craigslist deal I just could not pass up. I believe this is a 1952, and if anyone could verify and tell me a little more about it, I would sure appreciate it. Serial number: C67349 24" front wheel. The rack is nice. Not bent at all. There was a weird hole drilled into it though...
  19. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Ace harmonica ireland made

    The american ace 15 shipped

    NO LONGER AVAIL ..2 old school HENDERSON and ACE decals 1 each

    NO LONGER AVAILIBLE 2 Old school water transfer decals made back in the late 90's ? ..well anyway you get 1 Henderson and 1 Ace decal . Great condition . ATTACH=full]708136[/ATTACH]
  21. rollfaster

    1936 Westfield built Mead Ranger Ace

    just cleaned this one up for some friends of mine. Missing some important parts such as, chainguard, battery tube and conduit, correct grips and drop stand. I threw on a pair of period correct Goodyear speedway blackwalls to replace the mountain bike tires someone put on years ago. Turned out...
  22. A

    Sale Pending prewar schwinn ace

    prewar schwinn ace ,very rusty handbars bent, bike located in Indiana ,300 local pickup only bike is rusty i am afraid it wont come apart to good,postal money order only
  23. barnyguey

    Sold Schwinn Ace Headbadge, Prewar Schwinn Badge

    Hello! Here we have a Ace Bicycle Badge. It's not like most of them, They normally have Arnold Schwinn & Company written on them. This one has Stratton Warren Hardware Company on it. They were one of the hundreds of outfits that sold Schwinn Bicycles. Thanks, Barry $70.00 free shipping Give me...