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  1. mongeese

    Schwinn very nice old head nut

    45 shipped or best offer
  2. BlakeBrosGarage

    Sold SOLD...thank yee

    Hi. No haggle price...$1500 ( I set my price at the absolute LOWEST I'd accept and don't play games) If you want it, Pay pal $1500 to as friends/family. You can pick up whenever you'd like in Riverside, CA or I can ship her. Either way, Pay pal $ then I will get it...
  3. mongeese

    prewar Schwinn parts lot

    Hard to find prewar origins parts with a couple of postwar cable guides. 100 shipped or best offer. From Wi.
  4. mongeese

    1936 schwinn crank & lucky 7 seatpost prewar parts

    Crank 50 shipped from Wi. Seatpost 70 shipped or best offer Cog I am trying to identify as to price accordingly.
  5. onecatahula

    Sold Aerocycle Chainring

    Here we have a nice straight Original Aerocycle Chainring. Nice light patina to the plating. 125 shipped. Paypal Friends and Family please (or add the fees) Please use direct email: First to reply gets it . . .
  6. mongeese

    Sold Prewar schwinn autocycle cantilever

    1,500 or best offer. Shipped from Wisconsin. Message me with questions and offers - leave phone number for faster service. Badge is Lasalle. Good rare bike with most here. 1938 or 1939. Seems to be cream or ivory original paint under the house. Locking fork- no key (wes pinchot). Torrington 10...
  7. LarzBahrs

    Aerocycle seat project-175 shipped

    For sale is my schwinn aerocycle seat project. Used on other bikes as well but the stand out is the aero. Needs the front spring replaced and has two holes drilled in the rear of the seat pan but can be filled in easily. Great start for a build. Asking 175 shipped, pay pal preferred .
  8. Val

    Schwinn Aerocycle

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site but it has been so informative since im doing research on a Schwinn Aerocycle that I am looking to sell. From looking at other posts it seems that $10k is about right fir asking price, but any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m having a...
  9. mike j

    Do these tires make my Aerocycle look fat?

    Got it up & running today (finally). Seven speed Nexus rear hub w/ drum brake. 750 watt front hub motor w/ hydraulic disc brake. It's got power, and then some, all wheel drive, if my legs can catch up. Hopefully my next Mexican beach bike.
  10. New Mexico Brant

    Withdrawn Crusty But Solid Aerocycle (and Others) Seat

    Metal pan Aerocycle-type seat but used by others. Retains partial leather top. The chassis and pan are solid but have rust overall and traces of paint. Could be used for a patina rider or good restoration candidate. $250 shipped. Reduced $225 Please PM to purchase. PayPal F&F or else add 3% for...
  11. bobcycles


    Patina Schwinn Milsco 1936--40 Pogo seat very nice post no dings or dents, leaf spring is good, All there orig parts, dry leather shrank Could still work on a rider 1000 plus postage Pm here -------LIGHTS SOLD Early version 1936-38 snap bezel Seiss lights A few minor...
  12. ninolecoast

    Schwinn Aerocycle

    Looking for a complete Schwinn Aerocycle to purchase. Looking for one that's in good condition.
  13. Pedals Past

    Sold Ladies Pre war Aerocycle seat

    Very good rare original seat $300 shipped 48 usa only ff/pp pm questions
  14. R


  15. saladshooter

    Sold Prewar Aerocycle Style Troxel

    Complete Prewar Troxel saddle. All leather "tucked in" nicely. Leather is checked and has remnants of vintage silver paint here and there. $285 shipped Thanks Chad
  16. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  17. Jrodarod

    Schwinn Aerocycle Headlight/Tank Lens

    Wanted. Please PM me. repro is fine.
  18. Rust_Trader

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Aerocycle Motorbike B10e Drop Stand

    SOLD Very nice Prewar Schwinn Drop Stand with clip. 26” $168 shipped
  19. abe lugo

    Reduced Aerocycle fork, Misc headlights & other parts

    early Schwinn truss rod fork, same as Aerocycle. Original paint. I got it this way for a project that went away. I got it from a seller that was selling mostly spare aerocycle parts. Both ends closed at that bottom. 175.00 Plus shipping Also in pics is 1940's women's locking truss fork. No...
  20. frank 71

    Sold Aerocycle Saddle

    Restored Aerocycle Saddle. Black Leather- Polished rim. Painted Pan. $550.00 Now $495.00 Shipped Lower 48 Paypal F & F.
  21. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Aerocycle

    SOLD Rare Aerocycle-Cycleplane sprocket. Decent original finish. One teeth is a tad smaller but doesn’t affect the ride. $225 shipped PayPal Friends and family or add 3%
  22. Balloonatic

    Aerocycle Seat FS - Prewar ORIGINAL!

    Here is an ORIGINAL black Aerocycle deluxe Troxel mens saddle with nickel chassis & springs. It's in great, original condition. I bought it for a project, but ended up selling the bike. I did install it briefly though, and the seat is very solid and rides great! Only mild surface corrosion that...
  23. detroitbike

    Aerocycle tank Lense

    Does anyone reproduce the tank Lens for an Aerocycle ?
  24. Joe Buffardi

    Sold Selling stuff I don't need! 1935 Girls Aerocycle

    Made this in 3 days for the aerocycle dedication ride that Balloonatics put on. Not done, needs a ton of work. This is just a dream bike I wanted to do. Finish this girl up and have fun! It is ridable after you install a chain and stem bolt and assemble it. It's a rough draft and can be a one of...
  25. bobcycles


    Fake is a better word for some of the reproduced stuff right? Selling this for a buddy who doesn't sell on line. This is the typical horror story that eventually bites everyone on the ass at some point. A friend of mine purchased this carrier from a collector who will go unnamed and it was...
  26. Clark58mx


    Spotted this Schwinn Aerocycle on a episode of Jay Lenos Garage. Located at Old crow speedshop in Burbank, CA. Looks like an amazing place.
  27. bobcycles


    Nice restored Troxel Deluxe saddle as found on a few mid 30s' Deluxe bicycles and with the slotted chassis as on this one, Aerocycle of course. Looks great Early saddle restored to probably a bit prettier than when factory cranked em out. 750.00 plus postage email or PM here
  28. New Mexico Brant

    I need a miracle! Aerocycle Tank Please!!

    I know it is a tall order but I am in need of an original Schwinn Aerocycle tank. Any condition will be considered. I have made other seemingly impossible requests on here before that have fulfilled by Cabers. Readies in hand! Please call/text: 717-554-2176, email: or PM me...
  29. J

    Been in my family since the 70's - Streamline Aerocycle

    My family has had this Schwinn Streamline Aerocycle in the family since the 70's. We have just started to research what it is. Not sure what our plans are for it, but figured everyone here would like to see it. Enjoy!
  30. DR Feelgood

    Sold Schwinn Aerocycle for sale - Need to sell fast!

    Link to thread Asking 7500usd obo, no trades I shall leave this up a few days, after which, I must throw it on eBay. :( Location : IL
  31. mongeese

    Torrington 10s nice early originals

    150$ shipped from wisconsin
  32. mongeese

    Early schwinn scripted brake parts

    Nice parts for what is there. Missing a few pieces. Will send the pieces if ever found- on my word. 155$ shipped from WI.
  33. mongeese

    Schwinn prewar brake lever

    75$ shipped - untouched original. In WI.
  34. mongeese

    Prewar drop center wheels schwinn

    100$ plus shipping from WI.
  35. mongeese

    Barn found Schwinn balloon wheelset

    60$ plus shipping from Wisconsin. 50$ local pick up. I think Schwinn but pissibly others as well. Half inch pitch cog.
  36. mongeese

    Schwinn Egg Shifter

    On the trading block is a hens tooth Schwinn egg shifter. I like everything so lets see what you got .
  37. scorpius

    Balloon Tyre Find At Sale Today

    Here is a nice original 1948 26" balloon tire Schwinn Spitfire I picked up at a sale today , nice rims and tires , skip tooth chain etc looks like original paint will clean up nice Gave it a quick spin around the block and it rides well I will probably post it for swap section in a week or so