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  1. cbustapeck

    How are hex tube Monark Silver King frames held together?

    So, I've been drooling over this hex tube Silver King that @REDAIR13 has for sale. There are some, um, minor issues (j/k) with the frame, so, being the librarian, I just *have* to figure out what it would take to make it right. To do that, I'm hoping for help in understanding just how the...
  2. H

    Classic Peugeot Galaxie / Legendary Bike

    For Sale Peugeot Galaxie Bicycle. LOCAL ESTATE ITEM. 80's Vintage. Aluminum Frame. If you are not familiar with the history of this Bike please look it up. This Bike appears to be in great overall condition. Frame is tight and solid. Bike appears all original to my untrained eye and was...
  3. S

    Anthony Brothers convert o tricycle

    Hey guys up for sale is this two convert o tricycles. One of them is ready to ride with no problems. The other one needs new front bearings, both are complete bikes. I would like to sell as a pair or individual if needed. Shipping on two bikes might be a bit expensive. Local pick up available...
  4. prewarbikes4sale

    Withdrawn Silverking With Wing Bar Fenders

    Nice Original Hawthorne with Original paint faded Blue Wingbar Fenders ( I had a boys Wingbar that faded like this). Rims have been Painted. Battery tube is a Seiss. I am tempted To repaint the fenders because I love the contrast of the Blue and aluminum. Price is 1300.00 firm plus shipping...
  5. carlalotta

    Aluminum Anthony(?) bike/trike

    Got this cute little aluminum bike/convertible trike this week :) I think it is an Anthony?
  6. Nickinator

    ca Early Postwar/1950’s Aluminum JC Higgins Cooler

    Cool item, rarely seen. Handles nice. Hinges and latch work like they should. Some dings. Lightweight and bright finish. Inside spigots sealed so no leaks. $100 cash & local pick up preferred, but may ship. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  7. Vintage Paintworx

    Withdrawn Aluminum Seiss battery tube only, rough

    Probably needs to be flattened out and rolled again. $40.00 shipped.
  8. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Silver king delux aluminum tail light $150

    Monark Wingbar and M1 aluminum tail light housing with hard to find battery bracket. The top is broken off one of the tabs that holds the battery Needs some sanding and finishing, check out the pictures. $150 shipped .
  9. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Rare aluminum prewar light

    You will see a Horn light version of this but the light only is much rarer. This light is in super condition. Takes 4C batteries, inside is clean, original lens $199 shipped. You won’t find a nicer one. Untested but I’m sure it will work. EA light
  10. SimpleMan

    Sold Aluminum Parade Bars awesome accessory for your Silver King

    For your consideration. A set of unusual aluminum parade bars. Struts are aluminum, hardware is steel. These would be awesome on your Monark or Hawthorne Silver KIng. $75 shipped. PayPal accepted.


  12. SJ_BIKER

    WWI doughboy aluminum helmet

    Liner is there. Has patina on mounting hardware. 200.00 shipped
  13. rustjunkie

    Sold Rollfast Snyder Aluminum Fenders

    better than some worse than others. Use ‘em as is or cherry ‘em out. Front braces held on by threaded rivets. $120/shipped
  14. MarkKBike

    Your Thoughts On Steel Rims vs Aluminum On Vintage Schwinns?

    I recently swapped the Steel Rims on my Schwinn Le-Tour with a set of Aluminum Rims. Prior to the swap I weighed the wheels and the aluminum rims were slightly lighter, not by a whole lot. This could all be in my mind, but my initial impression was that I'm not sure I like the change. Braking...
  15. catfish

    Sold Aluminum Delta Torpedo

    Delta front load Aluminum torpedo headlight. $200.00 shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order or PP as Friends and Family only. Sold as is and untested.
  16. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Amazing Historic Cleveland Bicycle Aluminum Tip Tray 1904

    A very historic piece of bicycle history from 1904; an aluminum tip tray showing C.M. Darling and C.C. Murphy (who would receive a $5,000 bet if they were successful traveling through every State (at that time) of the United States on bicycle. The tray has an image of the two and their...
  17. Jay81

    Sold Prewar Columbia Westfield Aluminum Hornlite

    Untested. Mounting nut was missing when I got it, but I found one that works. The mounting stud threads were a little rough in a couple spots but have been cleaned up enough to get the nut to thread on and off. Over all a nice aluminum hornlite for your prewar Columbia. I have seen the same...
  18. Nickinator

    Sold Prewar Delta Aluminum Front Loader Light

    Came on a number of high end deluxe bikes, very hard to find light. Pretty good shape, has some dents on top and side, underside/mounting area is dented. Was mounted on a fender and came off easily. Bezel and lens decent, bulb holder reflective shield nice. Last pic shows a flashlight lighting...
  19. buck hughes

    Sold aluminum lights with red glass jewels-$117.00-shipped

    awesome lights-glass lens-glass red jewels-$195.00 shipped for the set-paypal as friend.
  20. BWbiker

    Huffman Aluminum H Stem

    Perfect condition, H head bolts. $60 shipped. Will trade for prewar Schwinn Razor stem, or prewar Huffman stem.

    REPOP Monark Silver WIngbar winged aluminum speedo housing $300. shipped



  23. Pedals Past

    Shelby aluminum mouse tail light

    pretty clean not sure if nos but aweful close not for peaked fender but you could cut the cover to use on Colson . The holly grail tail light not taking offers on this one its firm $1500 shipped 48 usa ff/pp pm to buy
  24. mynameislegion

    Torrington Aluminum Art Deco Gooseneck

    Torrington Art deco aluminum gooseneck. In good hand polished condition. No cracks. First PM. PayPal FF but will take Postal Money Order. $110.00 shipped.
  25. rodeo1988


    Delta light Aluminum for tank switch Rare Red lens, CLEAN AND BULB WORK $OOOOOLD SHIPPED 48 LOWERS STATES USA PayPal as friends and family or add for the pp tax THANK YOU
  26. mike cates


    1948 MONARK ALUMINMU HEX TUBE FRAME BICYCLE This is the only balloon tire bicycle I have and not in the era of the pre 1900 bicycles I have focused on collecting and am also currently selling my complete collection. This is the only photo I have at present due to my being down for awhile with...
  27. W

    looking for TOC Crescent aluminum chainguard

    Hi! I'm looking for this aluminum chain guard for my wife's 1900 Crescent. Anyone have one? Or something very similar? It was originally painted either black or green and looks somewhat like common steel chain guards from the 1920s, but narrower (I already have one of those). Dimensions...
  28. saladshooter

    Aluminum 6 Rib Front Loader

    Howdy Looking for an original finish aluminum EA front loader light. Not polished. PM me what you have. Thanks! Chad
  29. Dave K

    Sold EA Aluminum Torpedo Light

    Rare EA Aluminum front loader. I was going to run it as is but could use some metal finishing and repair. Battery tube and switch are screwed in so can be removed for metal repair and switch cleaning if you want to make the light work. $old shipped
  30. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Rare prewar aluminum torpedo light

    A very nice aluminum delta torpedo light, check out the pictures. Untested $450 shipped
  31. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Aluminum prewar horn lite

    Prewar horn lite in really nice condition, bought this here on the cabe a while back and never got the bike it was supposed to go on. Don’t know if it works, never tried it. $400 shipped
  32. Dan the bike man

    Sold Prewar 30’s Monark $800

    Late 30’s Monark Silver King aluminum bicycle. SOLD
  33. Classicriders

    Colson aluminum fenders

    I am pretty sure these aluminum fenders are from a Colson motorbike. In extremely good condition. Minor repair at bottom front of rear fender. All I did was give them a quick cleaning. With a fender roller and buffing, they will be incredible. I do not have the braces. $250 shipped OBO.
  34. R


  35. LarzBahrs

    Excelsior badge prewar

    Selling my nice Excelsior headbadge. Great shape with no maring or scars. Perfect for a rider or patina restore. Asking 110 shipped.
  36. Glenn Rhein

    Silver King rear frame repair section aluminum

    1930s aluminum Silver King rear frame section, If you have a Silver King and the rear stays are all screwed up this would be perfect for the repair. Straight no cracks. $60 shipped
  37. ZE52414

    Sold Nice Torrington Deco Aluminum stem

    No cracks breaks. Maybe a few hammer Marks on the left side. Other than that clean. Asking 85$ shipped.
  38. ohdeebee

    Aluminum Huffman Stems

    $70 shipped each. All H bolts included.
  39. J

    Silver king Green anodized aluminum

    Does anybody know the history of silver kings I've seen this over the weekend my dad bought it over 15 years ago The colors from what I've heard are red green and black.
  40. I

    Sold Gibson Aluminum Pedals

    Here is a pair of Aluminum pedal bodies, one broken axle, one cone nut, one axle nut, 4 bearing containers, and some crusty pedal blocks. Please see photos for condition. $88.00/shipped, payment via PayPal friends & family or add 4% for goods & services protection. These will ship via USPS...
  41. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn front aluminum rack 1958 to 1960s

    26 inch part 50.00 shipping not included....last pic is reference
  42. M

    Sold Monark Silver King Aluminum Locking Fork + Truss Rods - $165

    Steerer tube 7 3/4", steerer tube is notched for fork locking mechanism, aluminum truss rods and fork crown plate. Some cracks on bottom of truss rods. Reduced to $165 Shipped, was $250 Shipped. PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  43. M

    Sold Monark Silver King Aluminum Rack - $350

    Original rack, one leg only, no cracks. $350 Shipped. PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  44. wrongway

    26x1-1/4 Aluminum Rims

    Do they make these? I am looking for a set with 40 hole and 32 hole. Do they make them and what else would they call them? I might also go with a set of 26x1-3/8 if I can't find the other. Thanks
  45. C

    Wanted: Iverson 20" aluminum 5 spoke rear wheel

    Looking for a 20" Iverson 5 spoke aluminum rear wheel (muscle bike) Top cash paid !! Thanks, Kenny (559)438-9228
  46. MTGeorge

    Reduced Prewar Aluminum Fenders

    These prewar aluminum fenders are for a 26" bicycle. The front ducktail needs some attention but its not torn or marked up. There is also a small ding near the top of the rear fender and they could use a serious cleaning up. Buy your wife's bike something nice for Christmas... $175+...
  47. bikesnbuses

    Sold Nice aluminum prewar art deco Torringon stem

    Uncleaned/unpolished original Torrington stem for your prewar Elgin bike.Slight scratch/gouge on the underside where it rubbed against the headset. Asking $75 shipped in the USA obo. Or possible trade for parts I need...
  48. bikesnbuses

    Sold Original Prewar Elgin rear aluminum tombstone reflector w/ bracket

    Super nice and straight ORIGINAL Elgin "tombstone" or "chapel" aluminum reflector. The red paint is flaked off,there are a few tiny samples of it under bolt head area on reflector. Asking $80 for both pieces o/b/o PM me or email me at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com Thank you!Jeff
  49. Classicriders

    Rollfast aluminum or chrome fenders and CG

    Im looking for a set of aluminum or chrome fenders for a 38 thru 41 Rollfast long tank bike. Also looking for a chrome CG for same bike. Steerhorn bars with fat crossbar would be nice too. Send pics and prices of whatcha got.
  50. jungleterry

    Sold Aluminum Horn Light

    Hello we have up here for your consideration a horn light .the horn does work .it was tested on the bike just before I removed . .it does need a light and bezel .let us know if you have any questions asking 300 shipped take care Terry and Tammy