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  1. A

    Various Classic Bikes for Sale

    I have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell, in addition to bike frames and bike parts (tubes, spokes, seats, bolts, tires). I understand there is a separate parts section which I will also list in, however I am looking to sell my collection in its entirety for a...
  2. Shogun

    New Ride AMF Roadmaster i.d. and information needed.

    I have a new ride for the wife and need some information if possible. The best that I can tell is that is is a early 70's AMF Roadmaster, SN: T4788(1or7)6, it has Roadmaster on the chain guard and what is left of some print on the down tube. It has Ukari 27x1 1/4 W/O wheels and a Shimano 3sc...
  3. twinflight

    Sold Restored 1970 Hercules

    Restored 1970 Hercules The details: The bike features a 21 inch or 53 cm frame, 30 inch standover height, good for those 5-foot-5 and higher. Brand new Kenda 26 x 1 3/8 inch whitewall tires (non-NOS). To get you zipping along hills, it features a rebuilt and regeased Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub...
  4. S

    AMF Shelby Flyer - Looking for information / sell

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. While cleaning out my parents shed, I convinced them to get rid of heaps of stuff, junk, and this bike. I'm looking for more information regarding the approximate year, and value of this bike. Is it worth much? Is it incredibly common? Can it be restored easily...
  5. S

    AmF ?? 50/60s original paint find

    Need help identifying !!! Badge is sportsmaster ,? Any help would be cool . May be a candidate to re do ..or I might just sell .
  6. S

    1950s Amf ? Sportsmaster Original paint find

    Hey just trying to pin down if this is 40s / 50s / 60s ...and if it's worth me possibly restoring !...any help appreciated!
  7. benmcjamin

    Reduced 1953 AMF Roadmaster (CWC) all original (cleaning out)

    saleing my collection. 1953 Roadmaster garage fresh with original owner photo and original magazine ad. Never cleaned it!! everything is stock as it was day it was bought, only thing i did was put a good tire on the back. $1000
  8. C

    AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilot

    Hello, I have an AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilot and was wondering if anyone could tell me the value of it. It is all original and in pretty good shape (at least I think it is). Thanks in advance.
  9. N

    Lime AMF Wedge is finished

    Got some NOS bar tape and brake levers for the wedge. I was also lucky enough to find a nice original pie protector to replace the damaged one. This is one of the nicest original paint bikes I’ve ever owned. Such a killer looking bike.
  10. vastingray

    AMF flying wedge picked this up today

    Picked this up today don't know anything about it I can't find any info on this 16x20 model any information would be gratefuly appreciated
  11. Junkman Bob

    Reduced 150$ OBO AMF 20” number 56 .. Early BMX with tank

    cool looking early bmx bike 20” with tank ... don’t no much about this one but if you coordinate and pay for shipping I will box up and put shipping label provided with payment 225$ Green light is sold and not part of bike no longer OBO
  12. N

    AMF Wedge brake lever and bar caps

    took the original brake lever off of my wedge. Also have two NOS glitter green handlebar caps I got with my tape that I’m not going to use 20 bucks shipped conus
  13. C

    Need help identifying my AMF Roadmaster!

    New member! I purchased this gorgeous Roadmaster a few weeks ago and I just love It!! I found the serial number on the bottom of the crank but can't seem to locate any info on it. I was told when I bought it that they thought the year was a 1959 to 1962. The bike is all original with the...
  14. N


    Got her all cleaned up. All original lime AMF Wedge The Fast One. I’m a schwinn Guy, so trying to fine tune this thing just ain’t gonna happen. I got a few minor things I’m gonna tweak, out some green sparkle handlebar tape and she’s done. Seat is a lot nicer than I expected, actually the...
  15. N

    AMF Wedge Sprocket PIE protector

    Looking for a nice straight and original PIE sprocket protector for an AMF WEDGE. Please message me if you have one for sale
  16. N

    AMF Wedge Damage in Transit :(

    Got the AMF wedge in the mail yesterday and a couple of parts were damaged along the shipping route unfortunately. I'm in need of a nice sprocket Pie Pan, looking for a nice one. This one was crased/bent pretty sharp Also, to take the crank off, do I need to remove the frame cups to get it...
  17. T


    Aerobee Avenger 5 speed vintage muscle bike. I bought this from the original owner and it's in remarkably good shape for the age. Frame and forks have very few blemishes and nothing significant. All parts seem to be there including chain guard. A couple of decals missing, but replaceable. All...
  18. S

    AMF Skyrider project

    Hello all, I just received this AMF Skyrider and was hoping to get it into rideable condition so as to enjoy it while I slowly refurbish as I can. It seems to be in pretty good condition as far as I can tell - except for the frame’s paint and the painted rims have rusted quite a bit. I plan...
  19. Classic Cool Rides

    Roadmaster Rear Rack late '50's AMF Luxury Liner WANTED

    Hello CABE'rs ! ...... help me please ...... Can I ask for some help to locate and purchase this Rear Rack shown in pics below ..... (pics I got from the www) ?? It is a late '50s Roadmaster by AMF Luxury Liner. I need one please, to go with the Tank that I already have. Please, let me know...
  20. J

    1969 amf roadmaster motorized bike

    Does anybody know the value of a 1969 Roadmaster motorized bike
  21. C

    AMF Pedal Wagon- Rare- 1967 Only SOLD!!!

    Hello, I picked this up a few years ago. According to Online discussions- was made only one year- 1967. Wagon is straight and solid. Original color of this one was Gold with Red Wheels, under carriage and Handle. There was originally a pan that covered the Pedal Mechanism if you wanted just a...
  22. D

    Need Help Finding Info for AMF Texas Ranger Restoration

    Hello Fellow Bicycle Enthusiasts! I have recently begun the process of restoring this AMF Texas Ranger (dis-assembled) and have run into a road block by way of not being able to find any historic information about it. This is my first vintage restoration, so I really don't know where to look...
  23. D

    Need Help Restoring AMF Texas Ranger

    Hello Fellow Bicycle Enthusiasts! I have recently begun the process of restoring this AMF Texas Ranger (dis-assembled) and have run into a road block by way of not being able to find any historic information about it. This is my first vintage restoration, so I really don't know where to look...
  24. A

    AMF Black and Gold

    I have acquired an AMF black and gold bike. while trying to clean it up I dropped the rear wheel and now I can not for the life of me figure out how the hell I got the derailleur screwed up. Like a dumbass I didn't take a photo before I dropped it. Every photo I can find of the Schwinn positron...
  25. rrtbike

    AMF Hiawatha Chainguard $20 shipped

    For Sale: AMF Hiawatha Jet Chainguard. Good shape. Some surface rust. $20 shipped to lower 48 from IA50022 PayPal or Money Order please. Thank you.
  26. P

    AMF flying wedge...

    I inherited a 1969/70/71 amf flying wedge frame, fork rear wheel..Not in terrible condition. looks to be a single speed coaster brake affair. Im going to need some parts like, front wheel, fender, handlebars, seat and sissy bar. Yea Im likely to have more into it that its worth but i guess...
  27. Cosmicflyer

    Amf jet pilot

    Pick up this 62 and jet pilot today...lights and horn still work and almost no rust....I haven't seen the jeweled sprocket before.
  28. T

    AMF Roadmaster Junior

    Can anyone tell me what year this bike was made? I picked this up today from an antique store. It reminds me of middle weight and balloon tire bikes with the tank. Value? Thanks Tim
  29. S

    Need photo of head badge decal for AMF Junior Trike

    I am restoring this trike. It looks like there was some sort of oval head badge on the plastic head tube cover, but if there was, nothing is left of the printing. I suppose it could have just been reflective to look like chrome. I haven't found a photo of an oval AMF Junior Trike head badge...
  30. twinflight

    AMF Roadmaster Jet Pilot

    The seller, a younger man in his twenties, asked if I planned on using this as a garden feature. He was shocked when I said I'd get her running again. Maybe even by the end of Summer. I just hope it doesn't nickel and dime me to death. She isn't the prettiest I've seen but if you clean her up...
  31. P

    AMF Girls Bike i.d.

    Can anyone pin down exactly what make/model this bike is? As near as I can tell it was at least made by AMF and it does appear to have an AMF & BMF/6 on the seat post but its hard to make out what the head badge is? Photo is dated December 72
  32. D

    Late 1950s (?) AMF Womens Tank Bike

    Really cool Middleweight 26" women's bike. AMF Roadmaster badged. White house paint on top of decent original paint - would clean up quite nicely imo. Front fender has holes for a light. Cool rear rack. Some script is visible on tank and chainguard underneath house paint too. Rear axle...
  33. bikemonkey

    AMF Roadmaster Skyrider Deluxe - need YOP

    HI folks, hoping someone can help me with a date on this one. AMF Roadmaster Skyrider Deluxe Ser. No. U162941 on left rear dropout. Excel Mk II coaster hub Trelleborg 26 x 1.75 whitewalls I am looking for a catalog date and picture or ad if someone has one archived. Also, the factory that made...
  34. jungleterry

    AMF Roadmaster's

    Hello looking to find a few bikes like these . Please let us know if you can help in any way . Thank you again for looking at our want ads . Take care Terry and Tammy
  35. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-014

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-014

  36. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-013

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-013

  37. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-012

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-012

  38. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-011

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-011

  39. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-010

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-010

  40. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-009

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-009

  41. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-008

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-008

  42. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-007

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-007

  43. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-006

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-006

  44. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-005

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-005

  45. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-004

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-004

  46. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-003

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-003

  47. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-002

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-002

  48. My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-001

    My Roadmaster Flying Falcon-001

  49. tanksalot


    Anyone have any parts for the AMF 20" Evel Knievel bicycle ? I need a EK bar pad the plastic tank, orange pennant flag . And I'm also willing to hear what other parts people may have for this bike. It figures I had all this stuff a couple of years back . Can pay by PayPal or trade for somthing...
  50. DrZook

    AMF Prestige

    Look what this cat dragged in... I believe it is a 1974 AMF Prestige (Wald stem had a year code 74). I got it in an online auction and only paid $5 for it. I oiled the hub and put in a 3/16" ball bearing in the shifter (Shimano 333) and that now works fine. The rear brake cable is stuck--may...