1. Jim Barnard

    Cadet Head Badge 1930's

    Hawthorne, Rollfast, DP Harris and Zep have been associated with this badge from my research. Nice condition! Conn/ $65 shipped
  2. Jim Barnard

    Colson Chain driven art deco tricycle.

    Nice maroon and cream with pin striping. Very heavy but cool. 1940's. Shipping available at your cost.
  3. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Elgin Single speed balloon bike 1942 4 star

    Cool brown and tan bike wearing original paint. Grips are some "lighted" accessory, but I have not taken them apart to see if and how they work. Bike is in CONN and shipping at cost is available. I have not ridden this bike and can't say how well she goes. Seems to have sat for a LONG time...
  4. Jim Barnard

    Sale Pending 1946 Schwinn Continental 3 speed in CONN $420

    By no means am I knowledgeable to say what is correct on this bike. I do know when something has been loved and cared for. This seem like this bike has not been altered from original. Looks like the original cables are still present. Front wheel says Schwinn Stainless. Looks like some war time...
  5. C

    Dayton Pneumatic Safety Bicycle Up for Auction

    ca. 1910-1920 Dayton Pneumatic Safety Bicycle up for auction at Cowan's Auctions. Auction is August 2 (tomorrow) at 10:00EST. Pre-auction estimate is $400-$600 with an opening bid of $200. Here's a link to the bike in the catalog...
  6. mongeese

    Pat pend 1st gen bakelight mechanic shop light

    Feels great heavy duty looks awesome. 45 shipped from Wi. Or best offer.
  7. C

    1920s Iver Johnson Velocipede Model #230

    For sale only. Rare find 1920s Iver Johnson small tricycle. Very good mechanical condition. Looks like it's all original except for seat material and paint. Handle bar grip appears cut (see pic). Made for very young children (2-3 y/o). Front hard rubber tire missing. $250 obo. Will provide...
  8. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 5/29/1958 Schwinn Corvette in CT $300

    Paint is pretty decent on this 58 Corvette. Original schwinn West wind on the front and a Schwinn Tractor Grip on the rear. Seat has a wee bit of red paint splatter. Pedals are not great, the front rack has been repaired (replacement available at $60) and there are some dents in the stainless...
  9. Jim Barnard

    Sold Schwinn Typhoon 1963 in CT ****Free PU Copake

    Decent paint Schwinn in complete original condition. Bike will clean up well. Enameled rims have factory pin striping. "S" seat is two tone and has a split. Great classic beach bike. Vintage ride cred. Not antique yet. Made December 12 1963! (perhaps a 64?) $250 pick up - shipping available
  10. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1967 Schwinn Fastback 5 speed Original unmolested in CT

    Very complete and original 67 schwinn Fastback Sting Ray serial #hc79266 August 1967. Bike has been hanging from a shop ceiling rafters forever. NO touch up. Original tires, seat, etc. I just replaced the original tubes. This will clean up very well. $1,200 shipped NOW $1,050.00 shipped
  11. mongeese

    Reduced Block chain B shape - 51 link 3/16 ths

    Couple stiff links- repair pin is stiff. Working master link. Nice chain. 90 shipped from Wi. Or best offer
  12. mongeese

    Teens twenties diamond frame I.D. Please

    Anyone know who made this frame? I can not find any seriel numbers. Also want to sell it so what do you think someone would purchase it for? Top tube looks fillet brazed to head tube but can not say for sure.
  13. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1940's Schwinn New World war time blacked out model in CT

    Very cool Schwinn light weight from somewhere between 1943 and 1948. I know little about this bike and will not be upset to have opinions and info posted below for others to see. Pics say it all. I see no chain guard marks or bosses, but that is subject to discussion. There is no side stand...
  14. Aehlers14

    Vintage 60s Murray Tricycle in spectacular condition

    This thing is almost perfect for it's age $200 aehlers14@gmail.com
  15. mongeese

    TOC mouse bell bottom

    25 shipped from Wi. Cali 30 shipped P
  16. mongeese

    Coke bottle grips cream white very old

    48 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin. Odd size at 3/4 diameter for 3/4 handlebar. Crack in one yet seems to be just fine. Same color as the 28” pnuematic white tires.
  17. mongeese

    Reduced 1890s wood wheel set very lightweight 28” toc

    315 or best offer from Wisconsin. Super lightweight. Rear is straight and front is wonky but still together. Comes with original chain adjusters. The cog is 1/4 . The chain is for sale in another thread.
  18. mongeese

    Sold 1890s block chain very nice 1/4”

    Excellent chain- every link very smooth. 48 links. Quarter inch spacing. 150 shipped.
  19. M

    lightning flyer

    i found 2 frames as well as the fenders . one tank in real good shape . 2 sprokets and gears , chain gaurds , i can e mail pictures .i am new to this site and would love any help
  20. DonChristie

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Dx

    Sold-Pretty cool 1951 Boys Schwinn! Original paint and painted Schwinn rims. Bendix hub out back and Schwinn stamped hub up front. She rides as she sits, kinda turn key! Missing chainguard, head badge, different size tires (2.125/1.75), wrong Schwinn seat and needs grips. Could make a cool...
  21. mongeese

    Sold Prewar schwinn autocycle cantilever

    1,500 or best offer. Shipped from Wisconsin. Message me with questions and offers - leave phone number for faster service. Badge is Lasalle. Good rare bike with most here. 1938 or 1939. Seems to be cream or ivory original paint under the house. Locking fork- no key (wes pinchot). Torrington 10...
  22. W

    Confused about manufacture of this Royal Prince

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if this is a Hercules or a Coventry Eagle or what? It was my dad’s bike as a youth. He must’ve acquired it used in Detroit in the 40s. I’d like to restore it but I don’t know what it is. I can’t seem to find the logo or head badge posted anywhere. Any ideas? Carl
  23. S

    For sale Antique 1930s tricycle !

    1930s push trike !! 400 or best offer . Or trade ..antique / sports / anything with a motor or old I accept PayPal and ship ! 7158967347 for more pics Black River falls, Wisc!