1. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 / Phantom front fender light cover

    Hello! I'm looking for an original 40s/50s front fender light cover. Preferably with the metal in good condition with no cracks. I'm also looking for a light tray.
  2. Demzie

    Schwinn Fender Bomb *Repop*

    I'd love an original but I'd be making payments on that. I may even on a repop depending what they fetch these days, but I wanna get my feelers out there to see what's available at what cost. Thanks, Fellas. Erin
  3. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Pre-war Schwinn Autocycle Motorbike Rack Reflector

    Pics show the condition. This would be great on your survivor bike! $75 shipped in the USA.
  4. Tikibar

    Difference between a Motorbike and an Autocycle?

    The prewar B10, DX, and Cantilever models have different frames and other differences that are pretty obvious. But when it comes to the straight bars, what is the difference between the prewar Schwinn straight bar models for "Motorbike" and "Autocycle"? Is there a difference in the frame, such...
  5. mongeese

    4 Schwinn springer arms 50 plus ship

    The 2 non bolt collared are stamped W - whizzer maybe ? 50 plus the ride from Wisconsin.
  6. mongeese

    1936 schwinn crank & lucky 7 seatpost prewar parts

    Crank 50 shipped from Wi. Seatpost 70 shipped or best offer Cog I am trying to identify as to price accordingly.
  7. dave429

    Sold Bicycle Hubcaps Red Reflectors, For Schwinn Balloon Bikes and Others

    Hub Caps for vintage balloon tire bicycle, used condition. Please examine photos for condition.
  8. mr.cycleplane

    dual silverray headlights/bracket autocycle

    dual delta silverray headlights with repro bracket for the Schwinn autocycle/ranger champion with truss rod fork. typical pock mark zits to the chromed finish. be resolved that these would be best left on an original patina'd bike. re-chroming these never seems to work or look decent. great set...
  9. S

    Prewar autocycle rear wheel morrow hub

    26 skip tooth morrow hub with an autocycle rear rim, rim is free of major dents. Color looks to be very good, I cleaned a few areas and the chrome looks pretty good, definitely covered in some house paint. Ther hub might need some fine tuning. Stamped f3 36 13 . Asking 125 plus ship obo
  10. dave429

    1946 Schwinn before and after

    Changed the wheels and seat. Put the drop centers on vs the S2.
  11. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  12. ZE52414

    Sold Dual light setup (autocycle)

    Here’s a dual light setup used on prewar schwinns. Motorbikes, autocycles. The truss rod mount is OG from what I was told. Lights are pretty nice Dual silveray with glass lenses. Asking 500shipped or best offer.
  13. badbob

    Sold Vintage 1940 Schwinn Autocycle Standard

    Vintage Prewar 1940 Schwinn Autocycle.. Bike has nice original paint. Original chrome is nice too.. Original tires were replaced with NOS US Royal USA tires.. $2500. plus shipping
  14. LarzBahrs

    1941 bfg schwinn cantilever project partout

    For sale is my 1941 bd Goodrich cantilever project. Includes all that is pictured. Great start for an autocycle or something if someone wanted to go that route. Has crappy brazing on bottom bracket but I'm not clear if that isn't factory as I know of some that did have pretty bad welding jobs...
  15. E

    Reduced Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe Prewar frame

    Prewar Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe frame...Good frame...fits 26" tires...Has a grounding hole in the second bar....250.00 plus Reduced to 100.00shipping
  16. Sarg1969

    Autocycle Identification

    Came across this prewar Schwinn the other day and brought it home. Autocycle but the serial numbers are funny. Could it be left over prewar parts assembled post war that were already stamped? I will pull crank this weekend for date there. Looks un touched. Any help would be great.
  17. TJW

    1941 Autocycle with "Southern Speedster" Badge

    This bike has been discussed before, but I've become more curious as to how rare that it might be. I found this bike on Craigslist about three years ago. This is the oldest picture that I have found. It was posted on TheCabe in 2011: This is what it looked like when I bought it: After...
  18. Rust_Trader

    Sold Prewar Schwinn AutoCycle Tank

    Left side of the tank only, usual battery damage by the guills. The rest is very solid. Original decal, paint had a light layer of black old paint. $990 shipped or best offer
  19. Autocycleplane

    WTB - Nice original 38-39 Schwinn Motorbike

    I'm looking for a nice original paint 1938 or 1939 Schwinn Motorbike, must have all original painted parts. Big stacks of cash and partial trades ready to make a deal for the right bike. I'm looking for a keeper here, something I can obsess over for years to come. Thanks for the read and...
  20. Bikermaniac

    Sold NOS Seiss fluted lens Schwinn Autocycle.

    NOS lens, hard to find. Not as green as the early ones. $200 shipped.
  21. R

    Autocycle Barn Find

    Auto Cycle barn find in upstate NY. I'm guessing 40 or 41? Replaced rims and seat but cool anyway.
  22. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Autocycle Milsco Pogo Full Floating Saddle

    Pretty sure this is a Chuck Leipham Saddle Shop restoration. Not glued, good stitching, good stamp. Some small paint chipping/scratching here and there. Milsco decal a bit foggy. Adjustment bolt is a replacement but works. It's inside the seat tube anyway, doesn't show.. $1895/shipped tracked...
  23. 39zep

    Sold 1952 Schwinn B-6

    Rescued this beauty from a chain of collectors with the intention of keeping it. Only moving it on because I found a black/red 46 and I am out of room. S2 wheels, AS pedals, Script seat post, all in amazing condition. Key locking springer, horn and light work great. Was sold to me as a complete...
  24. Henryford2

    Schwinn Autocycle Fender Help

    I have a 1950 B507 sans the fenders. As I understand it the bike is essentially the same as the B607 except without all the bells and whistles. To help my search for the fenders, I’m looking for pictures of the correct front and rear fenders (same as B607), i.e. color and graphics with the...
  25. jacob9795

    Autocycle handlebars

    Are the handlebars on this bike factory with drilled holes for the wiring? I like the wide bars but was wondering if I’m going to need to drill holes if necessary....if I can find a decent pair of handlebars. I have the standard Autocycle bars.
  26. bobcycles


    Patina Schwinn Milsco 1936--40 Pogo seat very nice post no dings or dents, leaf spring is good, All there orig parts, dry leather shrank Could still work on a rider 1000 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Pm here -------LIGHTS SOLD Early version 1936-38 snap bezel Seiss lights A few minor...
  27. ZE52414

    Withdrawn 39Autocycle (BFG streamline) project.

    Was going to build this bike up but figured it would be better to just add the parts to my newly acquired liberty. C serial number. Frame has grounding screw and I did use scotch bright on the frame so it needs paint quick! Wheels look OG. Same profile as my other 2 motorbikes. I stripped a...
  28. Mike Hughes

    pre-war Schwinn Autocycle tank on ebay

    pre-war Schwinn Autocycle tank on eBay, item number: 323210127049, plus 9 other rare prewar goodies by the same seller, Vintage rare pre-war Schwinn Autocycle tank Auto Cycle tank Vintage rare pre-war Schwinn Motorbike tank, Motor bike Vintage rare pre-war Schwinn Henderson tank straight bar...
  29. ohdeebee

    Sold 41 Schwinn Straightbar Standard Autocycle Project

    Tank has been repainted, but is a 41tank. Not sure if the front tabs showed up in pics, everything else is original paint. Front fender was a Truss fender but has been modified for the Springer fork. I have the original front fender without any holes that I can swap with this one with a price...
  30. ZE52414

    My newly acquired Bfg streamline

    Well picked up a few bikes this weekend, and this is one of them. House painted all to hell. I was able to get the paint scheme after stripping a little bit off and with Maskedo’s help believe it to be the BFG paint scheme. The paint is thick and nasty. And not much Og paint under. So I’ll be...
  31. TJW

    Withdrawn Cancelled

    Several people have asked about the condition of the other parts that have not been unpacked. I was hoping to not have to repack each piece. But I can see, from the questions I am receiving, that I am going to have to completely unpack and unwrap everything to make sure nothing else got...
  32. onecatahula

    "Schwinn Autocycle"

    (not mine) https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/bik/d/schwinn-autocycle/6535665711.html
  33. bobcycles


    Resurrection/restoration of an Indiana Craigslist 'barn find' Henderson-badged last year Super Deluxe Schwinn Autocycle. I decided to bring this one back to original color, badge etc ...tough decision as by 1941 a myriad of nice two-tone combinations were offered but black and ivory is always...
  34. kreika

    1947 Schwinn Autocycle $1500 Nice original

  35. bobcycles

    Sold 1951 Schwinn BA107 Autocycle 'mythbuster' bike Cobalt Amazing Orig --F/S

    1951 Straightbar Autocycle in incredible condition. Purchased from a well known So Cal Whizzer restorer who ended up with this bike in a large Whizzer collection from Fla. some years back. I have done nothing with the bike to alter/change anything. Appears to be an incredible original with...
  36. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Basket Case DD AutoCycle

    Anyone wants to come pick this up and save me the time of putting it back together? $16,950 PLUS SHIPPING Original locking modified double duty fork, aluminum fenders, killer original pogo seat. All original parts except the speedo lens.
  37. Bikermaniac

    Sold Schwinn Autocycle Seiss twin lights

    There are the hard to find twist lock bezel version. The chrome in cones is good, hard to find fluted lenses, reflectors in very good condition. Cons: each lens has a chip. One cone has a dent near the bracket holes (not visible when mounted), and a small ding in one side. Both bezels has some...
  38. deepsouth

    What's a restored 1941 Autocycle worth?

    Basically, for my own entertainment, I kept track of this on EBay. Granted, this is by the piece. $455- Tank $1525- Frame $2056- Springer fork $279- Handlebars $266- Razor stem $264- Chainguard $350- Wheels & Tires $591- Rack $100- Chain ring $1331- Fenders $52.75- Headlight $19.95- Grips...
  39. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  40. Bikermaniac

    Sold Schwinn Autocycle Tank w/Glass Jewels & Original Decals

    I was saving this tank for a project but unforeseen circumstances makes me put it for sale. So if you have an original Autocycle without a tank this is your chance. These don't show up every day. Desc: Touched up paint, original decals, NOS glass jewels, NOS light switch, no horn or battery tray...
  41. bobcycles

    Sold NICE 1947 COBALT BLUE SCHWINN AUTOCYCLE BA-607 FOR SALE 2400.00 shipped

    2400.00 shipped NICE Schwinn B6 for sale. Three years ago I purchased this bike from a private auction firm in PA liquidating automobiles, petrolania and bicycles. The pix were tiny so I gambled on it and I ended up spending the most I've ever spent on a postwar autocycle once the buyer...
  42. bobcycles


    Variety assortment of Schwinn Fenders.... First up....Nice and super straight early Postwar "razor edge" w/ tombstone mount on front fender, Blue B6 springer pair. No damage, no dings or dents, original paint is presentable. matched set... one minor overspray spot on the front fender on one...
  43. bobcycles


    These seats seem to have been designated to the top of the line models of certain manufacturers in the late prewar era...like 1939-41. Seem to be the stock saddle on the 1941 Super Deluxe Autocycle, Dayton Mainliner lit tank bike, some 39 Schwinn Motorbikes... The pan is deeper than the...
  44. bobcycles


    This was a project an old friend worked on for me a few years back ... he milled "shells" for the cross bar Schwinn speedo housing and the intent was to insert Original EA Horn guts in them to end up with a more "correct" and original EA button for Autocycles. Here is a unit that was...
  45. Freqman1

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Standard Autocycle

    This is the unequipped model with a springer (Model BA 97-6). Pics tell the story. A few warts on this one to include the rust holes which do not affect the structural integrity of the bike. It has had some rather poor touch up on the white most noticeably on the head tube and rear fender. Has...
  46. Bikermaniac

    Sold Seiss Fluted glass Schwinn Autocycle $275

    Hard to find Schwinn Autocycle Seiss fluted lens, all other parts are sold. Lens has a chip in the front and some chipping on the ring. 1. Fluted lens...$275 Sold! 2. Twist bezel $100...Sold! 3. Reflector $100...Sold! 4. Connector (NOS) $50..Sold! Payment through Paypal only.
  47. Freqman1

    Putting Power to the Autocycle

    Here's a project I started last year and didn't finish. Tonight I made progress. Took apart both EA buttons to get continuity and got the speedo light working. I'll put the bars back on tomorrow,hook up the horn, and hopefully get the lights wired and working. V/r Shawn
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