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  1. atencioee

    40s and 50s Schwinn B6 Phantom / Autocycle parts

    Various B6 parts Can ship in the US 48 *Phantom Saddle / Seat - $325 shipped *Chrome Original Fenderlite cover - $90 shipped *New Departure Model D hubs: all have been disassembled, thouroughly cleaned, regreased, discs re-oiled, & rebulit. Range from $65 - 95 shipped. *Schwinn Front Hubs: all...
  2. LarzBahrs

    Sold 1955 schwinn 20in balooner

    For sale is a 1955 20in schwinn ballooner kids bicycle project. A great mate to your full sized b6. All parts in red primer good for painting. Rear fender brace was repaired. S2 rims with deep fenders. Has new departure rear skiptooth hub. Will come with a coaster brake strap. Asking 400 shipped...
  3. mongeese

    prewar Schwinn parts lot

    Hard to find prewar origins parts with a couple of postwar cable guides. 100 shipped or best offer. From Wi.
  4. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Deluxe Chainguard for Phantom, Autocycles, B6, Panther, etc

    Original 1940s-1950s Schwinn deluxe chainguard. As you can see this guard was painted in various ares and decals had been placed on. This guard can used for a restoration, repaint, rat rod or whatever you desire! It is not perfect, but it is a decent guard. I did not clean the chainguard, but it...
  5. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 / Phantom front fenderlite cover

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for another original 1940s/1950s Schwinn Phantom / Autocycle / B6 front fender light cover. I'm looking for a fender light cover with the metal in good shape...no cracks, holes or damage, including the crack at the front screw hole that several of them have.
  6. atencioee

    Sold Schwinn Phantom Fenders Sets

    2 Anniversary sets of Schwinn Phantom B6 fenders. Both sets are of great quality, in good condition, and can be shined up beautifully. These fenders are actually of better quality than the 1950s originals as they are well constructed, more durable, and better quality of chrome. Each set has one...
  7. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 Black Oval Grips

    I'm looking for a pair of original (40s to early 50s) black oval bicycle grips...preferable in good to great condition. They are the oval grips original to 40s autocycle and early phantom bikes.
  8. atencioee

    More 1948 Schwinn Autocycle questions = )

    Hello Experts and fellow Schwinn balloon bike lovers with knowldege! Among some of my bike projects is a deluxe springer fork 1948 Schwinn Autocycle, which I'm working on and I have some questions? 1. What plating is correct on the seatpost D clamp...chrome? Cad? Nickle? Initially, I would...
  9. atencioee

    Need help to identify Schwinn seatpost

    Hello experts, please help me identify the seat post on the left. Would this happen to be the nickle plated post found on postwar (late 40s) deluxe B6 Autocycle bikes?
  10. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Approved Phantom Mesinger Saddle

    Restored as original, with the same shape, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the rivets and reproduction side plates. This saddle had zinc plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring...
  11. atencioee

    Question about Schwinn Deluxe Reflector hardware

    Back in the late 40s/early 50s, was the deluxe reflector riveted to the fenders on post war Autocycles and early Phantoms? If not, what was used to attach the deluxe reflector to the fender? Pictures would be helpful!
  12. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 / Phantom front fender light cover

    Hello! I'm looking for an original 40s/50s front fender light cover. Preferably with the metal in good condition with no cracks. I'm also looking for a light tray.
  13. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork bracket washer 20 shipped

    20 shipped from Wi. Nice original condition.
  14. mongeese

    4 Schwinn springer arms 50 plus ship

    The 2 non bolt collared are stamped W - whizzer maybe ? 50 plus the ride from Wisconsin.
  15. Clark58mx

    Clean original Schwinn B6

    Bought this clean original Schwinn B6 a couple weeks ago in Pittsburgh. Has the Cavalier Kaufman’s headbadge(originally from Pittsburgh). The original dark maroon paint is really nice. Cleaned it up. I added a drum brake and Speedometer. Turned out great.
  16. D

    Maroon Schwinn B6 Fenders

    I am looking for a nice set of 26" fenders for a Maroon color Schwinn Model B6. I would appreciate any help locating these. Thank you very much. Dave Danville, PA
  17. SJ_BIKER

    1946 streamliner b6 just unboxed it!!

    Dogleg crank, shorty frame, pencil tip, drop center wheel set.... B80*** serial under crank tube. Has 46 style headset Tall seat post tube. Humpback toptube. Seat post tube decal is in the center as opposed to near top and streamliner long decal can be seen on the tank but no blue guard...
  18. E

    Schwinn Reproduction Fenders 2 Sets B6 with built in light and Balloon with Springer Fork

    Hi, I have some fender sets I bought from ebay and have decided not to use. I bought them from the ebay seller Bicyclebones. I have two very good quality Schwinn approved reproduction fender sets for sale. One is the B6 fenders, similar to Phantom except they get painted instead of stainless...
  19. whizzer kid

    Schwinn b6/ whizzer brake and fender clamps

    Two clamps off an old 49 b6 schwinn 28 both shipped PayPal preferred As friends Thx
  20. Dave K

    Sold Green B6 tank

    Has a few dents but solid. $125 plus shipping
  21. bobcycles


    Killer original springer front fender original DX BLUE paint as shown. Some minor dings etc. I can also roll this to perfection if you prefer prior to mailing. NICE prewar Mud Guard. 85.00 plus postage! Bobcycles@aol.com or PM here ==========TANK SOLD DECENT maroon and cream ladies...
  22. lounging

    Please i.d. These Wheels from a mid 1940's B6

    Please reply if you know the maker of these 26" wheels with a New Departure model D rear hub. thank you
  23. Maskadeo

    Withdrawn Motorbike Frame Phantom Drum Wheels Tank B6 Memory Lane Ann Arbor

    nice set of early S2 wheels with drum, cable lever and old Goodyear blackwalls. Should clean up nice. $450 delivered at show. Great deal. You buy now! OG paint black and white B6 tank. Was on a bike but apparently not too long. No horn Very nice shape. $300 (sold) OG paint black phantom tank...
  24. bobcycles

    POST WAR 6 HOLE CARRIER TOPS - phantom b6 whiz etc F/S

    2 original 6 hole tops No legs, left has a small hole drilled Towards the back otherwise straight enough. Top on right is super straight Looks like primer, nice one Left top 45 plus postage Right top 55 plus postage Message here...... bobcycles@aol.com
  25. z-bikes

    Looking for B6 tank & guard in green.

    Got a friend who owns this bike who's looking for a tank & guard in matching colors. Shoot me an email at zaj@iname.com or send a PM. thanks, Joel
  26. ZE52414

    Sold Military green/blue b6

    Didn’t get a chance to look up the serial # but Starts with Hxxxxx on the bottom bracket. Maybe 48 if I were to guess at it. Bought this bike and it was all painted blue, so I got on eBay and found a matching tank bought it, and when I was waiting for the tank I wanted to see what was under...
  27. ZE52414

    My blue phantom Is changing to a green b6

    Started off all blue. And actually have a tank on the way to me that is house painted blue lmao. Hopefully when I strip it, it turns green too lmao.
  28. TJW

    Withdrawn Cancelled

    Several people have asked about the condition of the other parts that have not been unpacked. I was hoping to not have to repack each piece. But I can see, from the questions I am receiving, that I am going to have to completely unpack and unwrap everything to make sure nothing else got...
  29. kshimp41

    Found '51 Schwinn B6, Parts

    Looking for period correct Tank, Truss Rods, Pedals, Grips, and Seat for '51 Schwinn B6. See Pictures. Thanks. Kirby
  30. guffey

    Sold Schwinn B6 maroon and creme

    Schwinn B6 maroon and crème survivor It does not have the carrier. I prefer not to ship if I can help it. $1,000 picked up in central Indiana. 765-717-0385
  31. ballooney

    Found Post War B6 Front Fender - Maroon

    I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for a 7+ condition front fender (springer) for my '49 B6 in maroon. An NOS fender would work that's how nice the rest of the paint is on the bike. Let me know what you have...would buy a fender set if I have to. Thanks.
  32. John G04

    Reduced Schwinn B6 $675 free delivery to copake

    for sale is an original paint schwinn b6 from i believe 1947. It has a working fender light and horn. Brand new duro tires and the bike is fully serviced and ready to ride. Only missing truss rods. Really cool bike asking $675 plus shipping or $675 at trexlertown. Thanks 4
  33. kreika

    1949 Schwinn B6 Sac Craig’s $1499

    https://sacramento.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-bicycle-1949-schwinn/6496576906.html Not sure if it’s restored or not?
  34. lounging

    What's the handle bar width of a 1940's post war B6 and were they stamped?

    Can someone please tell me the handle bar width, or the widest bar offered, for a 1940's post war Schwinn B6 and were they stamped "schwinn" in the center? Looking to buy one for a 1946 B6 with an incorrect bar. I have this bar from another 1946 B6 but I don't know if it's original to the...
  35. 4

    1950s Schwinn Whizzer motorbike

    Older restoration not currently running but has good spark and compression. Carb issue I presume, I'll work on it and hopefully get it running. H model engine. Front brake but not Schwinn. Located in Lagrange ga $1900 or trade for bicycles, silver age comics, or collectible toys. I am living in...
  36. TJW

    Wanted - Schwinn B6 Post War 6 Hole Rear Rack

    Wanted - Schwinn B6 Post War 6 Hole Rear Rack Looking for an original straight post war 6 hole rack. Please PM with picture and price. Thanks--
  37. bobcycles


    Variety assortment of Schwinn Fenders.... First up....Nice and super straight early Postwar "razor edge" w/ tombstone mount on front fender, Blue B6 springer pair. No damage, no dings or dents, original paint is presentable. matched set... one minor overspray spot on the front fender on one...
  38. lounging

    Found Headset for 1946 Schwinn B6

    1946 Schwinn B6. I am looking for the piece that is chipped up that is at the top of the steer tube. I'll take the piece that screws on last, also. This steer tube from this truss rod fork with arms seems wider than other forks so hopefully someone has the correct piece. Thank you!
  39. deepsouth

    Sold 1948 Schwinn B6

    1948 B6 with OG paint. An unusual color combo, Ivory and Dark Blue. it has been cleaned up and serviced. This bike came from a desert enviroment so it is not rusty. Only very minor surface rust under fenders. Light and horn are untested. Horn has original EA button. The chain guard is not...
  40. ZE52414

    Sold 49 b6.

    Here I have a 49 b6 up for sale. I've had issues with this bike from the time I picked it up from FedEx. The fender light was busted into 5 pieces, rack legs were smashed, ect. I'm listing this bike before the fender light cover gets here just to get the ball rolling. The fender light will be...
  41. TJW

    Who Restored this 1949 Schwinn B6?

    Would anyone happen to know who restored this 1949 Schwinn B6? It was previously owned by some CABE members. I'm trying to find out what kind of paint was used when it was repainted. Thanks--
  42. ZE52414

    Found B6 fender light cover.

    Looking to buy a fender light cover in patinad white. Cash waiting. The sooner the better. Thanks guys.
  43. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn 9 hole hornet panther b6 rack

    Use for 1946-1956...needs tlc.... 40 plus shipping
  44. ZE52414

    49 b6. Bummed.

    Has anyone waited 2 weeks for a bike and when it finally gets here your so disappointing. So a week or so before Christmas I snag a b6 off eBay. Thought it was a killer deal other than the high shipping cost. Well it made it and in the box was a 80% disassembled bike just just sitting there...
  45. deepsouth

    New acquisition, 1948 B6

    This is my newest acquisition a 1948 B6. I bought it from a guy in New Mexico on Facebook. He thought it was a 1952 from the serial number. Turns out it's a1948. This is an OG reverse paint Ivory and Blue with Red pins. Funny thing is,only the fenders got house painted, nothing else. The left...
  46. R

    FS: 1948 Schwinn B6 Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1948 Schwinn B6 Balloon Tire Bicycle This is a vintage used Schwinn B6 in black. This bicycle was manufactured on August 29, 1948 in Chicago IL, USA. The bike is unfortunately missing some parts, namely the rear rack, seat cover, left grip, and the rear fender reflector. The bike itself is...
  47. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  48. Jrodarod

    Sold B6 rack reflector

    Rear rack insert. $35 shipped
  49. D

    Schwinn B6 Tank Moving to parts forum

    Original Schwinn cantilever tank. I am not sure what year this is for but if I were to guess it is for a 1959? This tank is real nice. The only ding on the tank can be seen in the last attached photo shown at the end of the pen. $235.00 shipped in the lower 48. If you have any questions please...
  50. 1817cent

    Sold 1947 B6

    This bike came out of wisconsin and was sold by bobcycles to a guy here in seattle who i purchased it from. It is a Royal badged B6. It is pretty clean throughout and a very good riding machine. It has a working key lock (not original key) and a pre war delta horn button on the tank. The horn...