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  1. mongeese

    Unknown prewar rear raingutter fender 26”? 28”?

    Wider than typical. Needs a little straightening out. Has stand mount and mud flap mount. 200 shipped or best / better offer. Also odd only driver side is creased for rhe chain stay ?
  2. mongeese

    Prewar autocycle aerocycle delta twintone horns with delta button

    Up for trade mainly - I enjoy early Mongoose 1975 - to 1982 Prewar race bikes and parts
  3. Krakatoa

    Sold '39 Schwinn Pullman 26" Ballooner Fenders Truss Front Skirt Rear!

    Original paint from a '39 Schwinn Pullman ladies 26" ballooner. If anyone can use these please speak up! Truss rod type front, skirt guard rear. SOLD thank u Cabe! Nate VT 401-548-9082
  4. dave429

    Sold 2 Person Majestic Bicycle Sirens

    2 person majestic bicycle sirens. Both are UNTESTED and missing chains. One is missing one side of mounting bracket. Selling these as a pair, use for parts or restore. Asking $75 Obo for the pair shipped in the USA from 54729, PayPal as payment. If more pictures are needed please ask.
  5. Demzie

    Sold 1938 CWC DBR

    1938 Cleveland Welding Co. Western Flyer. This is a "Double Bar Roadster" style frame. What's on it outside accessories and front truss rods, is correct for the bike. Saddle springs have since been replaced and is in functioning orde Skiptooth wheelset, desired chain ring and a Very...
  6. Demzie

    Sold 1938 Colson ScrewTank Deluxe Equipped

    1938 One Year Only Model Screw Tank Colson Imperial. Original Paint Yellow and Black (guard and rack painted to match) This bike is absolutely Correct except the fender light which is Period Correct and a bit more uncommon than the Delta Model light it would have had stock The tires-...
  7. Krakatoa

    Unusual Find Early 1942 Western Flyer Badged CWC Built Mens Ballooner!

    Recently found in Keene NH this has an A serial, box pin striping at head and a simple graphics scheme on fork and fenders. Color appears to be a maroon at protected area under chain guard clamp. At first I didn't think so but now feel the bars & stem are correct. Frame is unlike what I have...
  8. Krakatoa

    Sold 1937 Colson Imperial Style Waterfall Head Badge Good Used Aged Repro!

    Like the title says good used aged reproduction of a super rare badge! Great for a placeholder even a custom. Light scuffing and wear to surface. SOLD
  9. L

    RetroFit Caliper Brake found on a 54 Roadmaster Ballooner Tire Bike

    Posting this in response to a few folks that noticed this retrofit of a caliper brake in pics of my 54 Roadmaster. Its not my design , but I like the idea. Have often thought it would be handy to have on a rider, especially on streets with alot of car traffic / intersections. Previous owner...
  10. L

    Sold RoadMaster post war Ballooner

    Roadmaster Garage Find repainted Persons Coaster hub left pedal axle appears bent Previous owned installed a caliper brake up front Rim profiles do not appear to be a match white saddle has a small tear about an inch or so Have not done anything to this bike, it is as found. All i ve done is...
  11. keithsbikes

    Sold 1950’s Schwinn Hollywood

    Looks all original and complete, as found, not messed with, rides good.
  12. Krakatoa

    Mostly Prewar Fender Fest at Krakatoa's Scratch & Dent City Clearance Sale!!

    I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with this ad but hey I'm going to try anyways!! After setting up everything I started losing light so I had to move quickly. Anyway these basic shots should still show these fenders in all their unglamorous glory! I'm just going to keep moving...
  13. cheeseroc

    Sold NJ Pickup | 1948 Schwinn DX w/Royal Headbadge $400

    This is as found. No shipping. Pickup in central NJ 07711.
  14. T

    Antique Bicycle, old bike 26 Balloon tire bicycle

    Antique Bicycle, old bike 26 Balloon tire bicycle ON Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Bicycle-old-bike-26-Balloon-tire-bicycle/233687530230?
  15. keithsbikes

    Withdrawn 1937 Schwinn Men’s Tall Frame

    1937 Schwinn Men’s Tall Frame 20” seat tube, 6” head tube. SN# U57778. Crest Deluxe WW tires, worn and cracked, hold air pressure. Schwinn prewar fenders, mostly smooth, duck tail front, rear was lady’s with holes filled. Frame is original paint, fork, guard, and fenders added, patina appearance...
  16. keithsbikes

    Sold 1948 Schwinn Hollywood B307

    1948 Schwinn Hollywood B307 in good shape and rides great. Original paint and graphics. Fender light fenders with truss fork, fender light cover, tank, S2 wheels, Allstate tires, deluxe chainguard, Persons deluxe pedals, Mesinger sliding rail saddle. $399 plus shipping. 55 lbs. from Boulder, CO...
  17. T

    1950s Columbia Balloon Tire Bicycle - Vintage Original Columbia Built

    1950s Columbia Balloon Tire Bicycle - Vintage Original Columbia Built ON Ebay
  18. T

    Vintage 1950s Roadmaster CWC Luxury Liner Mens 26” Balloon Tire Bicycle Green

    Vintage 1950s Roadmaster CWC Luxury Liner Mens 26” Balloon Tire Bicycle Green On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1950s-Roadmaster-CWC-Luxury-Liner-Mens-26-Balloon-Tire-Bicycle-Green/264710724836?
  19. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Cool Little Juvenile Ballooner Saddle! ~

    Check this little one out! 9"l x 8"w Looks like a period hardware store square bolt and nut but it works well! SOLD!
  20. mongeese

    Nice crash tab spring saddle girls prewar

    40 plus shipping from Wi
  21. mongeese

    Sold Drop center rear wheel 3 speed coaster brake

    75 obo plus shipping from Wi. 9 tooth skip tooth cog- sturmey archer rare AB hub. 26 inch
  22. mongeese

    Flat fender braces many sizes

    Singles are 20 per single brace plus shipping from Wi. Double braces 40 plus ship. In message leave phone number for fastest service. Braces are best measured with tailors tape that is flexible- also helps to know mounting home count depending on how particular you need brace to be.
  23. L

    Sold Truss Rods c1954

    Truss Rods , 26 inch with stem bracket, Rust toward the top , spray paint through out. $40 plus shipping see pics .... feel free to ask for more Rust toward the top , spray paint through out. $45 plus shipping
  24. mongeese

    Handlebars swap meet table 2020 schwinn etc

    Prices are next to item and price does not include shipping. Leave phone number in message for fastest service. From Wi.
  25. mongeese

    Winter 2020 swap meet table # 1

    Prices are marked next to part or parts- prices are shipped. Leave your phone number for fastest service in private message. California add 5 dollars unless you have purchased from me before.
  26. M

    2 1950 JC Higgins Mens Womens Balloon Bikes

    2 1950 JC Higgins Mens Womens Balloon Bikes https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=143491732445 Follow the ebay link for more info and photos. This is my item. Anybody looking to buy this bike outside of ebay will save 10%. PM me...
  27. P

    Withdrawn 1941 Colson Double Eagle Deluxe Clipper

    Hello, I have a cool Double Eagle Deluxe clipper for sale. Condition: First off, the tank is solid with no rust. It does have some light dings and has the original Delta horn, button and battery tray. The fenders are also solid but have some dents which could be worked out. The front lower...
  28. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Elgin Single speed balloon bike 1942 4 star

    Cool brown and tan bike wearing original paint. Grips are some "lighted" accessory, but I have not taken them apart to see if and how they work. Bike is in CONN and shipping at cost is available. I have not ridden this bike and can't say how well she goes. Seems to have sat for a LONG time...
  29. dave429

    Art Deco Gooseneck Stem I.D.?

    Interesting looking stem I came across. I'm wondering if anyone knows what brand or bike it came off of? Thank in advance!
  30. Demzie

    Sold 1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme

    1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme $300 OBO Won't ship but willing to drive a bit and meet. ALL original save for: The Tank (which is correct for make, not for model and is comprised of two good halves. One is showing leftover decals as shown, and the other still under repaint) The Grips which are...
  31. mongeese

    Schwinn 26” painted wheelset skip tooth ND hubs

    S2 or S7 ?? Can see Schwinn tubular stamp but can not see numbers behind stamping. Inner bead of rim measures 1 and 3/8ths. Rear is very straight and front may need a lil truing. Front hub cursive schwinn stamped. 75 plus shipping from Utah. My buddies wheels.
  32. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork bracket washer 20 shipped

    20 shipped from Wi. Nice original condition.
  33. mongeese

    20” drop center ? Triple step ? Old 20 inch wheels

    Komet super hub coaster brake. Clincher hard to find 20” rims. 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  34. mongeese

    Schwinn skip tooth sweetheart 26 t sprocket

    40 plus shipping from Wi. Or best offer
  35. mongeese

    NOS Bendix lever 2 speed aviator

    40 plus ship from Wi.
  36. Demzie

    Headlight fixture Columbia

    I bought a '64 Columbia Torpedo from the original owner some years back, guy got it brand new from his folks when he was a kid and swears up and down he didn't change anything, down to tires..frankly he didn't come across as the type to assemble something custom for it. Well, I discovered the...
  37. bikesnbuses

    Sold GREAT original ladies 26" 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    The bike is located in southern RI for local pick up(Preferred but will ship) Fantastic original green paint with rare original;Tank jewels,scripted Monark pedals,white deluxe seat and grips. Some obvious wear,scratches,etc Asking $450 with local pick up at zip code 02804 or $550 shipped in the USA
  38. bobbystillz

    Sold '40s (early '50s?) 24" Murray 'Jet Flyer'

    FOR SALE late '40s (early '50s?) 24" Murray 'Jet Flyer' . This sweet little thing is pretty much barn found. It is all original. I HAVE gone through this one, and here's what I found/did: This was exposed to the elements but there are no cracks, breaks, or rust holes in the frame. I disassembled...
  39. mongeese

    2 Schwinn gilled horn boxes

    California add $5
  40. mongeese

    Wheels sale 1 lobdell 1 clad lots of vintage racing

    Prices are on board shipped. From Wi.Add 5 to price to California. U
  41. mongeese

    20” ballooner kickstand Wald patent

    Start at 100 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin.