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  1. That bike guy

    Sold N4 schwinn Slik chik stingray shorty

    It’s a shame to let this go. I’m moved to a smaller apartment and I just can’t leave it out on the porch another day. It’s to cool of a bike to be left out in the Southern California weather. If you know you’re schwinn stingrays you know this is a hard one to come by. And if you are unfamiliar...
  2. mongeese

    1963 schwinn stingray handlebars and crank

    Bars are in straight shape yet could use new chrome. Or use for survivor original. Cranks are in great shape and uncleaned. 75 dollars plus shipping for both items. From wi.
  3. kirk thomas

    Huffy Star Spangler banana bike in NY

  4. kirk thomas

    Vintage Sears Banana bike in NY

  5. John Gailey

    Withdrawn Shelby Banana Tank

    Badged Western Flyer. It's a sweaty looking bike with a very small hole in tank. Speedometer removed NOW $1295
  6. T

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-Cotton-Picker-5-speed-Krate-muscle-bike-Atom-Slik-Banana-seat/283017269515?
  7. kirk thomas

    Columbia Banana seat bike in NY

  8. kirk thomas

    1979 Schwinn banana seat bike in NY

    https://plattsburgh.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-1979-blue-schwinn/6608550215.html I can pick up and ship
  9. whizzer kid

    Banana seat parts, red slick tire

    these parts 2 fenders rear And a well used 20-2.125 red racer slick , no flat spots, but has seen better days, prob best for display 60 Shipped PayPal as friends preferred
  10. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Pre-war Banana Tank Rollfast lower price

    1939 Rollfast Banana tank bike. Fork has been straightened since photo. Everything greased and it rides great. Working light included. Great bike for only $950 NOW $850 shipped!!!!
  11. stingrayjoe

    Reduced 1966 Schwinn Stingray Banana Seat Original

    Please PM direct do not post any replies here thanks! Original one year only smooth glitter seat for standard, fenderless models- same pan as the 1965. This is a full size seat not Jr. size was $125. Now $100. plus shipping. in lower 48 USA
  12. Jay81

    Found Rollfast Fastback "Zep style" banana tank wanted

    Looking for a nice, original paint tank to match my bike. Please PM pics and price. Thanks!
  13. L

    2 - 1968 Schwinn Sting-Ray banana seats

    Nice one SOLD Fair one $35 + actual ship (round $10 to $17)
  14. MrAustralia

    Found Hawthorne/Rollfast banana tank

    Hi CABE, I'm after a banana tank for a rollfast /Hawthorne bicycle. I've missed out on a few lately, and there's one for sale here on the CABE at the moment but is financially out of reach. Condition only needs to be solid, I don't need orig paint or anything like that. I've got other tanks...
  15. M

    Hedstrom convertible 1984ish

    Bought this bike at Pate swap meet this year for about $15. Took it apart and washed it. Cleaned the rust off the chrome. Was about to go get some paint stripper and try and match the paint to restore it, but I stopped there. Should I keep it original or restore? I know it's not particularly...
  16. M

    Shelby Stainless Steel boys banana Tank

  17. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Banana tank

  18. MrAustralia

    Sold TRADE - Rollfast long tank for a Hawthorne/Rollfast Banana Tank

    Hi all, I am preferably looking for a trade at the moment – not an outright sale. I have for trade a Rollfast long tank – no horn (the one that extends past the seat tube). It’s in excellent condition, it has been custom painted some time ago and looks very cool. It does have a few blemishes...
  19. mantaray

    Sold Schwinn Seats (not Stingray/Banana)

    Schwinn seats, posts & a clamp. $60 shipped for everything
  20. friendofthedevil

    Some kinda banana seat bike

    <iframe width="395" height="222" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  21. szathmarig

    Snyder Rollfast, Hawthorne Zep banana tank. (Only tank)

    Solid tank, with some small dents, no holes from battery damage. $400 shipped from Was. D.C.
  22. Kstone

    Not sure where to put your banana?

    You can't have your banana getting in the way while you're riding. Glad someone found a solution to this problem.
  23. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn No longer for sale

    1939 Rollfast with Samsco badge. Banana tank. As shown $950.
  24. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Patriotic Red White & Blue Banana Seat w/Sissybar! Sunday Special $45 Shipped!~ ~

    Cool vintage 1970's red white and blue sparkle banana seat with sissy bar. Good condition used seat, no rips! SOLD!
  25. stingrayjoe

    Elgin Deluxe Ladies saddle, One Crash Rail and some Bananna seats

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments please do not post them here thanks! You pay lower 48 USA shipping Ladies Deluxe Balloon tire saddle for restoration with chrome chassis - both wear tabs are there $35. Chrome Deluxe crash rail. This did not come off the seat described above $20...
  26. willswares1220

    Sold ( Blue Metalflake )~ Schwinn Stingray or Fastback "Banana" seat ~

    $115.00 shipped This seat is in very good original condition with only one very small tear in the center as shown and a couple of scuffs. It measures 18 inches long and is marked Persons, made in USA. The undercarriage has some minor surface rust here and there also, as seen. The 28 inch long...
  27. speeddemon

    Sale Pending FS: 1960's Violet Sears Spyder Banana Seat 5 Speed Bicycle $325 obo

    For sale is a 1960's Violet Sears Spyder 5 speed 24 in bicycle. Serial Number: 02459510 It is pretty darn close to all original, only non-original parts is the front tire has the original rear tire (Allstate Sports Tread by Sears) The seat has no rips, holes or tears, original paint is in...
  28. Rollo

    Sold ... Schwinn Stingray silver glitter banana seat ...

    ... Selling this Schwinn Stingray seat in silver glitter that I recently removed from my Fastback ... ... This is a non-Persons re issue from the late 90's in great condition with no rips or cuts ... 18" long ... ... no reflector tab ... New Stingray tag ... ... Included are a couple of used...
  29. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Troxel Banana Seat

    Troxel seat off a Huffy Cheater Slick . Good shape 45 shipped .
  30. P

    Sold Nice Sears free spirit 3 speed banana seat bike muscle bike Stingray style

    We have here a Ted Williams Sears free spirit. Bike is all original. 3 speed Everything works as it should. Ready to ride. Asking $150 shipped. Payment by PayPal and shipping by bike flights
  31. P

    Sold Nice Schwinn Stingray banana seat bike.

    Bike is in very nice shape. 3 speed. All original. Serviced and ready to ride. Asking $220. Will ship anywhere buyer pays for.
  32. stingrayjoe

    Lot of Stingray and Banana Seats

    Please PM direct with inquires do not post anything here thank you You pay lower 48 USA domestic shipping Two very poor condition full size Schwinn Sting-Ray seats good for restoration $15. each SOLD From L-R Persons red white and blue. The bottom pan has been removed but is there SOLD No...
  33. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 10

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 10

    Economy bikes for kids. I don't think I'd want to be caught riding these odd bikes!!