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  1. mongeese

    Very rare Michelob jewelry box 1974

    45 shipped from Wi. Also have large mirror if interested. the Night belongs to Michelob
  2. T

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-PREWAR-ELGIN-TWIN-BAR-40-BICYCLE/303339517993?
  3. Cooper S.

    Elgin twin bar parts for friend

    My buddy is looking for parts for his grandpas twin bar, please send me what you got for it
  4. R

    Reduced 50s CWC Roadmaster 26” straight bar deluxe tank

    Original paint, horn is missing. Hard to find deluxe tank. Screws don’t look original. Asking $175 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal only.
  5. Rusty72

    Sold Handle Bar Extensions More Avail.

    For sale are some handle bar extensions. For your motorbike. Adds an extra 4 inches. Made of black delrin.3-more sets available Can make more. Pay pal only. $20 shipped. So. Cal.
  6. kshimp41

    Columbia Arch Bar Year?

    Need some help with year of Columbia Arch Bar? Pictures attached. No Head badge or holes? Thanks. Kirby
  7. rfeagleye

    Wanted: This banana seat springer sissy bar thing...

    I am looking for the banana seat spring sissy bar set up from Persons like the one in the attached picture, or any parts from it. I could really use the springs if someone has them, they are about 4 inches long, and the i.d. of the holes on each end are 3/4 of an inch. I have the seats that attach...
  8. D

    Sold 1950 Schwinn straight bar frame

    Good straight frame. $125.00 shipped to the lower 48. PM me if interested. ThanksS
  9. ZE52414

    The new double bar

    Showed this in the Sunday’s show in tell yesterday. Here’s a few more pics. This is my new rider!
  10. oldfart36

    1952 Straight Bar

    Spent some time on the OG 1952 Schwinn today! New Typhoons, original correct grips, and some cleaning, this "Standard" headlight delete, model w/tank, is well worth the luv! Haven't decided yet, whether to recover seat or not.
  11. S

    HERCULES drop bar 23" frame

    Pickep this up other day, road yesterday, middlemoores not broke in my prostate is.Tried to pass on no luck.
  12. WetDogGraphix

    39 Hawthorne Twin Bar

    I had another thread, but the title wasn't quite right so I'm starting this one.... https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/5-bar-project.81247/ I can't believe I've had this bike for 2 1/2 yrs, but it's time to get off the pot. I've got about 95% of the parts so no more stalling...Had some frame...
  13. S

    Sold HERCULES 3SPD. Drop Bar roadster 23" frame $55 new price

    HERCULES made by Raleigh , 23" frame , 26" wheels, Sturmey Archer rear hub. Like new tires. I just test road bike 5 miles. Wheels meed trued a little. Middlemoore saddle nice leather. Nice steel quill pedals. ... $55 plus bikeflyte.
  14. nick1985

    Help i.d. my Elgin Curve bar

    Hi guys, I found this Elgin bicycle over here in London UK and Im needing some help to i.d. the year. The bike has been re painted by the previous owner so its difficult to make out the serial number but I think it reads MOD 192 SEP 126828 Does anyone have any pictures of how this bike should...
  15. Rambler

    Columbia Ordinary handle bar wedge removal direction?

    Is there a typical direction which the handlebar wedge is inserted/removed from the head of a Columbia Expert or Light Roadster ordinary? I have one that doesn't want to budge in either direction (left or right) while attempting to remove it so I wanted to make sure I was at least applying most...
  16. ninolecoast

    Looking for straight Bar Henderson Hanging Tank

    Looking for a Straight bar tank for an early Henderson bike,
  17. nick1985

    Elgin curve bar tank

    Hi guys, I picked up this Elgin bicycle last week and I was wanting to know if you can buy a reproduction long tank for these? also, if anyone has any parts that would help me complete this bike I would love to hear from you thank you
  18. mrg

    Shelby straight bar

    Dug out this very rare Flying Cloud badged Shelby straight bar, have to decide weather to get it ready for next months Shelby ride or send it down the road for somebody else to do!
  19. carlitos60

    Thee Twin Bar!!!

    Took for a Spin!!!
  20. friendofthedevil

    Clown bike, Bar bike

    https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/old-sled.132296/ Hey, hey! I finally managed to sell this girls banana seat bike I've had for so long. It went to a lady who is opening a bicycle themed bar on the square in Jacksonville, Il. She also had a very cool crusty Schwinn tandem. So if you are...
  21. atencioee

    Schwinn Straight Bar Tank

    I'm looking for a Schwinn Straight bar tank. Thank you.
  22. JKT

    Elgin Twin Bar kick stand On eBay

    I know there were a few people looking for a Twin bar Kick stand.. there is one on eBay right now.. eBay number is.. 142819890583... I'm not sure how to add a link to it .. hope this helps they don't come along often.. its a buy it now for $145.00 + 8.00 shipping
  23. atencioee

    Women's Huffy Corvair Tank, Schwinn Straight Bar Tank

    I'm looking for both of the follwing... Schwinn Straight Bar Tank Women's Huffy Corvair Tank
  24. atencioee

    Schwinn Straight Bar Tank

    Hello all! I'm looking for a Schwinn straight bar tank.
  25. bicycle ed

    schwinn, chrome, straight bar tank, left side

    I am looking for a left side chrome straight bar tank. I have a recently powdercoated 49 frame, I have all new chrome for everything just missing that left side tank side, it doesn't have to be perfect because I plan to rechrome the right side tank I already have.This bike is a nice over...
  26. Scribble

    Prewar Elgin Drop Stand/kickstand that will fit a Twin Bar

    I need a drop-stand/kickstand that will fit this frame style.
  27. TheFizzer

    Straight Bar Frame

    Looking to buy a boys 26" straight bar frame. Make or model does not really matter. Must be solid & have no pitting. Please let me see a picture & price. Would need shipped to 33759.
  28. stoney


    ALL FOR 1 PRICE-----Nice set fenders, straight, nice chrome. Sissy bar, nice tried to show the normal scrapes, all in all pretty good. 2 pair blue grips, not terrible, little wear, sissy bar clamps and seat clamp. $99.00 shipped PAYPAL
  29. Freqman1

    Sold Monark Five Bar Parts

    I've faced the realization that I have more projects than time and something needs to go so starting with this Five Bar. First pic is of the project. Only the below listed parts are for sale. Everything else is either sold or not for sale. All prices are shipped to lower 48 PP as F&F or add 3%...
  30. N

    AMF Wedge brake lever and bar caps

    took the original brake lever off of my wedge. Also have two NOS glitter green handlebar caps I got with my tape that I’m not going to use 20 bucks shipped conus
  31. Jay81

    Wanted: 1939 Monark 5 Bar - Complete Bicycle

    I would like to buy a 1939 Monark five bar bicycle in original paint. Needs to be complete and correct or very close to complete / correct. Needs to have the pencil springer, tank, butterfly stand, etc. I do have the dual position bars and stem so those aren't a concern. NOT interested in the...
  32. bikewhorder

    Sold Barn Fresh Elgin Twin Bar

    Up for grabs is this one owner Elgin Twin Bar. What you see is what you get, all I've done is add air to the tires. $950 shipped in the lower 48.
  33. tech549

    prewar handle bar light

    lens is cracked trim ring is split but holding together no bulb or wiring $65.00 shipped
  34. frank 71

    Sold 1948 Schwinn Straight Bar $875.00

    1948 Straight Bar, Original Except for Headlight & Grips. Horn & Light are Untested. Some Scratches & Chips. Overall A Very Nice Bike. $1250.00 Now $875.00 . Free Shipping.
  35. C

    Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar Bar Mounted Pancake

    Vintage motorcycle Bar mount Horn Not tested Original clamp Not sure of Age Looks cool and at the least nice shelf piece Just a hair under 5” diameter $110 shipped
  36. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Sweet Post War Columbia/Westfield Tank for Straight Bar Balloner! ~ ~

    Super nice complete tank here, not a reproduction, for post war Columbia/Westfield ballooner with straight lower tube, not bent tube. Great straight sheetmetal, and presentable paint. The Columbia Built decals are faint to long gone. The paint looks "original" but I am going to say it's...
  37. bikiba

    Handle bar diameter

    is there a thread with handle bar diameters for 1950s american made bikes? Someone asked me about what diameter my rocket grips are for and i hate saying "standard" :)
  38. catfish

    Sold Monark 2 piece stem 5 Bar

    Sold Nice stem used on 5 Bars. shipped in the USA only. Sold as is and untested.
  39. azbug-i

    Sold 1936 Huffman Double Bar - Firestone Archer - very nice Original

    Selling this very very nice original 1936 huffman built firestone fleetwood. The battery tube and light are in vg condition but they dont seem to work. This is best original paint and finish bike ive ever seen. The original seat cover does have rips in it. Everything is very nice on this. Loaded...
  40. B

    Period-correct bar tape for 1930s road bike

    Hello! I recently bought a 1930s French road bike, and I would like to find (if at all possible) period-correct bar tape for it. I can't seem to find anything searching Google. Thanks!
  41. frank 71

    Sold Schwinn Straight Bar Tank (Repop)

    Chrome Straight Bar Tank With dummy Button, for 26 in. Schwinn. Holes for the Horn were drilled wrong $100.00 Shipped.
  42. X


    Looking for a super nice schwinn lil tiger top bar in opaque red. Thanks Bob
  43. B

    Pre-war French road bike L'Eroica project -- need advice on parts

    Hello! I recently bought a bike that I believe is pre-WWII. See the attached pic (sorry, I don't have the bike yet). As you can see it as the Oscar Egg Super Champion derailleur. It has clincher rims (thank God). I bought it on eBay from someone in France. Assuming that the following parts...
  44. B

    Elgin Twin Bar local CL not mine

    Looks like this has been for sale for a while. Not mine...don't forget these are in Canadian dollars so 30% discount for our neighbours down south. Good luck Bill https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/bik/d/39-elgin-twin-bar/6535583267.html
  45. ballooney

    Found Prewar Schwinn Cross Bar Handlebars

    I'm looking for cross bar handlebars for a '41 Schwinn BA97 model. Let me know what you have. Thanks.

    Sold Roadmaster roadster arch bar for sale

    Roadmaster roadster arch bar! This thing has been house painted at some point in it's life. But everything else seems to be original. Truss rods complete , pedals ,seat. Serial number starts with a D, and rear hub is a morrow which has letters I-2. I see one spoke missing in the back . Plus...
  47. chucksoldbikes

    a top bar for my red bantam 20 inch schwinn bicycle reasonable priced any one got one to pary

    a top bar for my 20 inch Schwinn bantom reasonable priced any body got one to part with let me know
  48. K

    10 NOS packages handle bar tape

    Buy all for 50. Shipped. Also have several NOS schwinn ones listed on muscle bike thread
  49. Boxtubebob

    Ladies Wing Bar

    I would love to find a ladies silver King Wing Bar even just a frame.