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  1. L

    Middleweight Schwinn Tornado Deluxe: Guard, grips

    Parts from Schwinn Middleweight: 1959 Schwinn Tornado Deluxe - Truss Rods SOLD - Guard : nice chainguard with the beveled shaping and graphics intact $35 - Handlebars / Bars - Stem sold - grips $10...
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold EARLY 1948 JC Higgins complete skip tooth crankset sprocket crank

    From a 1948 girls Deluxe JC Higgins bicycle ..I will be listing more parts later tonight and/or tomorrow Skirt guards SOLD! Handlebars SOLD!! Wheels SOLD!! Good original chrome COMPLETE crank setup from a 26" girls Higgins .Comes with complete bottom bracket,cups bearings,etc Now Asking...
  3. carlitos60

    Sold FS: Wood Racing Bars Complete!

    Antique Prewar Racing Wood Handlebars Used on Dayton Racycle Iver Johnson Schwinn Elgin Size: 14" x 5" x 2" +- Not Perfect, But Great for an Antique Display Bike!!! Left Hand Piece Almost Broken Off! Can be Fixed by Wood Person! $520 Shipped!! OBO
  4. tech549

    Sold prewar bars and grips

    nice set of bars no dents as I can see,straight,grips go with them as does broken stem $150.00 shipped
  5. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Set 27” Wide Bars, Phantom etc.

    Wald made bars, not sure of exact age but no newer than 1990’s. Very nice, chrome great, no road rash, bends or scrapes. Some fine scratches. Off Restored ‘53 Phantom. $65 shipped PP no fees. Message if interested. Darcie/ Nick
  6. Nickinator

    Sold Prewar Parade Bars

    Believe these are prewar, not fancy with reflectors like the later ones, but heavier and better quality. Very good condition. Straight (look a little off in pics but are straight)- lower mounting brackets may need a little straightening. Chrome nice, a couple places of chrome loss. Been...
  7. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame Fork, Bars crank Clean Original Paint

    Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Seat Post, Center section of crank. Clean Original Paint with a 22" frame. The serial # on the rear drop out is 943604. Everything is straight no damage. Was $75. Now $60. + lower 48 USA shipping
  8. bobcycles

    Original 1930s Prewar IVER JOHNSON scripted Cross Brace bars F/S

    Rare bars! Original set of IVER JOHNSON scripted bars from the mid 1930s. These are in sound shape with NO dings or dents just the chrome loss that you see in pix.. Good for an original bike or restore for perfection! Nice deep stamp with the IVER JOHNSON logo on the shim. One coke bottle...
  9. Vintage Paintworx

    Withdrawn Handlebars for the Monark no slip stem

    These are similar in profile to the dual position bars, except without the secondary bar. 21" wide with 7 1/4" off pull back. $100 shipped.
  10. kirk thomas

    Sold Parade Bars with reflectors $100 shipped

    These bars are in very nice condition. They look like they were mounted once on a bike but they where not on it long as there is very no wear to them. I would like $100 shipped on these.
  11. frank 71

    Sold Torrington Cross Bars

    1930's Cross Bars. some Patina, Lots of Plating left. 3 in. lift, 7 in from the cross bar, 21 1/2 in. wide. Center Bushing is Loose. $125.00 Shipped Lower 48.
  12. ratdaddy

    very early tricycle bars and stem cast

    I have this set of early solid bars 16 wide half inch dia.and the stem is cast iton.the base of the stem has putting 60 shipped from Paris tx.pms only don't post here
  13. ratdaddy

    Raleigh chopper stingray steering wheel bars

    no still has tag on them 16 wide 12 tall.nice original chrome.120 plus a little shipping to lower 48 states from Paris tx.pp to f&f.pms only don't post here
  14. ratdaddy

    Torrington Dallas bars fs

    here's a great old set of Torrington bars.they are 28 inches wide.no dents.could probably be rechromed.but they look great the way they are.pms only don't post here140 shipped from Paris texas.pp f&f to lower 48 states.
  15. SimpleMan

    Sold Aluminum Parade Bars awesome accessory for your Silver King

    For your consideration. A set of unusual aluminum parade bars. Struts are aluminum, hardware is steel. These would be awesome on your Monark or Hawthorne Silver KIng. $75 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  16. ratdaddy

    Hugh moon bars 32 inch

    I have these Hugh moon bars.they are 32 inches wide.nice chrome.only been on bike for display..been in my shop for 20 years.100 plus shipping from Paris texas.pms only don't post here.lower 48 only
  17. John Gailey

    Prewar bars

    Nice straight Cross brace bars. 22" across with stem. $125 shipped
  18. John Gailey

    Sold Cross Brace bars w/ grips

    Nice straight bars with no markings. $90 Shipped
  19. zephyrblau

    help ID TOC / tens bars

    early bars w/ incorporated quill stem. nice cork grips.
  20. bike


  21. redline1968

    Assorted turn of century handle bars

    going from bottom to top of this picture... sorry on picture order....but it gets the job done.. pp as friends please.. #1 1930’s motorbike bars used on schwinns and others nice knurled surface...100 shipped #2 pull back bars used on teens and 20’s bikes 25” bar width. Sleek looking...
  22. bobcycles

    WHYYYY...Ya'll ought to be behind bars....Rare and Common Handle Bars ass't F/S

    Assorted handle bars for sale..... TOP TO BOTTOM 1 juvenile Schwinn 20 or 24" bars and stem-------------20.00 plus postage 2 Schwinn Stingray 1974 dated bars...fair chrome no dings 30.00 plus postage 3 Schwinn 24" or narrow profile 50's era bars....some dings here....10.00 plus postage...
  23. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Rare Aluminium bars $35 shipped

    These bars I have found no information on and have never seen a set like this. They are around 23" across. You can have them for $35 shipped priority mail.
  24. bikiba

    Sold Wald Parade Bars

    Oldie Wald parade bars. Solid and heavy metal. They need a cleaning - will leave it to the new owner. $70 shipped. Paypal as a friend please
  25. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: TOC-Teens Bars, Stem and Leather Wrapped Wood Grips

    Surface is a little gnarly but just right for an original bike. Everything's solid and tight. $150 shipped or best offer.
  26. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn GRAB THIS CHANCE : unique Major Taylor style racing handle bars

    up for sale= unique Major Taylor style racing handle bars or exchange for a nice high wheeler Hub Lamp pay pal for friends
  27. carlitos60

    Need: TOC Seat !!

    Racing Seat!! $$$ Like These One!
  28. filmonger

    Sold Major Taylor Stem & Bars

    Nice Major Taylor stem with bars..... Great Patina and very cool. Dam cool! Now 475.00 - was 600.00 usd shipped.
  29. G

    Sold toc original tiller bars and 4 inch stem

    original Torrington tiller bars and 4 inch stem with nos ball end grips , no dents and no road rash , hard stuff to find when you want it 650 bux shipped
  30. filmonger

    Sold Kelly Bars - Nicest Nickel Ever

    Very nice pair of Kelly's...... Look like No. 4. Best Dam Nickel - ever! ( 600.00 USD Shipped )
  31. tech549

    Sold texas style wide bars and stem

    has shelf wear and scratches no bolt or wedge $65.00 plus shipping
  32. tech549

    Sold flat bars

    flat bars or drag bars 22 and 3/4 inches $45.00 shipped
  33. tech549

    wide bars cross brace

    believe these fit the texas stlye wide handle bars 20 and 1/4 inches center to center $50.00 shipped
  34. frank 71

    Sold Torrington Bars

    2 Torrington Bars, 1- NOS Wartime Cycle Truck Bars,
  35. kirk thomas

    Sold 20's-30's Bars & Neck /Rollfast $25 shipped

    These bars and gooseneck are in usable condition and came from a ladies 28" Rollfast. I would like $25 shipped for these.
  36. onecatahula

    Schwinn Prewar Feather Guards

    Here we have a couple of nice Prewar Schwinn Feather chain guards. Blue looks to be original paint, with original decal, and all hardware. Black is possibly chrome under black paint/red paint/primer (see stripped area). Your choice, 90 shipped. > > Blue SOLD
  37. P


    Looking to buy a nice set of original handle bars and pedals for 1964 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com or call (419) 566-8401
  38. carlitos60

    Trade: KELLY Bars Stem

    If Anyone has a KELLY Bars STEM with the Fastening Bolt (Quilled) that Would Trade for Mine, It'll be Nice!!! I Believe It's an Early Model??
  39. Night cruiser

    Shelby Airflow-Arrow bars

  40. onecatahula

    Wide Torrington Bars

    Here we have a couple of crusty superwide Steerhorn Torrington handlebars. These bad boys are 30 inches wide and no effort has been made to clean them. Perfect for your favorite rider. Your choice, 75 + ship, or free pick up in NorCal. > > bars in back SOLD
  41. buck hughes


    seem to be original-some pitting going on-would look great on vintage tricycle-$68.00 shipped-paypal as friend
  42. ZE52414

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for these bars

    So I picked up a little mushroom buttom for my 28” wide Torrington bars and the internals are still in the bars. I’m going to carefully try to remove them and wondering the best way to get them wired up. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks guys.
  43. jacob9795

    Autocycle handlebars

    Are the handlebars on this bike factory with drilled holes for the wiring? I like the wide bars but was wondering if I’m going to need to drill holes if necessary....if I can find a decent pair of handlebars. I have the standard Autocycle bars.
  44. Jay81

    Monark Dual Positon Bars & Stem!!!

    (NOT MINE) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monark-Airman-dual-position-handle-bars-stem-handlebar-for-prewar-balloon-bike/173284856695?hash=item2858951377:g:KHIAAOSwbq9a3j1W
  45. looneymatthew


    32" + wide gold anodized fluted aluminum cruiser bars. Very exceptionally clean / no issues gouges or cracks ect. Similar to cook bros design/style. Asking 400 shipped OBO Located in South orange county San Clemente Ca 92673
  46. ZE52414

    Sold Crossbrace Torrington bars and longspring mesinger

    I have a decent set of Torrington bars with OG plating. Bars show some wear but in pretty good shape. Not all banged up. 150$ shipped or delivered to ML. Bars only. I’ll get better pics of the bars after work. Longspring mesinger saddle with crash rails and padding for the top. All it needs is...
  47. bobcycles

    RARE WHIZZER BICYCLE NOS bars, NOS Delta Hubba lights F/S

    -----bars sold Rare profile 1940s/50s racing bars for Whizzer and bicycle. NOS with minor shelf wear patina! Nice! 50.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Or pm here Mint NOS early Delta Hubba Hubba lights for the rear hub! Mint NOS with original box! 50.00 plus postage
  48. bobcycles

    PREWAR GOOD STUFF - bars, ea torp, Jiffy, horn F/S

    MINTY!!!!!! 1930s Original plating extra wide Steer horn bars. I would say these are NOS No bar clamp wear on the shim at all. Wow! these are NICE These are not standard width steer horn bars but an inch or so wider 75.00 obo Plus postage ---------SOLD EXCELLENT prewar front loader 6...
  49. New Mexico Brant

    Sold TOC Bars with Wood Grips and Stem

    Nice solid, straight, and heavy duty weight TOC bars with wood turned grips and stem. The bars/stem have rust overall with very fine pitting; the wood grips are solid enough to be ridden but both have an open crack at one spot each. The brass or copper grip ferrules have a very dark patina...