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  1. spomalley86

    Daisy Bb gun pistol toy

    Daisy bb gun/ pistol Not tested, looks to be in fair condition. Trigger and hammer are loose. Made of metal, made in the USA. 33.50 shipped
  2. mongeese

    TOC mens f/f and headset - Fauber bb

    250 shipped from Wi. No damage- really nice condition.
  3. Artweld

    Early vintage tandem BB bracket I. D.

    Made a post awhile back on these bb on a vintage tandem still trying to identify the maker of the frame any help or info would be helpful so I can perhaps badge the frame and try to do a more reasonable period correct style tandam
  4. phantom

    Hanh Colt 45 BB Gun and Western Fast Draw Rig

    Comes with original box dated 1959. Toe forward custom leather gun belt with hammer loop and thigh tie down. $160 shipped. add'l pics available.
  5. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Sweet Condition 6.75" Columbia 1930's DD Crank, Sprocket and BB set w/htf Correct Races! ~ ~

    Super nice hard to find setup here. Look at the condition of the parts in the images. No surprises the races are correct profile and excellent. Early open TORRINGTON bearings in excellent shape. 1" pitch high spec chainring. These pieces were from a high spec '36/'37 Crescent badged bicycle...
  6. phantom

    Hahn Colt 45 BB Revolver $160

    Excellent condition. Untested. Box has Schramm Sports Shop stickers on it from 1959 Mechanism works as it should. Pull hammer back, cylinder rotates and cocks trigger. Trigger works well also. Has never has a cartridge installed. Box shows shelf wear. Actual size & weight of a real Colt
  7. carlitos60

    Curious,,, BB Patent Date 1895

    Just Curious,,, PIERCE BB Patent Date 1895!!! It's Mine!! Has Anyone Else Noticed This on Their Bike?
  8. Pedals Past

    Sold Rare pedals BB still available and sold Torrington 15 mens tear drop pedals

    reproduction no shafts or tubes engraving is all there chrome is perfect needs blocks these are too short and used you wont find these better backplate is engraved says made in America $600 ...I have a set of repoo Bb Or skylark pedals with repop blocks no shafts chromed matching set used in...
  9. Dobie


    Machined Racycle draw bolt replacement. Measurements - 8 MM on left thread; 10 MM for right thread and 12MM on shoulder. $45 shipped from Nova Scotia
  10. bikiba

    Sold Wald BB Tool with box

    $22 shipped - paypal as a friend please
  11. tech549

    Sold BB headbadge and screws

    nice badge $ 160.00 shipped
  12. tech549

    Sold BB chainring and crank

    crank threads are stripped will include all hardware $165.00 shipped
  13. ranman

    BB progress

    Some on here have asked for progress reports on my bluebird. I just got back from my third trip to the platers and as you can see in the pic I have at 1 more trip(at least). I am a rookie at full bicycle restoration but am learning a lot. Rechromed parts are very interesting and alluring in a...
  14. mongeese

    Excellent prewar Westfield Columbia BB hardware Torrington bearings

    Original finish - 60 shipped from Wisconsin. You will regret it at some point if you do not buy now.
  15. gtdohn

    Sold 1901 Monarch Cushion Frame with Split BB

    Nice survivor. Only thing upgraded is the saddle is professionally reupholstered. Has the cushion frame with shock and leaf, and also has a split bottom bracket. Needs a nice modern wheel set and you're on the road. Handle bars thread into the stem. Very, very nice pedals, and awesome badge...
  16. lounging

    1950's Serial Number on BB Help i.d.

    Hi can someone help me out. I am looking at a 1950's schwinn and the serial numbers are on the bottom bracket. It starts with a G and has five numbers following it. Shouldn't it have six numbers after the G?
  17. E

    Bearing cone B.B. restoration?

    I am so close to being able to ride my 1911 Iver, but the B.B. bearing cone is badly pitted and is missing a few chunks. So what have other cabers done in a situation like this? Has any body had any luck with repairing with metal spraying and then machining? Brazing then machining? All...