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  1. atencioee

    Sold Vintage 2 Speed Bendix Hub Assembly

    2 Speed Bendix hub with shifter, cable, clips, etc. I believe this to be a mid 50s model used on some Schwinn bikes, but not sure. To be honest, I don't know much about these, and I lack familiarity as I have never used one of these on any bike, nor did I take the time to disassemble/rebuild...
  2. hm.

    Schwinn fresh from the trash

    Today in Inglewood I was helping a friend with his 56 bug and the neighbor rolls this out to the curb and dumps it next to the trash cans for the scrap guy. Knocked on his door to make 100% sure it was cool to swoop it up.. And he says "take it" Rear hub says Bendix 2 speed auto? Serial...
  3. J

    40s Roadmaster

    Hi I am putting my old roadmaster up for sale from what I can tell it is complete. 500 will consider offers
  4. Bike Recyclery

    HUGE NOS Schwinn / Sturmey Archer / Bendix / Raleigh Lot For Sale: Hubs/forks/hardware/speedo/bolts/wheels/fenders/decals/catalogs....

    A while ago I bought out a closed Schwinn shop, and have carefully inventoried and listed it all on www.BikeRecyclery.com. It has all been selling regularly, but it's time to focus more on my performance road/mountain side of the business. All this Schwinn/Raleigh/Sturmey/Bendix will be put to...
  5. Jive Turkey

    Bendix Red Band Two-Speed Kickback Hub/Spokes

    Bendix red band two speed kickback hub and spokes. This was working when I pulled it off a '64 Schwinn last Summer. It could use some fresh grease and a little cleanup. The spokes are correct for a 26" wheel. Needs a few new nipples as not all of them were salvageable. I'm asking $85 shipped to...
  6. F

    Bendix 2 spd kickback index spring NOS,

    NOS 2 speed Bendix index spring AB 26
  7. Jim Barnard

    1959 Schwinn Speedster with shop? added front brake git up!

    This pic is about late Summer. I am happily in a storage bin, making notes on what bikes I would want to make offers on. I have sworn off on buying any more red bikes, so I am trying to avoid making eye contact with the red bikes in the pile. This always works. So, by now the owner and I have...
  8. Bike Recyclery

    Bendix & Sturmey Archer Hubs / Shells: Kickback - Dynohub - Fixed/Free Mod - AW/AG/SW - RB2 (many NOS)

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & www.bikerecyclery.com There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  9. H

    WTB: 1968 - 72 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed or 1968 - 70 Schwinn Stingray Coaster with Bendix 2-speed kickback overdrive hub.

    Hello All! I just discovered this site after getting the bug to find my bikes that I had in the 60's and 70's. I loved and lived on my old Stingrays, as I'm sure that many of you have! My goal is to find a bike to restore or find one that is restored. I'm looking for a complete 1968 - 72...
  10. Jay81

    Reduced Bendix Red Band Single Speed Hubs 36H & 28H

    Prices include shipping to the lower 48. USPS Money Order only. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD, SEND ME A PM IF INTERESTED. THANKS! Red band single speed. These three are 36 hole, left has 19 teeth, center and right have 20 teeth each. Your choice $35 $25 shipped each. 28 hole, 18...
  11. partsguy

    Need HELP Routing Shifter Cable for Bendix 2-Speed

    Hey guys. I need some SERIOUS help here. I cannot find the correct way to route my shifter cable for my 1955 Radiobike's Bendix 2-speed hub. I even have an untouched '55 Customliner 2-speed to compare to, but that is women's bike and is probably routed differently. I do not have detailed pics of...
  12. Mike Mart

    Bendix 2 speed kickback

    Bendix 2 speed kickback hub and rim. 36 hole, rust on rim, hub is rust free but needs to be rebuilt, never been opened. $75.00 + shipping.
  13. kirk thomas

    Sold early Bendix 2spd. kickback rim $50+ the ride

    This rim is for a 26" tire and works as it should. I have bench tested this and it appears to shift and brake as it should. I have not installed on a bike and tried it. This rim should clean up nicely for a good rider. I would like $50 plus you pay actual shipping cost. I can send you the weight...
  14. SimpleMan

    Sold Bendix 2 speed kickback hub

    For your consideration. A nice Bendix 2 speed kick back. Works smoothly. Good chrome...no rust. Greasy, as removed. $70 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  15. kirk thomas

    Manual Bendix 2 speed wheel set in NY

    https://syracuse.craigslist.org/bop/d/1960s-bendix-2-speed-26-hub/6606843407.html I can pick up and ship
  16. B

    Schwinn Bendix two speed kickback 36 spoke

    Schwinn Bendix two speed kickback 36 spoke. Chrome and painted stripes in very good condition. Works properly. Ready for your project $130 shipped Best to text or email direct 734.358.7147 carzncigarz@aol.com Thanks!
  17. KevinM

    WTB Bendix 76 Hubs-Hole count is unimportant

    I am looking for new or used Bendix 76 hubs. Hole count is not important. I don't care if they are froze up. I need a lot of them so if you have one or two that is not what I want. Someone has to have USPS flat rate boxes full of these somewhere. I don't need the sprockets either. I just need...
  18. partsguy

    Bendix 2-Speed hub or parts

    I got taken, apparently. I was sold a "working" Bendix Aviation 2-Speed. It never stayed in gear and slipped all the time. I finally took the wheel to the LBS. Cracked internal race and a bent axle. So, I need a new hub casing and axle, or a complete replacement.
  19. S

    Sale Pending Reasonable $ Schwinn parts bendix yellow 2 spd wheels ,carrier, wing guard

    1. one set of schwinn s-7 wheels used 3 yellow ring 2 spd rear brake hub. brick yard tire 2. 1.75. Front schwinn script hub and white wall schwinn tire. rims have some rust good for original bike restore. Tires hold air but cracking... $87shipped. 2. Front Schwinn mouse trap carrier, just need...
  20. bobcycles


    #1 Red Band 2speed Kick back Bendix hub. Spins free and attempting to actuate the 2 speeds by hand I would say it works, but no guarantees. An 'as found' hub in cosmetically good condition and I would bet mechanically as well 65.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or PM here...
  21. bobcycles


    NOS Bendix 120 Gauge hub some minor shelf wear but looks unused. Has NOS shoulder bolts on board for the stand. Rare hub in excellent condition! 110.00 shipped bobcycles@aol.com or PM here
  22. z-bikes

    Sold NOS Bendix Complete 2-Speed Hub

    Complete right down to the brake strap NOS manual shift Bendix 2-speed hub. $125 shipped. It may take a day or two to ship. First PM gets it.
  23. Chiptosser

    Bendix Brake part

    Gentlemen! Would anyone have a bendix brake actuator, in there stock that looks like this?


    Just finished up with the 1956 Evans-Colson Matador, The sales flyer states that the red Matador came with a 2 speed kickback..I am assuming that it was a Bendix hub .If so was it a red band? Need some info so I can get the correct style hub ...
  25. looneymatthew

    Bendix clamps/nuts bolts lot

    All pictured 27 shipped
  26. ivrjhnsn

    Sold BENDIX 2 spd manual shift cables

    Selling these two NOS Bendix 2 speed shift cables . New old stock. $35 mailed. paypal ok. First to converse if interested. Thanks.
  27. Kenny Middendorf

    66 panther bendix coaster brake

    Hey everyone , I am rebuilding my first rear hub . So once i pulled it apart one of the bearing cages had disintegrated and needs to be replaced . My question is are all Bendix coaster brake bearing sets the same or do i need to find part #'s. its off my 66 panther . thanks Kenny
  28. Kenny Middendorf

    66 panther bendix coaster brake

    Hey everyone , I am rebuilding my first rear hub . So once i pulled it apart one of the bearing cages had disintegrated and needs to be replaced . My question is are all Bendix coaster brake bearing sets the same or do i need to find part #'s. its off my 66 panther . thanks Kenny


  30. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Beautiful Bendix yellow band 2 speed kickback hub 36 spoke

    Here is a super clean, beautiful yellow band kickback Bendix 2 speed hub. No rust whatsoever, this thing is super clean. The yellow stripes are partially worn away one one side as shown in the pic. To turn it by hand it spins freely, but it seems to be stuck in gear. I’m not sure, I’m not a hub...
  31. Pedals Past

    Reduced Bendix 2 speed shift handle actuator

    No hub shift handle actuator and clamp $200 ff/pp shipped 48 usa usps pm to buy will not split it up sorry $125 shipped
  32. Pedals Past

    36 hole 1/2” pitch Bendix 2 speed hub

    Hub shifter actuator clamp instructions $350 shipped ff/pp 48 usa pm to buy
  33. blincoe

    Large TALL bendix cabinet

    Looking for a large display cabinet like this. Willing to pay up for a complete nice one. PM me, email me or call me. Alecjamesblincoe@yahoo.com 562-391-3959 Thanks!!
  34. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ WW2 Era Blackout Hubs ~ New Departure, Morrow, Westfield, Bendix! ~ ~

    Great Blackout hub selection today @Krakatoa! These are in a raw as harvested state and have been surface cleaned only~ 1. ND D SOLD 2. ND WL SOLD 3. ND W SOLD 4. Morrow O1 36 13 SOLD 5. Westfield SOLD 6. Bendix SOLD
  35. island schwinn

    Rear axle for a Bendix w speed manual hub.

    Like it says.pm works best.
  36. the2finger

    Bendix yelloband kickback hub

    Hey Kids, It’s time to spring clean. Nice yelloband kickback. Bought it to put on a bike but never got around to it. Was told it works but i would go thru it. $ 90.00 shipped conus.
  37. bike

    NOS bendix 2 speed power brake 36 hole

    hub shell to convert my 28 hole- would consider whole hub pix and price pm or xhtz@yahoo.com do not post here thanks This is a cable operated unit not a kick back
  38. z-bikes

    Reduced 20" Schwinn S2 with Bendix blue band 2-speed

    Bendix blue band overdrive 2-speed in Stingray S2 rim. Hub looks fine and does shift although I suspect it needs to be cleaned and greased. Rim is fair at best. Moderate rust and several dings and dents plus 5 spokes missing. I did a quick cleanup of one section just to see how it could look...
  39. redline1968

    Schwinn s7 rims red band bendix and westfields

    Please note this is a money order only sale...This set is Trued and super straight with schwinn westwind white wall tires , red band bendix hub schwinn script front hub. Excellent spokes.......It’s all schwinn ....cant get better than this ..just needs your bike... very hard to find in almost...
  40. Danny the schwinn freak

    Reduced Bendix Aviation 2 speed drop center rear wheel, not a kickback

    Here is a Bendix two speed lever style rear hub in a drop center wheel. It spins free and isn’t frozen up. Sprocket is missing a tooth. I don’t have the shifter. What you see is all I have. $60 shipped for the complete wheel or $30 shipped for the hub only.
  41. cds2323

    Sold Bendix 2-speed yellow band hub

    Here's a Bendix 2-speed yellow band kickback hub. Spins freely. I have not used this hub, it came to me like this in a box of parts. 36 hole hub. The brake arm has a little black spray paint on it. $70 shipped PAYMENT BY U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER
  42. Mike Hughes


    ( N.O.S. BENDIX 2/ SPEED AUTOMATIC & OVERDRIVE, RED, YELLOW & BLUE BAND HUBS ) Hi, I have a limited supply of new old stock parts needed to rebuild these hubs. I have some bearings but not all, If you need bearings I will need the number on your bearing retainer. The parts that I am out of are...
  43. deepsouth

    Bendix kickback hub repair

    Anyone out there who can service/ rebuild a red band kickback? I've got a few to be done.
  44. bike

    thanks cabe!

  45. bobcycles


    NOS HUB for the paper boy bikes and 50's era Schwinn Cycle trucks.. Its NOS but chrome is LIGHT minor patina.... still looks very nice and clearly looks NOS. This was never used or laced 85.00 shipped bobcycles@aol.com
  46. KevinM

    ISO Bendix 2 Speed Automatic Brake Discs

    I am looking for a bunch of usable copper and steel brake discs for the Bendix 2 Speed manual Hubs.


    Hello Cabers ! I am in need of a Bendix brake arm expander for a blue band 2 speed automatic hub ,As yo can see in the photo mine is shot...Anybody have one?
  48. M

    Bendix 2 Speed 36 Hole Red Band Coaster Brake $125

    Bendix 2 Speed 36 Hole Red Band Coaster Brake $125 $125 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  49. M

    Bendix 2 Speed 28 Hole Yellow Band Coaster Brake $125

    Bendix 2 Speed 28 Hole Yellow Band Coaster Brake Hub $125 The threads are good, axle is straight, 2 speed action works when I shift it with my hands. However I have not tried to check it under load. $125 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  50. rollfaster

    Bendix 22 tooth rear sprockets

    for RB-2 hubs. All NOS. 4 available. $25.00 shipped to the lower 48. USPS money order please.