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  1. T

    Bianchi Columbus SBX Reparto Corse Vintage Road Bike Shimano

    Bianchi Columbus SBX Reparto Corse Vintage Road Bike Shimano On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bianchi-Columbus-SBX-Reparto-Corse-Vintage-Road-Bike-Shimano-TriColor-600-60cm/163856833858?
  2. Tom B/Bike Karma Podcast

    SAVE THE DATE - Wethersfield (CT) Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet! June 9th

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  3. carlitos60

    Help! 1912 WW1 Bianchi Bersaglieri Folding Bike!

    Just Bought a 1912 WW1 Bianchi Bersaglieri Folding Bike! 1st Generation Model! But Need the BB Assembly and Sprocket Assembly!! Anyone?? Thanks!
  4. Wayne Adam

    Bianchi "Susanna" Folding bike value?

    Hi People, Does anyone have any idea of the value of a vintage Bianchi Susanna folding bike.? These were quality bikes made in Italy. Please let me know. Thanks, Wayne
  5. marius.suiram

    '59 Bianchi de Luxe

    Hi guys, What do you think about this Bianchi? 3 speed, Sturmey-Archer, marked 59. Internal routed rear brake cable. Thanks
  6. KingSized HD

    Bianchi Project 7

    Picked this up for a sweet price yesterday. I’m having a tough time finding a Bianchi catalog online but believe this bike was bought in 2/91. If you can Reply with some info on the model or have a spec sheet I’d appreciate any help. This bike’s had some deferred maintenance but I think it...
  7. HARPO

    My First BIANCHI...

    Attached are two photos from the ebay listing of the bike I just bought. I hope to pick it up on Sunday, but the seller needs to get back to me about that. Yes...it needs quite a bit of work, but it's a Celeste Bianchi...:cool: which I've wanted for years now! Rarely seen in my size, this will...
  8. C

    Reduced 1961 Bianchi Integrated Headset

    1961 Bianchi Integrated Headset ..... 57 cm c to t. Universal brakes, Siguino crank, clincher wheels Nice old frame with Bianchi' integrated headset. Looks like components were added as time went by. Restore or ride a classic. Bag and front rack are negotiable $500 plus shipping . Chuck...
  9. Kenny Middendorf

    auction finds royal and bianchi 50's

    found these at an auction the other nite , I'm not shure what to do with them though . Thats the start of another avenue of my collection I don't have room for . may sell one or both if anyone would like to have them . both are 3spd. both are orignal and compleat.pic tell the rest. ride...
  10. M

    1981 Bianchi Super Corsa 58cm

    Excellent condition, vintage Bianchi. Top of the line for 1981. Original owner. Bike is complete and stock. Titanium bottom bracket, titanium wheel axles, titanium pedal axles. Leather on the handle bars. Mavic OR7 wheels. 19 lbs complete. Extra wheels, tires, catalog and owner's manual. All...
  11. usarnie1

    Two 1950's Bianchi 3 speeds

    I have been looking to purchase a mid century Bianchi 3 speed for quite a long time. Two weeks ago a 1957 Bianchi 3 speed apeared in Craigslist Long Beach, CA. I purchased that bike. I had to change both rims, as they were rusted beyond help! Then, a week later a 1958 Bianchi 3 speed apeared...
  12. Vintage Paintworx

    Vintage Bianchi Frame

    Picked up today, customer wants the chrome cleaned up a bit and patina paint it celeste green.
  13. fatbike

    1983 Bianchi Grizzly early mtb

    Got this sweet ride from a fellow caber at Iron Ranch. Crazy head tube angle 68 degrees and a big frame. Been riding and commuting with it this week. Its not build for speed unless its straight down. Nice tubing, Itshiwata Magny and lugged. Ita a cool bike.
  14. mongeese

    Sold Zeus derailleur - scarce

    130 shipped from Wisconsin. Factory drillium 1st generation Zeus 2000 rear derailleur. Titanium bolt. Fantastic bicycle part.
  15. mongeese

    Reduced Campagnolo 1037 pedals early steel cage

    185 or best offer shipped from Wisconsin. Uncleaned great survivor condition.
  16. mongeese

    Eroica carnielli lugged track stem

    This stem is for specific riders. The kind of rider that passes up the colorful spandex wearers. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing such. 110$ shipped from Wisconsin. 22.2 0.811 10cm