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  1. JimRoy

    Sold New 1” Block Chain

    63” new Peer 1” pitch block chain with master link. New never used. $139 shipped to lower 48 states. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, JimRoy
  2. mike cates

    Elliott Self Oiling Block Chain

    Here is a original and useable one inch pitch block chain of the Elliott Self Oiling pattern. It will need oiling and freeing up of some links but nothing to be concerned about for installation on a rideable bicycle. It was used on Elliott Hickory and Columbia Cushion Tire and Pneumatic Tire...
  3. mike cates

    As Found early rusty original Block Chain

    Just found these sections of original Block Chain in rusty shape but good to complete an unrestored original display bike or wall hanger. Could be loosened up by soaking in penetrating oil and using some elbow grease. One inch pitch, laminated blocks made up of 6 laminates each , blocks profile...
  4. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Diamond BLOCK CHAIN - The cool one with the cut-outs! - TOC

    1" pitch "skip tooth", standard 3/16" width, with the super cool diamond shaped cut-outs! This is the block chain everybody wants. Don't be lame and let your friend buy this.. then THEY would be the cool kid in town and not you! It has some surface rust in areas, but I didn't want to clean it...
  5. mongeese

    Reduced Block chain 65$ stamped with cog with wire master link

    65 REDUCED shipped from Wisconsin or best offer. Some stiff links - chain is in great condition and not mucked with. 49 links.
  6. gtdohn

    TOC Block Chain

    Looking for a 3/16" 56 link block chain with master like this:
  7. MsRock2

    Sold 1/4 Block Chain 52" $65 shipped

    $65.00 shipping included. PM friends. 1/4" block size. Thanks. Located in San Diego
  8. I

    Sold TOC 1/4" Block Chain - Indianapolis Chain

    1/4" Block Chain from the Indianapolis Chain & Stamping Co., which was purchased and renamed the more familiar Diamond Chain Co. in 1905. Very nice condition, ready to install and ride away. 53 links; master link with screw; stamped INDPLS on link next to master. $160/shipped, payment via...
  9. ivrjhnsn

    Sold Block Chain 3/16" x 37" long

    Up for sale,, a small length of 3/16" wide block chain, 37" long with a cool master link. $35 mailed. Paypal ok ..Thanks for looking
  10. mike cates


    This is an update of a post I did a few years ago. About me: I have been a member of The Wheelmen Antique Bicycle Club for many years. I have sold many NOS 1" PITCH BLOCK CHAINS to antique bicycle collectors and riders to get their bicycles completed and back on the road again. Attached are...
  11. mongeese

    Nice block chain

    Moves very well. In original condition and has not been cleaned. Master link works very smoothly. One pin seems to have been replaced. 3/16ths width 51 link - 52 1/2 inches long 130 shipped from Wisconsin
  12. detroitbike

    Sold N.O.S. Diamond Block chain

    As shown a New Old Stock Diamond block chain. .In the MINT original tin. $500.00 SHIPPED
  13. C

    Antique Block chain.

    I’ve got a chain I’m trying to i.d.. It’s an incredible 83 links and I think an old block chain. Any ideas?
  14. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Block Chain 54 inches W/ Master

    Beautiful, slinky, cleaner than most, TOC block chain It is 54 link including the master that fastens with a screw. Very sturdy, no sideways play. $85 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states only. PayPal as friends. Thanks
  15. carlitos60

    How to Replace a Block Chain Link Pin???

    Just Wondering IF There is a Way on How to Replace a Block Chain Link Pin??? Since Pins are WAYyyyyyy Stronger, Thicker, than Regular Links!!! Anyone????
  16. carlitos60

    Found 3/16" Block Chain w 55+ Links!

    3/16" Block Chain w 55+ Links! and a Master Key!
  17. carlitos60

    Block Chain Key 3/16"

    Block Chain Key 3/16"
  18. gtdohn

    Sold TOC 1/4" Block Chain 50 link + 2 extra links

    Beautiful 1/4" block chain from the late 1800s. With a good cleaning this would be like new. It is in perfect hardly used condition and very slinky. All links are free and tight side to side. Super nice chain and heavy duty. Comes with 2 extra links marked "STEARNS" 50 links including master...
  19. detroitbike

    Block Chain - N.O.S. Diamond

    Block Chain - N.O.S. . ...$600
  20. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Block Chain 56 link with master

    Nice old block chain that has 56 links including the master. Needs some cleaning , but can be used as is. Fully functional. $50 shipped to the lower 48 states PayPal as friends Thank you
  21. D

    Sold 5 /16 block chain

    Some very hard to find block chain 5 /16 for your very early bike. What I have is a piece 35 inches long and another13 inches long . no connector link.This wide of Block chain is hard to come by. $ 85.00 shipped US or Canada
  22. neighbor

    Toc Block Chain 1898

    Made by the Indianapolis Chain Company, it has the abbreviation for Indianapolis on one of the links. Here's a bit of history ; http://historicindianapolis.com/a-room-with-a-view-the-indianapolis-chain-and-stamping-co/ $135.25 Thanks This Chain is in NH