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  1. cbustapeck

    Sold Blue Five speed Stick Shift - 1968 Schwinn Stingray Fastback, $375 shipped OBO

    It's an August, 1968, Schwinn Stingray Fastback, in Blue, with a five speed stick shifter for $375 OBO, shipped. It's almost complete - just needs a front fender and chain guard - and the shifter moves smoothly and includes the overload tube. What more need be said? (Yes, I'm aware of just how...
  2. L

    Troxel Saddle : ladies or Juvenile, Blue

    Troxel Saddle : ladies or Juvenile, Blue believe this is mid /late 1950's Please see pics for condition $30 plus shipping from dc
  3. A

    Various Classic Bikes for Sale

    I have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell, in addition to bike frames and bike parts (tubes, spokes, seats, bolts, tires). I understand there is a separate parts section which I will also list in, however I am looking to sell my collection in its entirety for a...
  4. jrcarz

    wanted 64 65 or 66 Sky blue Coaster Stingray

    Looking for Complete Bike in nice condition. A Super Deluxe is a plus. Prefer White walls with Solo Polo seat for 64 or 65. P.M. or call , or text 847-401-1332 Thanks
  5. L

    Withdrawn Schwinn Deluxe Tornado Girls's Ladies $300

    Schwinn Deluxe Tornado: I've decided to let this one go .... only because I've had it 2 years and haven't even wiped the dust off it ! much less degrease and wax/polish. Been taking up space in the guest room. ( Oh , and now we have company coming) Offered as found. Its in much cleaner...
  6. Jon Marinello

    Reduced NOS Blue 170mm Team Schwinn BMX Drive-side Crank

    $155 shipped CONUS PayPal Friends and Family.
  7. Glenn Rhein

    Found Face for blue clipper speedometer

    Not looking for a decal but a decent face for a Stewart Warner blue face clipper speedometer
  8. T

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-FASTBACK-1966-original-boys-5-speed-blue/143006568722?
  9. Clark58mx

    Sold 1954 Schwinn Panther Deluxe Men’s RARE BLUE

    Up for sale is my 1954 Schwinn Panther deluxe men’s bike. Rare two tone blue. The serial number is M54013. This is a original paint bike, except the tank. The tank has been repainted and is a reproduction. It’s the metallic Schwinn paint. It’s a nice rider. Equipped with a Schwinn front drum...
  10. Tyberius

    Blue Schwinn Tiger Renovation

    Started pulling apart the 1950s Tiger I got as part of a package deal for an old Raleigh. I figured I would begin my training on the suble art of Evaporust and see if I can bring this Tiger back from extinction. I thought I'd start on the chainguard to see how the rust removal goes with the...
  11. fordmike65

    TRADE ONLY!!! :Ladies deluxe Airflow guard in dark blue

    Looking to trade this very nice deluxe Shelby Airflow guard for another nice condition in a darker blue to better match the rest of the bike. No issues with this one. Very straight and perfect for that original bike or use on your resto. THIS GUARD IS NOT FOR SALE, TRADE ONLY..so don't even...
  12. fordmike65

    WANTED:Ladies deluxe Airflow guard in dark blue

    Looking to trade this very nice deluxe Shelby Airflow guard for another nice condition in a darker blue to better match the rest of the bike. No issues with this one. Very straight and perfect for that original bike or use on your resto. THIS GUARD IS NOT FOR SALE, TRADE ONLY..so don't even...
  13. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: D.P. Harris/Rollfast Blue Ribbon Advertising Pamphlet

    Measuring about 9 by 11 1/2 inches when closed, this is an original fold out ad for Harris' Blue Ribbon line of Bicycles. Undated, but looks to be circa 1920 or so? $20 shipped or best offer.
  14. John G04

    I think thats blue

    https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/bik/d/red-schwinn-project/6612212243.html maybe its the wrong picture and he took this one by accident?
  15. D

    Blue Moon Bicycles "KRATEFEST"

    Saturday, June 16, 2018 in Sycamore Illinois Info: 815-899-3100
  16. S

    Ladies luxury liner pAint scheme?Was it only the blue and white?

  17. Pedals Past

    Sold restored Blue Bird Pedals

    New Fox rubber new chrome unknown origin most likely repops, no shafts , very nice show quality $725 shipped insured usps 48 states ff/pp
  18. kirk thomas

    1979 blue Sting Ray in NY

    https://plattsburgh.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-1979-blue-schwinn/6608550215.html I can pick up and ship
  19. B

    Schwinn blue six hole rear rack

    Looking for a Schwinn 6 hole rear rack in blue. Thanks!
  20. bikepaulie

    Jan 1966(?) Schwinn Varsity ten-speed step-through in blue....

    Recently acquired. Here’s pics. Curious about the serial number missing the year. Also, the downtube shifter mount, combined with stem shifters. Is this a prototype bike?
  21. T


  22. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1968 Schwinn Stingray Sky Blue Coaster Brake J38 Standard Model

    Please PM direct with any questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer pays actual Bikeflights Shipping in the lower 48 USA December 68 Stingray in complete and original condition except for the missing rear reflector and rear Goodyear knobby tire. SOLD. plus shipping.
  23. D

    Sold Reduced again - Blue Schwinn Cantilever Tank

    This tank is very straight and is nice inside. No horn. After a closer look at the tank I am pretty sure this is an original black tank. Then at some point the black was repainted blue. There still remains signs of black under the blue. $85.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  24. ZE52414

    Prewar schwinn cobalt blue front fender

    Looking to buy a front fender like the one pictured without the wiring hole. Let me know if anything is out there. Thank you.
  25. Nickinator

    Sold NOS Vintage Red White & Blue Streamers

    Have a few sets of these vintage streamers. Not sure what decade they are from, I would guess somewhere between 1950-70's. Brand new in package- package is brittle and yellowed, and may be open in areas. I took a set out (see pic), and they look nice and new inside. Ends are metal wire/clips...
  26. deddings

    1950's roadmaster (painted 1956 chevy blue) at Memory Lane

    Hey there all. I know this is a long shot. But after the Memory Lane swap meet, I am regretting not purchasing a bike I saw. I can not remember the gentleman's name, but he had a 1950's Roadmaster that was painted 1956 Chevy Blue. He said he was taking it to Ann Arbor if it did not sell at...
  27. MsRock2

    Sold Pair Blue Balloon Fenders, $55 delivered in USA

    Fenders for balloon tires. 3" wide - see photo for measurements.PM for more information or more detailed photos. Located in San Diego. Asking $55 for pair of fenders and I'll ship them to you in USA but not NY - too expensive to ship there but will split with you.
  28. Puruconm


    Looking for a set of( BLUE BIRD BIKE PEDALS) Any conditions like this one
  29. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ WTB Pre War WESTFIELD 26" Balloon Fork in OG Blue Paint ~ ~

    Please like this as shown. Will consider women's for so long as cross section if fork leg is a stout. See pics red fotk is also balloon 26" but off Women's and has more slender arms. Blue fork has heavier larger cross section. Thanks, Nate
  30. deepsouth

    Cobalt Blue???

    I recently acquired a 1951 B6. It's in need of a complete makeover . I have always liked the cobalt blue and ivory color combination .Doing research, it seems there are variations of the color. Which would be correct for this bike. I've included some photos of the various shades. Did this color...
  31. frank 71

    Help To Identify Blue Bike

    Has been repainted, Drop Center Wheels, Ser No. on the Seat Post. No Badge. New Wald Fenders.
  32. Glenn Rhein

    Schwinn S2 26inch wheels white blue pin

    Should clean up a little better. $49 plus shipping $49 plus shipping
  33. ZE52414

    My blue phantom Is changing to a green b6

    Started off all blue. And actually have a tank on the way to me that is house painted blue lmao. Hopefully when I strip it, it turns green too lmao.
  34. ZE52414

    Sold Set of 2 alloy rims laced with a blue Sachs 2 speed torpedo-automatic

    26” I don’t know much about these 2 speed hubs but from what I was reading I think from the 70s/80s. Seems to be in great shape. Spins nice. Asking 200 plus shipping on the wheels. If you want just the rear hub we can work something out. Tires are not included.
  35. S

    Schwinn Stingray Blue Triplets

    selling 3 blue stingrays coaster 3 speed and 5 speed all original condition very clean paint seats and chrome (coaster has aftermarket tires otherwise original 3 speed all original and 5 speed has repop slick and tractor on front excellent riding ready to go bikes will be packaged to survive the...
  36. irideiam

    Looking for a 1961-1962 Radiant Blue Ladies American

    61-62 had the painted fenders with white tips, and the deluxe guard. Let me know what you have, Thanks
  37. ace

    Sold Complete Postwar Blue Schwinn DX Horn Tank

    Decent original horn tank. Some paint loss. $250 shipped.
  38. sm2501

    Found Light blue Elgin rims/wheels

    I need to upgrade my Miss America bike, and the rims are pretty rough. Anybody have a set of rims or wheels in light blue?
  39. COB

    Sold Blue Prewar Roadmaster

    Please note that the original paint on this bike is very shiny. It appears that something has been used to enhance the shine but I don't know what it is. I cannot say for certain that the bike has not been clear-coated. Look closely at the photos and draw your own conclusions. The paint on the...
  40. willswares1220

    Sold ~ Teen's - 20's " Blue Grass " motorbike project for Parts ~

    SORRY ~ ( I decided to part out in this thread, Instead of selling whole ) ( " Blue Grass" Motorbike for Parts: ) Available > Project Motorbike Frame ~ Fork ~ Head badge ~ Chain Ring & cranks > $250.00 shipped > SOLD < Diamond Chain ( 55 links ) > $40.00 Shipped > SOLD < Heavy spring...
  41. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Blue push car

    For 1 to 3 tear old kids. Local pick up only 75.00
  42. z-bikes

    Reduced 20" Schwinn S2 with Bendix blue band 2-speed

    Bendix blue band overdrive 2-speed in Stingray S2 rim. Hub looks fine and does shift although I suspect it needs to be cleaned and greased. Rim is fair at best. Moderate rust and several dings and dents plus 5 spokes missing. I did a quick cleanup of one section just to see how it could look...
  43. jungleterry

    Found Red white and blue Shelby

    Hello tammy and I would be looking for another boys to match this one or the ladies version if there out there . Please let us know what you have . Thank you terry and tammy
  44. jungleterry

    Ladies Shelby in red white and blue

    Wondering if anyone has a picture of the girls version of this one . Like to get one for my wife if they even made one . Let us know what's out there I think they refer to this color as americacolor or something like that . Thank you Terry and Tammy
  45. Krakatoa

    ~ CL Birmingham Red White Blue Western Flyer Huffman Ladies! ~

    Kinda cool... https://bham.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-antique-1950s-western/6507051852.html
  46. irideiam

    Looking for a Flamboyant Blue Hollywood Chain Guard

    Like this, but in better shape for a 26" frame. Flamboyant Blue was only used in 1962 & 1963 on the Hollywood, so it is a little harder to find and verify unless you know the difference between the more common Radiant Blue & Sky Blue or have a frame with the original guard you can verify date...
  47. M

    Advice Please: Found 1963 Girls Columbia Rambler (Flamboyant Blue)

    Hello all! I’m am essentially bicycle illiterate, particularly with vintage bikes. I rescued this specimen this week from a scrap metal recycling dump. She is currently in three pieces (body and 2 wheels), but I don’t believe I left any of her behind. What can I say, she just spoke to me. My...
  48. Freqman1

    Sold Schwinn Stingray Grips White and Blue Sparkle

    White grips could use some Whestley's to clean them up. I believe correct for cotton Picker but I'm no expert so please do your own research. $18 shipped to lower 48 PP F&F A really nice pair of blue sparkle grips that need a light cleaning to be nearly perfect. $18 shipped to lower 48 PP...
  49. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Patriotic Red White & Blue Banana Seat w/Sissybar! Sunday Special $45 Shipped!~ ~

    Cool vintage 1970's red white and blue sparkle banana seat with sissy bar. Good condition used seat, no rips! SOLD!
  50. SJ_BIKER

    Marvel medium blue shirt

    18 shipped