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  1. bike

    thanks cabe

  2. Rayzway310

    1936 Elgin Bluebird Project for sale $5500

    Bluebird Project All parts I have are pictured $6500 shipped US
  3. catfish

    Bluebird badge !!!
  4. Awhipple

    London Craigslist Bluebird?

    Did anyone see this on the London England craigslist? I'm not sure how to post a link. They want 1500 pounds.
  5. B

    Elgin Bluebird kick stand

    500.00 plus shipping
  6. Robertriley

    Could this be my Bluebird?

    I stumbled intro this photo looking for something else and that mine? The top photo is the one that could be an original photo of my bike. The bottom two are of mine when I found it. Here are the similarities 1. It's either gray or red because of the light stripe on the tank. 2...
  7. ranman

    ‘38 Bluebird tank bezels!!!

    Now available. Bluebird tank bezels for 38 Bluebirds. I realize this is an extremely limited market. But putting the feelers out there to see if anyone else is interested in purchasing. Really nice reproduction. I had 3 made on the initial run. One is for my bike. One is already spoken for and I...
  8. fordmike65

    Bluebird on CL!!!] "Rare (red) Elgin bluebird antique bicycle , rusty but totally restorable . No lowballing!! These rare things are not for everyone serious buyers only. This item can be shipped at your expense."
  9. ranman

    Bluebird progress

    Most of the chrome parts back from the platers today. Glad we could save that piece I’m holding in my hand. Leaves me with one custom fabricated piece left.
  10. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  11. Bikermaniac

    Bluebird stem, nice although...

    So he was told on thecabe not to take less than $1,000...
  12. R


    i need the Skylark speedometer cable. longer than the normal bicycle length. its all i need to complete my Robin. a reproduction is ok too. PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. R


  14. Phattiremike

    Finally a Bluebird!

    I’ve had my feelers out there for a while, I missed out on one a month or so ago. Today I went for a unique Whizzer but came back with a Elgin Bluebird, thanks Mark! I snapped a few pictures before the sun went down. Needs to be cleaned up before she moves in, have a look. Mike
  15. PlasticNerd

    Bluebird in Seattle

    On Craigslist seattle, for trade only they say .
  16. Robertriley

    Bluebird grips

    $299 plus $20 insured shipping or trade. When is pretty nice the other has have glue to help it stay together but fits good.
  17. Robertriley

    Sold Minty Bluebird Buttons

    Minty, OG, working Bluebird Buttons. $999, best offer or trade.
  18. carlitos60

    Reduced FS: Elgin BlueBird / TwinBar STEM

    I Have had This Elgin BlueBird / TwinBar STEM for a Few Years and It's Time to Pass It On!! Great Repo and Nice Condition! $189 Shipped! OBO
  19. Robertriley

    Elgin Bluebird all powered up! Thanks 39Zep (Jeff)

    Jeff @39zep did the amazing the other day and was able to get two DOA Elgin Robins to light up and chirp for the first time in who know how many years. He's always up for a challenge so when I picked up the Robins, I dropped off my Bluebird. I have never seen or heard of an original Bluebird...
  20. C


    For sale rear fender for elgin bluebird.....needs help on the rear of the tail....see photos. $250.00 buyer pays shipping. Located in Tulsa Ok. 918-289-3300 call or text...Mark
  21. tesch

    Misc. Bluebird Parts

    Hi, Looking for a few miscellaneous bluebird parts: - rack jewel - alemite grease fittings - lens trim - head badge (I know they’re on eBay) Any help would be great. Thx in advance. PM me. Andy
  22. tesch

    Sale Pending Elgin Bluebird Seat Top

    Rusty, crusty bluebird seat top. Two screws are rusted off pan. Not sure if it has any value. Let’s start at $500. PayPal as friends or add 3%. Will entertain offers and am interested in trades. I’m currently looking for bluebird lens trim and an x-pert speedometer. Here’s my link in the wanted...
  23. tesch

    Elgin Bluebird lens trim and X-pert speedometer

    Hoping the Cabe family can help me track down the Bluebird lens trim and an x-pert speedometer. PM me. Thx! Andy Speedo pic courtesy of Saladshooters ad.
  24. catfish

    Another Bluebird on ebay................... Sort of.
  25. oskisan

    Another Bluebird on Ebay

    Another OG bluebird survivor on ebay starting at $5,000 with a buy it now at $15,000. Just missing a few things...
  26. R

    Wanted: Elgin Men's Leaf Spring Saddle

  27. Velocipedist Co.

    Newly acquired Elgin Bluebird

    So here it is! - I'm very happy with the quality of this restoration. I didn't do the work, but I was able to bring the bike up a little in its finished form by addressing a few small issues.
  28. charnleybob

    1938 Bluebird

    Would like to get a 1938 Bluebird, not the common as hen's teeth 35/36' model. Email me. Thanks!
  29. Velocipedist Co.

    Sold Bluebird Lens Trim

    Here is one (1) bluebird lens trim piece. It is a good replica, made from aluminum. $55 bucks shipped
  30. Rust_Trader

    Original Paint Elgin Bluebird

  31. Nickinator

    Sold 1936 Elgin Bluebird

    Old resto, likely 80's. Has some chips, scrapes and a couple small dings but still presents very nicely. Likely has some repop parts- buttons? lens & grips for sure, but all have age and look appropriate. Looks like it could be the old repop stuff, when it was high quality. All metal parts are...
  32. carlitos60

    Sold Skylark or BlueBird Rack!!

    Up for Grabs! Slight Fiber Glass Repair; But Solid Rack!! Shipped!
  33. Puruconm


  34. 47jchiggins

    Sold Bluebird Speedometer, NOS?

    Very nice Bluebird speedo, 35 I think, appears to be NOS or as close as it gets, there is a spec of dust on the inside of the glass. I hooked it up to a cable and it appears to be working, $735 shipped conus, postal money order or certified check preferred. Thanks Todd
  35. tesch

    Bluebird project

    Looking to see if there might be a bluebird project out there. I've amassed a lot of parts over the years. Seat, pedals, fenders, etc.... Trying to see if I might be able to put them to use. Send me a PM. Thx Andy
  36. carlitos60

    BlueBird or Skylark FORK Only!

    Up for Grabs!! $475 Shipped! OBO
  37. Nickinator

    Sold Bluebird/skylark Original grips

    i have been saving these for the longest time but came to the realization that both my bluebirds need to be restored anyway so i no longer need them, im asking 250 on them or make me an offer. they do have the original metal strip inserts that i rarly see and no chunks missing from them. Let me...
  38. Brutuskend

    found a bluebird project for sale or trade I need a dropstand for my ? 28 ? elgin
  39. Hawthornecrazy


  40. John zachow

    Elgin Bluebird Saddle Hope a Caber get this.
  41. gymmanager

    Elgin Bluebird for trade on Seattle CL The post reads: "Interesting trades considered. Cars, motorcycles, other bikes. I'm looking for offers. Whatcha got?" Personally I really hate the "try to guess my price" ads, however this is a Bluebird so it is...
  42. Higgins88

    Sold SOLD Elgin Bluebird Stem Only SOLD

    SOLD SOLD More parts to list from box as time permits...Thank you all Straight to the point >>>>> Available now <<<<< ( 1 Elgin Bluebird Bike Stem ) Good working Cond ) Has chrome loss , bolt is straight & threads are in great cond, top hex screw head has wear , underside of stem has a few...
  43. Dave Stromberger

    Elgin Bluebird Window / Toolbox Decal

    Elgin Bluebird decal for your toolbox, shop fridge or the back window of your pickup! It measures 10 inches across. I can do these in red, white, black and a few other colors on request. There's a clear vinyl transfer tape over the top. There is no background color, only the graphic. You...
  44. Velocipedist Co.

    1936 Elgin Bluebird - Progress!

    Old bluebird project of mine finally gaining momentum as I slowly hone my tig welding skills. I acquired the frame with some very old sheet metal patches brazed around the seat tube and top tube junction. This was the worse part of the bike so I decided to start there. Some great advice from...
  45. tesch

    1938 Elgin Bluebird Deluxe

    Looking for a deluxe 1938 Elgin Bluebird. Projects ok depending on work needed. Message me or email me at Thx much Andy
  46. 37fleetwood

    Av Gas

    What happens if you (accidentally) put Aviation gas into your Bluebird? probably something like this...