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  1. mongeese

    Early racer

  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold Old school BMX ! New 2010 re-issue red Oakley B-1B grips in box

    Anyone on here do old school BMX stuff? NOS Reissue New 2010 red Oakley B-1B grips with box Asking $85 shipped in the USA May trade for/toward Zorlac skateboard deck (Original or re-issue ) or CHAINGUARD for my prewar Rollfast ...
  3. 1973rx3


    Looking for some Kastan BMX Cruiser bars. Looking to buy or trade.
  4. Jay81

    Sold NOS BMX Aero Saddle

    NOS in package Aero saddle $40 shipped & insured in the lower 48 USPS money order or paypal as friends only
  5. ABC Services

    WTB 1970's BMX bicycle or parts Mongoose Redline ...

    I am looking to buy 1970's BMX bicycles, frames, or parts, Mongoose Redline Schwinn etc.... I am paypal ready or have many pre and post war balloon tire items available for trade.
  6. birdzgarage

    My bmx stash

  7. T

    Identify Murray bmx

    I have a small Murray bmx that was given to me, but don’t know anything on how to identify if it’s worth anything. Numbers are MO45330 12, ser# is K8223797. Any help would be appreciated. Thx, Tony
  8. M

    Nishiki bmx

    I found this nishiki bmx at a garage sale I believe it's early 80s . Any ideas on value?
  9. R

    70s Moto BMX i.d. Help

    Hello, Wondering if anyone out there can help me i.d. this bike and put a fair value on it. The back of the seat says “MERIDA” which seems to be a bike company. I found a pic of a green one, that’s it. Mine has coppertone paint under the primer which looks nice. Front and rear suspension works...
  10. King Louie

    OC BMX Goonies Ride

    Want to thank @Cory @birdzgarage @tripple3 for supporting our OC BMX Goonies Ride , Ride On Guys !
  11. bikesnbuses

    Intense mini M1 Limited Edition Jr kids BMX race bike in RI

    This is mine :D This is my ad..anyone local looking for a mini..; … 43797.html We bought this for my niece ,but has already outgrown it.. I believe this is a 2010? Intense...
  12. mongeese

    Rare road leather & suede seats

    Fujita 75 Brooks pro 110 Kashimax suede 300 Proffesional black suede 115 Prices is set max with free shipping from Wisconsin.
  13. partsguy

    Western Flyer Freedom BMX Project

    A rare bike for the BMX collector with an eye for the unique. I have seen minty ones sell for about $250, so this is priced about right, in my opinion...
  14. 1980 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 7

    1980 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 7

    Early BMX and MX bikes from Western Flyer, most built by Huffy Corporation.
  15. P

    Nice Western Flyer 20” bmx bike

    We have here a nice 20" Western Flyer Reactive bmx bike. Ready to ride after simple assembly. Clean bike! Bike will be packed and ready to ship anywhere. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal, money order by mail, or cash at pickup.Serial #60327-90448215H5509. $50 + shipping. Pm please. Thank you.
  16. fordmike65

    24" Cannondale Bmx i.d. help

    Buddy asked for help in figuring out exactly what this is. Says it's supposedly pretty rare with only 7 made and never actually sold to the public. One polished, the others in team red. I'll post up more pics and info as I get them. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike
  17. Wazza Down Under


    Hi Guys I'm Warren i want to buy a yamaha moto bicycle , either complete, or parts, or frame, yellow or orange , want it for my 10 year old boy Boston, for a bike and as a father and son restoration project for us to do together and get him interested in restoration work , any help on finding...
  18. rrtbike

    Sold Early 80's Rat Trap BMX Pedals $10.00 Shipped

    For Sale: Early 1980's Rat Trap Style BMX Pedals. Straight and spin well. You can see how they look. Great for old school klunker! 1/2" Threads LOWERED PRICE!!! $10.00 shipped to lower 48 from IA50022 PayPal or Money Order Thank you.
  19. birdzgarage

    Block Bikes Thursday bmx ride

    block bikes Thursday ride rich bartlett block owner, pro racer of bmx,mtb and im sure more and all around kool guy puts it on all bikes are welcome mostly bmx and mtb of one type or another lancaster ca at lancaster city park .meet up 700 by metro busses.roll out 730.Thats my son rockin my...
  20. R

    St. Louis MO old bmx race and swap

    Come on down and have a blast racing your old bike. Pm questions to me if need be.
  21. birdzgarage

    Bmx goonies

    nope,not vintage, but these reissue bmx bikes are like the fountain of youth for those of us that rocked em as kids.
  22. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 10

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 10

    Economy bikes for kids. I don't think I'd want to be caught riding these odd bikes!!
  23. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 9

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 9

    Full page, color ad for the 1983 Western Flyer XC-2 Cobra 24" BMX. A hard to find and very collectible bike today, it would cost $416.53 in 2017 dollars, according to
  24. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 8

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 8

    Color ads for the coveted Western Flyer Invader series, and the Trailduster! Check out that paint and chrome!
  25. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 7

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 7

    Western Flyer BMX accessories for 1983!
  26. C

    1980 December Made Schwinn BMX - Unknown Model

    Please any Useful info on this BMX would be Great. I know for sure Serial # Matches a December 1980 Schwinn. I'm getting a lot of mixed Info. This is exactly My Era of BMX when I was a Kid .Just not what I'm into collecting now. Possibly interested in selling. Could Ship. Thought it may be...
  27. L

    Selling off all my BMX parts

    Not collecting BMX anymore, so all parts are going for cost or below Actual shipping extra: used Profile ring $8 used Tuff Neck ring SOLD NOS Pro Neck ring $40 used Tuff Neck gold ano ring $5 NOS Tioga spider with NOS ring/bolts SOLD new Dominator saddle $20 used Trick Top saddle $20...
  28. whizzer kid

    26" BMX "earth cruiser" Jamis built

    Have this cruiser/early bmx bike I've gone threw and now need to sell it. Original minus tires and tubes. Really rides nice , some surface rust and paint loss . Apparently these were built 79-86 Not my cup of tea, someone will want it!! I hope. Or I'll Make space for it . Note: First 2...
  29. whizzer kid

    26" Earth Cruiser bmx/ cruiser

    Nice local find , not normally into BMx but this being a 26er is going to be fun. Cycles brand , Earth cruiser model . Need a good cleaning and learn more about this company and this model. I know it's. It too of line . But with a little work either a good flip or enjoy it this summer .
  30. C

    Schwinn BMX Sting

    Hi, new here, hope to find some expert members on Stings. Was there a limited number of these made? Are there numbers somewhere etched on the Sting that tells more than just the part number, like where the bike was actually manufactured? And of course the obligatory current price range check...
  31. Brian Boothe

    1982 phantom BMX?

    is there a market for these? I found a nice shape blue bike that does not have mags. looks like handlebars may have been changed. Is it worth buying to flip? I collect stingrays but came accords this one. Thanks
  32. mongeese

    Back in the saddle again

    Prices are marked and free shipping. Wisconsin location.
  33. mongeese

    Shimano 600 crank arms arabesque

    110$ shipped - 170mm - one turn key install. If bottom bracket needed let me know.
  34. M

    NOS NIB Browning 2 Speed BMX Transmission Double Cranks Vintage RARE

    Contact me if you have questions. Thanks, Mark
  35. M

    Roger DeCoster with mag wheels Not mine but my son is selling it. The wheels are in great shape for their age.
  36. Cooper S.

    Fox Valley Biketoberfest: who's bringing what

    Who's going and what are you bringing? (I didn't know there was a category for this already, sorry)
  37. TheTrikeGuy

    Looking For A 26" Tange Tx1200 Fork Uncut

    I'm looking for a 26" chrome Tange TX1200 fork for my cruiser if you have one please let me know. Oh needs to be at least a 6 1/2" steer tube. My head tube is 5 1/4" without cups.Thanks
  38. dj rudy k

    7/31 Main St's 5th Annual Cycle Recycle Bicycle Swap & Show Il.

    7/31 Main St's 5th Annual Cycle Recycle Bicycle Swap & Show Location Historic Old Town Carpentersville IL SHOW HOURS 9 AM - 2PM Host Main Street Bicycles 2016 Featured Bikes Muscle AN ANTIQUE –CLASSIC – CUSTOM - BICYCLE SHOW –MINI BIKE WHIZZER TYPES AND VINTAGE / ANTIQUE SCOOTER SWAP MEET AND...
  39. El Hefe Grande

    Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show July 24th In San Jose, Ca

    Welcome to the home of Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show The 2016 Shiny Side Up Bicycle Show presented by Huntington Beach Bicycle Company marks our 9th year! Shiny Side Up is one of the longest running Bicycle Shows in the United States. This show is put on for bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds, at...
  40. cheeseroc

    Gen 1 Oakley 1 Grips W/ Gear Logo $120 Shipped

    Bicycle version. I guess I could have tried to clean these but I figured I'd let whoever purchases them decide.
  41. cds2323

    Schwinn B M X Ads

    Here are some Schwinn BMX ads from the late seventies. I also included the Hurricane 5 ads.
  42. bricycle

    These Chainwheels Are Kinda Neet