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  2. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Boys Truss fork

    prewar OG paint black non locking boys fork the truss rod chrome is very nice. No bearing or cups. $100 shipped.
  3. Pressed Steel 1915

    52 Shelby boys tank Air Flow pedals

    Tank has small dents Pedals are usable but has " Home-Made " reflectors .....o_Oo_Oo_O postal money order $90 shipped for all items.
  4. Marty McCann

    Columbia bicycle,I've a boy's bicycle,the first letter is a P can you tell me the year?

    I'm wondering what year my Columbia boy's bicycle is,the first letter is a P, any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
  5. 4

    Sold - Elgin Boys Long tank Bicycle - $450

    Offering this Elgin almost complete bicycle. Obviously missing front fender and stand. Has an excellent messinger saddle and lucky 7 seat post. Bike is located in Lagrange ga, but can be in Peoria Illinois area by the weekend if someone wants to pick it up. I do have other bikes I would sale at...
  6. lounging

    1946 Schwinn Tapered Kickstand for a 26" Boys Bike

    I might need 2 of these tapered kickstands for a boys 26" schwinn B6 reasonably priced please. Thank you
  7. Tikibar

    Wanted: Schwinn Prewar Truss Rods - Boy's

    Looking for a pair of Schwinn truss rods and a bracket for a boy's prewar locking fork. My project is a repaint, so hoping for a pair or rods in good condition to match. Here are examples. I think this is what I need for a boy's '38 Model C, but feel free to correct me. Let me know what you...
  8. bikesnbuses

    Sold 1956 Columbia Thunderbolt 5 Star springer boys balooner original paint

    :eek:UNCLEANED! This bike rides fantastic!! Awesome All original Fire Red paint!good chrome ,original correct seat has had some fender braces painted(may strip off to reveal original finish) wrong pedals and non original rear wheel.Front rim was painted. Perfect bike to spruce up over time if...
  9. Marty McCann

    I'm having a problem decoding a columbia boy's bicycle numbers,they are P598393?

    I'm having a problem decoding a columbia boy's bicycle numbers they are P598393,any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. tjkajecj

    Withdrawn 1947 JC Higgins 26" Boys Tank Bike

    1947 JC Higgins 26" Boys Tank Bike. Wheel set and Nexus system not included. Frame needs a small repair, does not affect riding the bike. Frame, Fork, Truss rods, Tank sides, stem, handlebars, rear rack, crank, chain ring all original to bike. Fenders, of course, and chain guard are not...
  11. W


    Sold Thiis is an all original bike from the saddle, grips, pedals, rear stand and matching "CREST DELUXE" tires. Missing is the horn button and the key for the locking fork. But I have an extra stem and double butted spokes and nipples. I've had this bike for 21 years and now it's time to move...
  12. MsRock2

    Sold Pre-War Boys Bike 15"

    Great condition but not sure of the make as their is no badge. Stainless goose, Cycle truck bars, great spring forward seat and really a cool little bike. Pick up or can be shipped - $400. San Diego area, may be able to meet you somewhere within the area too. PM for info/ discussions...
  13. SJ_BIKER

    The Beach Boys american and endless summer vinyl lp no barcode records

    4 records total. 23.00 shipped. No barcode on either
  14. Glenn Rhein

    Early 30s schwinn ? Boys bike

    Mid size Schwinn project Bike from mid to early 30s. Original paint under the green Which protected some of the Chrome over the years. Wheels are wood and metal clad measuring 23 inches. Has a decent inch and a half glass reflector On back fender, Deco stem, long pull back bars and new...
  15. Jrodarod

    20” boys 50’s Schwinn

    In search of a frame set or complete bike
  16. SJ_BIKER

    Sold AS Schwinn Deluxe boys 4 inch wide pedals L & R

    For Phantom and B6 schwinn bicycles. Spin smooth. 265.00 shipped
  17. T

    Sold $400.00 Hawthorne 30 something, Springer 26" Boys

    Looks like a very good older restoration, guessing 30's. 26" Boys bike 500.00 + shipping to the 48 from 67204
  18. E

    Withdrawn Boy's JC HIGGINS Color Flow

    JC HIGGINS Boy's 26 x 2.125 bicycle 1950's..Great ol Bike.Has Air Cooled finned hubs...repop glass spokes...Bee Hive Srpinger..OG Batwing Headlight..neck in picture is not included...will include the chrome one pictured solo...price is $1,500 Shipped Now 1, last...
  19. Tyler Rice

    Shelby Boys

    Today's find! Needs rear finder
  20. T

    Sold ROADMASTER 26" Boys, good rider, coming to ML

    Just a good rider, Roadmaster replica bike, Exc condition, coming to ML Thursday, Friday Saturday. 225.00
  21. M

    Shelby Stainless Steel boys banana Tank
  22. Tyler Rice

    Boys Monark

    1949 Monark. Still a work in progress, but paint is done and putting together this week. All done myself, no out sourcing.
  23. 49autocycledeluxe

    did I put girls handle bars on my boys bike?

    put this bike together with parts at hand to get it riding, 70's goose neck and 80's "cruiser bars" I paid $3.00 for. I recently found these vintage gems and put them on. looking at pictures of early post war Schwinns online these bars seem to be on girls bikes for the most part. I like them...
  24. New Mexico Brant

    Huffman 1940-41 Boys Truss Rods and Bracket: One SOLD!

    Set #1: a very fine pair of boys Huffman 1940-41, possibly '42, pre-war truss rods with original chrome-plated mounting bracket. Excellent condition: minor surface rust on polished steel rods; bracket retains original chrome, minor wear-through in chrome at expected spots. Only retains one...
  25. blincoe

    20" Boys green Schwinn

    Looking for a GREEN 20" Schwinn boys bicycle. Restored or original is fine. PM on what you have please.. Thank you!!! -Blincoe
  26. R

    Please help. Can look up #'s soon

    Please help identifying this bicycle by the pictures. I can I can look at the serial numbers on the frame as soon as I get to my storage unit. Wondering if somebody can help me just by looking. Thanks!
  27. KevinM

    Western Flyer Boys Tanker $450 can deliver to Memory Lane or Ann Arbor

    Western Flyer Boys Tank Bike. Has some sort of alloy 70's Large Flange Front Hub. Bendix RB2 Coaster Brake rear. Fenders, chainguard and tank are all straight.
  28. bikesnbuses

    Sold 1940s boys CWC 20" rear facing dropout frame

    1940s Boys Cleveland Welding frame rear facing dropouts with 2 top bar ..sorry no fork..Asking $57 shipped obo.. message me through site or email me directly at Thank you.. Trades? vintage 1970s and earlier comic books and 1980s wooden skateboards/parts
  29. Slick4d4d

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles a cool pair of kids bikes that I wanted to share and hopefully get some more information on, and find out what they may be worth.
  30. bikesnbuses

    Sold !!UPDATE!! All original uncleaned 1955 boys Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe with springer.

    UPDATE!! My bicycle repair friend came over today and I think we got the fork pretty straight!! :sunglasses: (SEE FIRST 2 pictures only..) And STILL the same price!:D Unfortunately,I didnt plan on selling this but just adding it to the list of bikes to be gone through,but it looks like another...
  31. szathmarig

    Sold Original Columbia Five Star Superb Boys (No Repop)

    Working lights, and horn, front tire is Lighting Dart, and in good shape, but the rear tire is something else (Michigan). One repair on the front support of the rack, and one repair on one of the front fender braces. $650 shipped from Was. D.C. or best offer. PayPal F&F Now $600 shipped. Now...
  32. Thonyv1974_

    Violet or Coppertone Boys or girls Stingray

    Hello , we're interested in Boys or girls Violet or Coppertone Stingray project bike. . Would be happy with frame fork and chain guard or. .? If you have other colors let us know might be interested as well. . Thanks in advance, Tony and Sue
  33. F

    Sold Schwinn Boys Locking Double Duty Fork

    Good original condition. Original paint. Locking mechanism is missing. Not bent. Not cut down from a girls fork. $3500 shipped and insured via Priority Mail. U.S. Postal Money Orders or Cash. P.M. if you are interested. All comments are welcome. Thanks C.A.B.E.
  34. ZE52414

    Sold Boys Schwinn stingray

    Up for grabs is a 77 Schwinn stingray. Only thing that is not Og I believe is the seat. Rear s2 with a nice scrambler knobby. Chrome is nice. Front s7 with Schwinn Westwind chrome is nice. Bars have some chrome loss. All the other chrome is good. This one is ready to ride and enjoy. Og...
  35. oldfart36

    1947 Boys, Monark De luxe Truss Rods

    For Sale: 1947 Boys, Monark De luxe Truss Rods. In 47 Monark made the 2 versions, the springer front end, and the Truss Rod front end. These are in great shape, and ready to mount. $45.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  36. P

    Sold Boy's Life StingRay Ads

    First is a MAY 1964 Boy's Life with a full color Schwinn ad on the back cover, particularly the first StingRays. It is also full of many other bicycle ads as shown. (Rechargeable Delta Bike Light) Next is the MAY 1965 Boy's Life with a full color Schwinn ad and this one shows the new StingRay...
  37. oldfart36

    1947 Boys, Monark De luxe Truss Rods

    For Sale: 1947 Boys, Monark De luxe Truss Rods. In 47 Monark made the 2 versions, the springer front end, and the Truss Rod front end. These are in great shape, and ready to mount. $45.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.


  39. Jim Barnard

    Sold Boys and Girls Sears Spyder banana bikes *NOW $500 SHIPPED

    Very Nice riding pair of banana bikes. Original paint, parts and accessorized with correct add ons. Red line tires are original. Butterfly bars are correct on the Boys bike. 24" wheels make these easy for adults to use.The 10 speed has a rear caliper AND drum brake! 1968 or 69. $600 pr. Shipping...
  40. oldfart36

    Sold Boys Colson Truss Rods!

    For Sale:: Colson Truss Rods! These came off of a late 30's Boys "Snap Tank". Nice condition, ready to mount. $40.00 + shipping, So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  41. oldfart36

    Sold 1939 Elgin Boys bike, (Murray Built) Truss Rods!

    For Sale:: 1939 Elgin Boys bike, (Murray Built) Truss Rods! Good condition, refer to pics. $42.50 + shipping, So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  42. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Torrington Boy's Signal Pedals

    Pair of NOS repop Torrington signal pedals, branded: "Torrington, Westfield, Mass." Very good condition, minor shelf soiling and wear. Each pedal is 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/3". $60 shipped. PayPal F&F please.
  43. mantaray

    Sold 70s Huffy Dragsters Boys and Girls

    Both are All Pro Huffy Dragsters. From what I've looked up they were sold at KMart in the early to mid 1970s. Most info I could find leads me to believe they were sold around 1972-1975. Coaster brakes. Slight tire wobble. Some dings, slight rust and minor seat rips. Pretty clean overall. I’ve...
  44. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Person's Teens period long-spring boy's seat

    Person's adolescent boy's sized long spring seat. Decent condition. Original paint on chassis. Original leather covering, some stitch loss, edge cracking, minor edge chipping. Original toolbox grommets intact. Seat clamp included. Original as-found unclean condition. Dimensions: 10 1/2" length...
  45. Krakatoa

    ~ Unusual Post War Seiberling Badged CWC Boys Original Paint! ~

    Offered is this cool and unusual Seiberling badged Cleveland Welding built boys balloon tire bike with nice original paint! Some corrosion to painted rims and a few broken spokes, this will need a hub overhaul, new tires and tubes and some general maintenance. $175 shipped via Bikeflights in...
  46. Tikibar

    Found WTB - Schwinn Black Prewar Truss Locking Fork (Boy's 26")

    Hi all, looking for a prewar Schwinn truss rod locking fork in black paint with the white triangle and the red pin-striping. It's for a boy's 26" bike - Paint can be original paint or repaint - Truss rods can be bent style, curved style or missing the rods - Top bracket hardware can be present...
  47. marius.suiram

    Sold Boy's Roadmaster 1946, frame, fork, head badge and seat post

    For sale from: Cleveland Payment: PayPal or postal money order. Price: 100$ plus shipping. Frame, fork, seat post and head badge.
  48. benmcjamin

    Early boys 20inch Rollfast

    300$ shipped really clean to be a 20! Original tires ride great! Took it for a ride round the block a few times
  49. redline1968

    19teens 20” boys Identification help.

    ive been kicking this bike around for a very long time.. .. i realized I didn’t know who made this...Is this a Westfield built or .? Any ideas?
  50. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1949 Shelby DONALD Duck 20" Boys Balloon Tire bike Original unrestored

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments so I get an alert to my e-mail do not post here. Thank you. I saved this bike from being parted out on eBay by a local antique dealer. When I bought the bike he had already auctioned off the head!! Thanks to the CABE I found an original head...