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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold Used Vintage Stimsonite 10 Bicycle Reflector Stingray with BRACKET . Gulotta Clifton NJ.

    Decent used reflector and bracket off Schwinn Stingray ? Could definitely benefit from cleaning and polishing.. Asking $15 mailed 1st class in the USA obo
  2. Iverider

    Schwinn heart chainring, cranks and bottom bracket hardware

    $40 shipped continental U.S. pulled from a 52 straightbar boys bike. Cranks (measure 6.5" from center of pedal shaft to center of bottom bracket) Chrome is meh, but not deeply pitted. Bottom Bracket Cups, Cones, Bearings, lock nut and tabbed washer Bearing surfaces are pretty nice and perfectly...
  3. Demzie

    Headlight fixture Columbia

    I bought a '64 Columbia Torpedo from the original owner some years back, guy got it brand new from his folks when he was a kid and swears up and down he didn't change anything, down to tires..frankly he didn't come across as the type to assemble something custom for it. Well, I discovered the...
  4. J

    Found 80’s Schwinn Cruiser rear reflector bracket

    I’m looking for a rear reflector bracket for a 1980’s Schwinn Cruiser. Number 5681 Pat Pend bracket. Thanks
  5. spomalley86

    Sold Prewar ea pancake horn mounting bracket

    Original and in good shape. Asking 75 shipped OBO
  6. spomalley86

    Any idea as to what this bracket is for?

    Looks similar to the Hawthorne, but not exact. Could use a little help. Thanks! Sean
  7. catfish

    Sold Seiss Horn Bracket

    SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bracket for a Seiss pancake horn. Also used with the Seiss Horn / Light combo. shipped in the USA.
  8. catfish

    Found light bracket Needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need this light bracket. I will buy outright, or have lots of other brackets to trade. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks! Catfish
  9. kunzog

    Reduced Turn of Century Lamp Bracket TOC

    Here is a turn of the century Headlamp Bracket. Some corrosion and Nickle Plate loss. 4 1/2 inches long. Includes mounting bolt. $75. includes Priority Shipping in US which includes insurance and tracking. Paypal
  10. kunzog

    Reduced Turn of Century Lamp Bracket TOC

    Here is a turn of the century Headlamp Bracket. Some corrosion and Nickle Plate loss. 3 1/2 inches long. Includes mounting new Cadmium plated bolt. $75. includes Priority Shipping in US which includes insurance and tracking. Paypal
  11. Dweber

    WTB: Nice Teacup Light, Bracket and Battery Can

    Looking for a nice Teacup Light, Battery Can and Bracket. Also fancier Teacup or other style headlight for motobike. Thanks, Dave Email:
  12. wrongway

    Raleigh Lamp Bracket

    I am on the hunt for one of these. Doesn't necessarily need to be Raleigh. It could be generic as long as it fits on my Rudge fork.
  13. barnyguey

    Sold 1952 J. C. Higgins Color Flow head tube and lower bracket bearing cups, new chrome

    These are from a 1952 J. C. Higgins Color Flow. I had them triple plate chromed about ten years ago. Very beautiful. $69.99 shipped Please PM me, email me at, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always...
  14. 1966fastbacks

    Found JC Higgins Colorflow bracket

    Does anyone have one of these thingys that go on the whatchamacallit they could sell me. Last part i need to finish a bike i have been working on for three years.
  15. tech549

    Sold mead light and bracket

    light and bracket
  16. S

    Great Western Bicycles notched out or not bottom bracket shells

    I have seen notched out and not notched out Great Western bicycle bottom brackets. Threaded and non threaded cups??? Anyone got a take on this?
  17. B

    AS Schwinn Crank 1938 or 1939

    I am looking for a Prewar Schwinn 7" dog leg Crank (stamped AS '38 or '39), with complete bottom bracket assembly. Thanks!
  18. G

    Sold indian light with bracket

    nice indian headlight with repro bracket , no cracks or repairs 325 bux plus shippin
  19. Artweld

    Early vintage tandem BB bracket I. D.

    Made a post awhile back on these bb on a vintage tandem still trying to identify the maker of the frame any help or info would be helpful so I can perhaps badge the frame and try to do a more reasonable period correct style tandam
  20. VeloBandit

    1952 Schwinn Head Set & Bottom Bracket

    All parts are from a 1952 Schwinn: Head set parts with original bearings (All parts in photo) $22 shipped Bottom bracket parts with original bearings (All parts in photo) $22 shipped Cash, Paypal or USPS money order only please Call / text 1-206-910-30 three three
  21. saladshooter

    Bottom Bracket Maintenance

    Howdy Nearly all of my bikes suffer from some sort of bottom bracket issues (not surprising). Either the cones are worn and pitted from the power stroke or the races are jacked up. I want my bikes to ride as good as possible. I've purchased the NOS Rollfast cones on eBay but they don't work...
  22. rustjunkie

    Sold 100 NOS 5/16" Bottom Bracket Ball Bearings $10/shipped

    100 NOS 5/16" bottom bracket ball bearings in original package. Push those old nasty steel rocks that some call ball bearings out of the cages in your bottom bracket and push these genuine old-stock USA made ball bearings in. You'll be glad you did. Enough to freshen up 5 bottom brackets. 3 bags...
  23. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn Chain Guard Bracket Lot

    First picture shows the group, the other pictures are detail shots. I think the long flat one is for early silver king maybe. $50/shipped for the pile
  24. Hammer

    Found JC Higgins Batwing Light & Bracket

    Yes I know I know, but I would like a JC Higgins Batwing Light & Bracket, the color is not important Gold would be great but I would probably repaint the light unless it was Gold, there is a black one on eBay BIN for $400 and I think that is a little steep, I've seen nicer ones on here for less...
  25. zephyrblau

    bottom bracket parts

    for a double D crank I need the inner & outer threaded races (cones) & lock nut @ 20 TPI (the ones shown in the example are the wrong thread pitch) for the coffin crank I need a lock nut @ 27 TPI
  26. Freqman1

    Sold Schwinn Post War Truss Bracket

    Like the title says and the pic shows. I believe this to be an older re-chrome. Pretty nice but not absolutely perfect. $25 shipped to lower 48 only. PP F&F or add 3% for G&S. Thanks, Shawn
  27. rustystone2112

    handlebar mount

    Anybody have a bracket and can't figure out what's it's for ?
  28. BFGforme

    Pre-war locking strut fork with struts and bracket

    Want to trade this pre-war locking fork with struts for pre-war men's locking Springer fork, color doesn't matter, might consider nonlocking fork! Thanks
  29. tech549

    Sold mead ranger light bracket

    fender mount light bracket $25.00 shipped
  30. tjkajecj

    Colson Bottom Bracket Question

    When I removed the crank and bearings out of a newly acquired LWB Colson, I discover the downtube from the steer tube to the bottom bracket had a cork in it. I think it might have been in there since manufacture. Cork was coated in blue paint just like the original color of the bike. Removed...
  31. rodeo1988

    Wanted prewar speedometer bracket and bolts&plates

    Looking for this bracket and bolts& plates, please pm if you have it for sale with prices and pictures, Thank you....
  32. Bikermaniac

    Sold Rare Motobike frame with split bottom bracket

    I haven't been able to identify this rare frame. It has a split bottom bracket and a rare front "wrap around" head tube sleeve. Cast chain adjuster bases looks Westfield, as well as the trumpet welding of the second bar. Asking $175 shipped using bikeflights. Thanks, Nelson.
  33. Cbgimse

    Found CCM Truss Bracket

    Need an upper truss bracket for a CCM. It the one that doubles as the headset washer.
  34. Freqman1

    Sold 1939 Monark/Airman dual light bracket

    A pretty rare piece that only came on the Monark model GT 497 (boys) or model GT498 (girls) or Airman equivalent. Pics show the '39 Airman that this came from. Lights are shown mounted on bracket but you get only the bracket. $45 shipped or $40 delivered to MLC/AA. PP as F&F or add the 3%...
  35. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Stewart Warner Speedometer Bracket

    Need to find a mounting bracket like this one. Appreciate the help on this one!
  36. kirk thomas

    Sold Fork Mount Bracket for Expert Speedo unused

    This bracket is as I got it.The holes for the screws are threaded. It uses normal screws which I do not have and do not know the size. It is for the Elgin Expert speedometer so you can mount it on your fork. I would like $40 shipped for the bracket.

    Sold Antique / Vintage Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket

    Antique / Vintage / Pre War Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket for sale Houston,Tx $80 Shipped
  38. frankster41

    Sold Delta Gangway truss rod bracket

    Delta Gangway truss rod horn bracket $129 shipped from New Holstein Wi. Its a little rusty but still a good useable bracket. These don't come up to often. Best Regards Frank
  39. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Huffman 1940-41 Boys Truss Rods and Bracket: One SOLD!

    Set #1: a very fine pair of boys Huffman 1940-41, possibly '42, pre-war truss rods with original chrome-plated mounting bracket. Excellent condition: minor surface rust on polished steel rods; bracket retains original chrome, minor wear-through in chrome at expected spots. Only retains one...
  40. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Amazing Set of Matched Delta Silver Rays with Huffman/Dayton Super Streamline Bracket

    Matched pair of Delta Silver Rays in very fine condition. Excellent chrome with some small pinhead clouding spots. Attached to chromed Huffman/Dayton/National Super Streamline mounting bracket. Bracket in excellent condition, appears to be an original, but may be an older repop. Chrome in...
  41. Nickinator

    Sold JC Higgins Batwing Light & Bracket Colorflow +

    The Unobtainium Batwing! Decent condition, looks very nice on the outside. Not sure if it's all original, or part original....May have had some work done to bottom, looks like a new battery tray was put in, which has an end cracked and won't hold the battery well, will need repair before it...
  42. ohmybike

    Sold Generator bracket mount

    $20 shipped PayPal F&F. Plz Thanks for looking
  43. mongeese

    Lamp bracket fork mount

    80 shipped from Wisconsin.
  44. kccomet

    Sold early tire pump and mounting bracket harley

    early pump, i really know nothing about this, although i took it off and early bike 20 some years ago. geosbike just sold one a couple days ago. i was waiting for his sale pending to list mine. he called his a bridgeport pump suitable for harley davidson and others, again i dont know. i see no...
  45. SLM

    Schwinn Rear Fender/Brake bracket

    I am looking for this bracket for a project bike . I believe it is a fender bracket or a fender/brake bracket to attach between the rear stays. PM if you have one or two !! I need this brake to put a rear Dia Compe brake on my older Schwinn cantilever !
  46. Tikibar

    Prewar Motobike Hanging Tank Bracket

    This is a crusty hanging tank bracket. Goes on a mid 1930s motobike tank. I need one or two more like it - either one bracket to match this one or a pair of two brackets that look like they go together. Rust or patina is good! The holes are 2 inches apart, center to center and overall the...
  47. tryder

    Found Mens 40s Huffman Cranks & Bottom bracket in nice shape and with nice chrome...

    Hi, I am looking for a super nice set of '40s Mens Huffan cranks and the correct bottom bracket for my Huffman "Victory Era" bicycle. I already have a nos Mens Huffman chainring with beautiful chrome. I would like to purchase a super nice Mens crankset to match. I need the correct Huffman...
  48. Bikermaniac

    Found Indian light bracket

    Looking to buy the Indian light bracket as the one in the picture. I already found the light, just need the bracket. Let me know if you have one, thanks, Nelson
  49. ranman

    Tombstone Bracket Found and Repopped

    From none to 3. Got 2 repopped.
  50. Wards Guy..

    Light Mounting bracket for TOC bike

    Need help with getting a bracket to mount this on my TOC bike. Let me know. Heavy patina is great!