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  1. Rustngrease

    Toc columbia porcupine front straight pull hub, trade for mens 1/2 tread toc rat trap pedals

    Spins nicely , has nuts really nice hub, I haven't pulled it apart and greased it. Axle seem very straight. Looking to trade for a nice set of toc men's rat trap pedals. I don't really want to sell it would rather trade or keep. I also have a new brooks 135 seat to trade as well, for toc parts...
  2. Rustngrease

    Brooks B135 saddle trade for toc rattrap pedals other early parts

    New never mounted brooks b135 saddle, trade for men's 1/2 thread toc rat trap pedals. Message me if your interested and send pics of what you have to trade. Cheers
  3. L

    Sold Brooks B72 : Black, 969 stamp on bottom , nice shape

    Brooks B72 : -Black - 969 stamp on bottom - nice shape - see pics: very minor scuffing to edges of rear corners, small abrasions between 3rd and 4th rivets, else very good $50 plus shipping from DC Please see my saddle bags and other three speed parts / accessories items posted...
  4. Philbert

    Reduced Saddles saddles saddles

    1. Blue/white crash rail unbadged $40 shipped 2. Persons red w/ white trim $ 35 shipped 3. Brooks black leather $ 65 shipped 4. Brooks black leather $65 shipped 5. Persons black $30 shipped 6. Schwinn green/white 'S' $35 shipped Additional photos available upon request.
  5. L

    British English 3 Speed Chainguards, lights, Bits, Racks pedals and Accessories

    British 3 Speed Accessories and Parts (more to come , please see my other posts ) (All prices are plus shipping ) (willing to givevery substantial concession in price if you can offer a colson deep early post war front fender in trade ) this post will be ongoing , constrained by pic...
  6. L

    Sold Raleigh / Brooks Chrome seat post clamps: 2 rail and 4 rail saddle clamp

    Raleigh / Brooks Chrome seat post clamps: These saddle clamps were cherry picked from my Bike Boom era ( Nixon era ) British Three speed and Raleigh lightweight refurb projects. Good to Very good chrome on all two 2 rail clamps two 4 rail clamps $10 each plus shipping via USPS...
  7. Mr.RED

    Carlton Competition

    I finally dug out my Carlton Competition and I am bored so I figure I share some pics.
  8. Iverider

    Sold Brooks B15 1950s?

    Very little wear as if it wasn’t ridden much, though the black dye has all but disappeared. Nose bolt has plenty of adjustment left. I couldn’t find evidence of a date stamp on the leather or the cantle which makes me think this is a late 50s saddle. $75 shipped continental US.
  9. S

    Sold Vintage Brooks leather seat sale B72&B17

    Vintage leather Brooks seats B72 good rider $48 shipped B17 good shape $38 shipped THE SEATS MAKE VINTAGE BIKES LOOK SWEET!@.
  10. Cooper S.

    Old brooks b72 or b66

    Looking for older or used brooks b72 or b66 seats for Klunker builds, let me know what you got!
  11. stezell

    Sold Men's Brooks B67 saddle

    Men's Brooks B67 brown leather saddle, unused, asking $95 plus shipping to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042. If you have any questions or need more pictures please message me. Thank you, Sean
  12. S

    Vintage double rail made in england seat clamp, Brooks like.

    made in england seat clamp double rail brooks type. also 5/8 insert included. $10 shipped
  13. GTV

    Brooks Conquest Saddle

    Looking for a Brooks Conquest Saddle in black. Not interested in any other brand, model, or colour. I'm picky like that :):) Thanks for looking!
  14. prewarmachine

    Brooks Olympic Ideale Marco saddles

    Stumbled onto a few old leather saddles. Just trying to gather some information and maybe some general value to them. Really just have no experience with seats like this. Any info would be really appreciated! 1. Olympic with Wrights badge 2. Brooks B72 stamped B 73 on frame 3. Brooks B66 4...
  15. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Brooks “Professional” seat

    Here is a nice Brooks Prosfessional in good, used condition. No cracks, rips or excessive stretching. Has been indoors on a bike for many years. Comes with mounting hardware as shown. Price is $65 shipped. Please let me know if you need anymore info or pics.
  16. irideiam

    Sold 1973 Brooks B72 Seat / Saddle Frame

    Chrome 1973 Brooks B72 Seat / Saddle Frame, no bends or repairs, some surface rust. $30 Shipped.
  17. John Gailey

    Brooks Saddle

    Very nice leather saddle. $65 shipped
  18. S

    Sold $50 Raleigh rod brake, i have brooks seat too

    Raleigh rod brake shed condition, with sugino crank. I have a brooks seat for it, somewhere. It is what you see no more no less. $50 plus bike fyte actual 48 states.
  19. F

    Black Brooks B-135 Saddle

    P.M. a picture and price please. Thanks
  20. Jaypem

    Brooks B73

    Nice shape b73..$115 shipped
  21. rollfaster

    Found Brooks B66 or B72

    looking for a reasonably priced one, preferably in black in nice condition. Thanks a bunch!
  22. S

    Sold Vintage Brooks B72 saddle good shape

    SOLD Forsale Brooks B72 saddle good shape.$48 shipped 48 states paypal preferred friend.
  23. bikeyard

    Brooks Champion Arrow saddle

    Nice Brooks Champion Saddle. $100 shipped
  24. S

    Sold English Pedal Package with Brooks Saddle

    I have three sets of English bike pedals for sale: a Hercules; a Rudge; and a Union set. All three sets are complete and even have their dust caps. Blocks are in decent shape, especially the Rudge set. They all need to be cleaned and re-grease, or else use for parts. I also have a set of...
  25. bikeyard

    Sold Brooks Professional saddle

    decent used Brooks professional saddle. Great for a rider. $83.50 shipped