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  1. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Lighted Carrier For Wards Hawthorne Bicycles

    This is a lighted carrier that fits prewar Wards Hawthorne bicycles. This particular one is from a girls bicycle, presumably a Rollfast-built one. Might be able to be adapted to fit others. The lenses are missing, but at one point in the recent past someone on eBay was selling reproduction...
  2. Dangerwagon

    Sold Prewar Rack Light, Elgin, Monark & others

    NOS tube, reflector, spring, etc. Re-pop lense (new condition) w/ (2) bulbs and (1) extra "Elgin style" lense in OK condition. $75 shipped in Cont. U.S. Paypal (F&F) only.
  3. atencioee

    Looking for Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack

    Hello! I'm looking for a Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack that is in fairly good condition (no cracks and not bent).
  4. fordmike65

    WANTED: '41 Monark carrier in original black

    Greetings fellow Caber's. I'm looking for a rear carrier for a '41 Monark in original black paint. Condition 5-6 with some rust, but I'll take what I can get. I believe it would be similar to this one I've pictured, attaching to the seatpost bolt, with or without a tail light is fine. Thanks in...
  5. barnyguey

    Sold J. C. Higgins Color Flow carrier refectors extenders and glass reflector $35.00 shipped

    These came from a 1952 J. C. Higgins Color Flow. Very specific to a J.C. Higgins carrier and somewhat hard to come by. Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always looking for any...
  6. stingrayjoe

    Reduced 20" Monark Rear Carrier Balloon Bicycle

    Please PM direct with all replies do not post comments here thank you... Sheet metal is straight but bolt holes at seat post binder are damaged was $75. now $45. plus shipping in lower 48 USA
  7. S

    55 vette front carrier

    wtb real 55 vette front carrier with the 3 and 3/4 long rear legs
  8. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V with tank springer and rear carrier

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer to pay actual Bikeflights shipping int he lower 48 USA. This is a repainted bike in as found condition. The seat is an older Persons reproduction, the tires are old original WW Westwinds. The S-7 rims...
  9. z-bikes

    This Monark Hextube Carrier in chrome

    I'm looking for this Monark Hextube rear carrier in chrome. It must have the skirt around the back. There are a lot of these around without the skirt and I'm not interested in those. I have parts for trade as well as cash.
  10. S

    Sale Pending Reasonable $ Schwinn parts bendix yellow 2 spd wheels ,carrier, wing guard

    1. one set of schwinn s-7 wheels used 3 yellow ring 2 spd rear brake hub. brick yard tire 2. 1.75. Front schwinn script hub and white wall schwinn tire. rims have some rust good for original bike restore. Tires hold air but cracking... $87shipped. 2. Front Schwinn mouse trap carrier, just need...
  11. ohdeebee

    Sold Schwinn 6 hole carrier

    Original paint. Straight rack but someone drilled a couple of speed holes in the top. State of the art lightweight plastic reflector included. $125 shipped.
  12. z-bikes

    Sold Schwinn 4-hole carrier with light

    50's Schwinn 4-hole carrier. Pretty good condition with only minor bends or dents. Looks like some red paint coming through the green overspray. Inside of light is clean. $100 firm + shipping. It may take a day or two to ship but I ship the cheapest way. Supports will be removed for shipping to...
  13. S

    Found wtb front carrier 55 corvette

    55 vette front carrier wtb the first year only one
  14. bobcycles

    POST WAR 6 HOLE CARRIER TOPS - phantom b6 whiz etc F/S

    2 original 6 hole tops No legs, left has a small hole drilled Towards the back otherwise straight enough. Top on right is super straight Looks like primer, nice one Left top 45 plus postage Right top 55 plus postage Message here...... bobcycles@aol.com

    Sold Antique / Vintage Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket

    Antique / Vintage / Pre War Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket for sale Houston,Tx $80 Shipped
  16. jimbo53

    39 Colson Snaptank Turkey Wing Guard and Rear Carrier - Red

    Looking for a chain guard and rear carrier with similar patina in original red paint. This is what I’m looking for and this is the sad, pitiful snaptank :they’ll go on. Can you make my sad :cry:snaptank happy :) again with her missing parts?
  17. bobcycles

    Anyone in Local So. Cal area have a 24" Schwinn carrier for sale?

    Need one ...paint condition not important...must be for 24" Schwinn ballooners 1940s-50s PM or email bobcycles@aol.com
  18. zephyrblau

    Sold Shelby rack / carrier

    from a girl's bike. converting to a boy's involves simply trimming the front mounts. minor shallow faults per the detail pix. $250 + shipping.
  19. bobcycles

    CASH PAID for NOS Maroon 24" Schwinn carrier

    Looking for a 24" rear carrier/ rack for a 24" balloon 40s-50s Schwinn bike needs to be Original paint and preferably NOS or 9+ condition...NOS preferred will step up to what ever Retail $ is fair. PM here or bobcycles@aol.com
  20. zedsn

    nice chrome beaver tail carrier with reflector

    Have a nice vintage older chrome beaver tail rear carrier with 1 1/2" rassberry reflector that has holes for a 24 and 26" bike but it was just removed from a 26" girls schwinn this morning for $50 + ship. PM if interested.
  21. 1973rx3

    WTB SHELBY Girls Carrier and Chainguard

    Hello, I know this is a long shot, but i'm trying to locate the Carrier and Chainguard found on the bicycle displayed below. Please note the bicycle displayed is not mine it is only used as reference to point out items that I am trying to find. Thank you in advance.
  22. SJ_BIKER

    9 hole schwinn postwar carrier

    45 shipped needs work
  23. zedsn

    murray fleetline badge & left carrier bracket

    Have a fleetline murray Ohio headbadge available for $20 along with a decent left side rear carrier bracket for $25 plus ship. I have NO other fleetline parts available. PM if interested.
  24. 1817cent

    Bicycle Carrier

    I am looking to purchase a hitch mount rear bicycle carrier to attach to my car. Which brand is best to haul balloon tired bikes with tanks. Mostly cantelever style holding 2 bikes. Thanks, Jay
  25. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Schwinn 26" chrome wire rear carrier and old German made Bell with advertising

    Please PM direct with all comments or inquiries thanks! Rear carrier has poor chrome and one leg is slightly tweaked but mounts up to bike just fine with longer seat post binder nut and bolt included $45. + shipping SOLD Signed German Made bell in good working order with advertisement for...
  26. Robertriley

    Mead/ Shelby tube rack rear carrier

    Rear carrier in great shape, I don't see any dings or dents in the tubes and is the perfect peace for your restoration. $250 plus shipping.
  27. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Elgin Mercury Rear Carrier with factory taillight 26" balloon bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions or replies do not post them here thanks. You pay the actual shipping. Good straight carrier but the outer housing for light is a bit misshapen. The lens is missing but the terminals in the bottom look good. No rot holes. There are some small scrapes around the...
  28. M

    Hawthorne carrier lens

    N.O.S. or repo not sure $40.00 plus shipping
  29. O

    WTB Raleigh Parcel Carrier AKA "Delivery Bike"

    Like it says, I'm looking for a Raleigh Parcel Carrier. Will consider any degree of completion or condition. I guess this is a bit of a longshot. But they are definitely out there. I've seen a few at local shows, but nobody really wanted to get rid of theirs. Let me know if you have one you'd...
  30. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Prewar Mead Ranger Tubular Rack - 1930's version. Schwinn.

    This is the one for the Ranger Motorbike, not the more common pre-ballooner version. Original mead brown! $275 shipped in the USA. Offers considered.
  31. bobcycles

    NICE ORIG RED JAGUAR /PHANTOM 4 hole Tailight rear carrier F/S

    Nice Orig red metallic mid- late 1950s Schwinn phantom or jaguar carrier paint is very good tell light has a nice lens battery tray is OK one contact has corrosion and the switch is missing also needs the lid and ball bearing for inertia light. Looks great although not a functioning taillight...
  32. bobcycles

    The GREEN PANTHER PARTY (out) 9-hole carrier, tank, fender set F/S

    An eBay ladies Panther I purchased for the Troxel Aerocycle saddle that was on board. The bike was beat to heck so had the seller ship useable items only. NOT SHOWN---------Springer, complete rough paint and rough chrome, not pretty but complete and non locker has AS bolts, rust and poor paint...
  33. bobcycles


    Rare 20" Schwinn rack in Cobalt blue and yes! NOS With well...lots of shelf wear, poor storage. But sound and NEVER mounted to a bicycle correct for 20" bicycles only and legs will not reach the frame on 24" bikes. This is indeed a 20" rack ...many peeps pass off the 24's as 20's. There is...
  34. T


    From an old Elgin. 100.00 shipped.
  35. T

    Sold FIRESTONE CARRIER RACK w/ Turn Signals

    Like the Monark Cheese Grater Carrier except the Monark made Firestone Deluxe had rear Turn Signals built into the carrier. These are parts of the Firestone Deluxe Carrier. This Carrier has been media blasted, shown in bare metal, no pitting. The struts still have the original paint, The light...
  36. bobcycles


    Fake is a better word for some of the reproduced stuff right? Selling this for a buddy who doesn't sell on line. This is the typical horror story that eventually bites everyone on the ass at some point. A friend of mine purchased this carrier from a collector who will go unnamed and it was...
  37. morton

    Schwinn Carrier?

    Posted the bike in another section for i.d. and someone mentioned this might be a Schwinn carrier. (bike is of course no Schwinn) I may be parting this bike and would like to know for sure and/or its' proper application? Thanks for any info.
  38. bobcycles


    As found 6 hole rear carrier...not perfect but sound enough. Needs some minor straightening just didn't have time to mess with it on the bench. the reflector hole is slightly out of round but can be fixed with some time and energy. Faded Coach green original paint top and U brace...rear legs...
  39. mickeyc

    Check out the carrier on this Schwinn...

    Not Schwinn...turn signals....someone can probably use that rack...nice seat too. https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/bik/d/schwinn-spitfire-1953/6264726834.html Mike
  40. ItsSandyPants

    Schwinn 4 Reflector Carrier Rack

    Hello, I have a chrome 4-reflector carrier rack (minus one reflector). It looks almost identical to the Schwinn chrome 4-reflector carrier rack, but has one small difference. It has threaded "turnbuckles" at the bottom of the support legs. They appear to be for adjustment on different bicycles...
  41. tripple3

    Thule 2 Bike Rack Non Hitch mount

    I just listed this great Rack on CL $150 obo...SOLD same day on OC CL https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bop/6193995328.html This two bike carrier by Thule attaches to sedans, hatch backs, or SUVs. It locks to the vehicle and locks the bikes with a key that I have. Adjustable platform mount for...
  42. azbustedvw

    Monark Super Deluxe Carrier Needed

    Fellow CABErs! I am hoping to find a correct rear carrier for this amazing maroon and white Monark Super Deluxe. I have a train light for it already but it is the wrong color - possibly someone has the correct color train light they'd like to sell? In addition Im wondering if anyone can share...