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  1. H

    FSOT Delta torpedo fender light

    for sale or trade; I have a Delta torpedo fender light in very good condition. It has the paint chip on the rear, as seen there in the pictures, but other than that the rest of the outside is pristine. I can't find an image of the inside of these lights so I'm not sure if there is a piece...
  2. R

    1958 Green Chain Guard

    Hi, New to the CABE, what a great find. Thanks I'm looking for a chain guard for what I think is a 1958 Meteor SN E853311 Any feedback and/or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks in advance for the help. Richard
  3. L

    Middleweight Schwinn Tornado Deluxe: Guard, grips

    Parts from Schwinn Middleweight: 1959 Schwinn Tornado Deluxe - Truss Rods SOLD - Guard : nice chainguard with the beveled shaping and graphics intact $35 - Handlebars / Bars - Stem sold - grips $10...
  4. L

    British English 3 Speed Chainguards, lights, Bits, Racks pedals and Accessories

    British 3 Speed Accessories and Parts (more to come , please see my other posts ) (All prices are plus shipping ) (willing to givevery substantial concession in price if you can offer a colson deep early post war front fender in trade ) this post will be ongoing , constrained by pic...
  5. bikesnbuses

    Sold EARLY 1948 JC Higgins complete skip tooth crankset sprocket crank

    From a 1948 girls Deluxe JC Higgins bicycle ..I will be listing more parts later tonight and/or tomorrow Skirt guards SOLD! Handlebars SOLD!! Wheels SOLD!! Good original chrome COMPLETE crank setup from a 26" girls Higgins .Comes with complete bottom bracket,cups bearings,etc Now Asking...
  6. P

    Very nice 1947 Schwinn ACE DX Blue Chain guard

    This is a chain guard from a 1947 Schwinn ACE DX woman's bike that shows almost no use. There are a few scratches and small surface rust spots but this is in excellent original condition. $100 shipped
  7. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1950's 20" Deluxe Schwinn Chain Guard

    It's far from mint! But it's savable, and as rare as they are... it should be saved! Pics show the work that will need to be done, but please ask questions if you have any. $200 shipped in the continental USA.
  8. S

    Withdrawn Prewar Wald? chainguard $35 shipped

    I removed this from a 26" Monark built bicycle but have seen it used on other makes.
  9. BFGforme

    DX chainguard

    Looking for a red'41 DX chainguard, prefer if has BFG emblem, but doesn't have to have that! Thanks for looking, Dave
  10. 39zep

    Installing CWC wrap around chainguards.

    Saw a recent post stating what a pain it was to install the CWC chainguards that wrap the rear cog. My two cents. Ride your bike without the chainguard. Get your wheel bearings adjusted, chain length set and axle bolts tightened. Making these adjustments with the chainguard on is a pain...
  11. Nickinator

    Sold Original Prewar Huffman “Crow’s Beak” Chainguard

    Nice and straight, overcoat(s) of paint. Complete front bracket, rear needs a bolt. SOLD Message with questions etc Darcie/Nick
  12. dweenk

    Rambler Chainguard

    Red chainguard from a Rambler bike. I know nothing about the bike that it came from, other than it appears to fit a ladies frame style. $10 plus shipping.
  13. dweenk

    Free - Sprung Saddle Frame

    I have a saddle frame that came off a Sears Austrian 3 speed bike. The cover remnants were vinyl and the padding looked like horse hair. The nose of the saddle is articulated. I think it may be a Persons or Mesinger. Free for the cost of shipping.
  14. MrAustralia

    Sold Chain guard trade?

    Im after this guard for a Hawthorne fastback. I have this one to trade Anyone interested in this trade? Only US shipping needed. Let me know! Cheers MrA
  15. tommydale1950

    Wooden Chain Guard

    Anyone have a wooden chain guard they would part with ? Future project needs one ..Thanks in advance ..Tom
  16. easyrider

    Sold chain guards

    40.00 shipped
  17. John G04

    Reduced 30’s-40’s chainguard

    For sale is a chrome chainguard that came off a 30’s colson. Straight chainguard and would look great on an nice rider. Asking $30 shipped.
  18. T


    Hello all. I'm a retiree of the AZ Air National Guard. My Uncle has gotten me into restoring vintage bike. I just picked up a 1950s Western Flyer X-53. I'm looking for a chain guard and/or tank. I know it's a big ask. But I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. J


    CWC Paisley chain guard in nice condition. I bought this guard for my bike a couple weeks ago and realized it was the wrong one when I got it home. Bought for $95 sell for $95 shipped.

    Hawthorne chainguard complete with brackets!

    Up for grabs is a Hawthorne chainguard, has all the brackets and nuts and bolts! Asking $40 plus shipping
  21. Smoopy's

    Schwinn Chainguard like this

    Looking for a guard like does not matter..just the style...really just need the middle of it to be decent since I plan to cut it up..LMK if you have one
  22. Junkman Bob

    Sold Standard badged chainguard

    Looks to be in good condition This chainguard is on a Standard badged bike Cool looking guard If you see anything else that interests you it’s for sale Pm me 50$ shipped to lower 48
  23. Junkman Bob

    Sold Meade badged Schwinn chainguard

    Decent condition Meade badged Schwinn chrome chainguard 55$ shipped to lower 48 Should clean up
  24. Junkman Bob

    Reduced Shelby chain guard 45$

    Shelby chainguard off of a Hiawatha super chief If you see anything in the back ground it’s probally for sale so just feel free to ask Decent condition 45$ shipped to lower 48
  25. Junkman Bob

    Sold J C Higgins skirt guards and chain guard

    2 skirt guards and chainguard for one price ... FYI...Black tape is just so the bolts don’t get lost ... 45$ shipped to lower 48
  26. J

    Help I.d chain guard.

    What Bike did this chain guard come on? Bought it a couple weeks ago thinking it was the right one for my Hawthorn then realized the Hawthorn one is a little different.
  27. cheeseroc

    Reduced Coppertone Schwinn Racer Deluxe Chainguard $30 shipped

    30 shipped in US.
  28. J

    Enclosed chain guard removal

    I have been trying to remove the enclosed chain guard on my 53 Churchill De-Lux. That has been an interesting endeavor. The crank had been rubbing the chain guard so I figured it would be best to remove the chain guard and tweak the crank arm just a little. To do this the guard has to be...
  29. J

    1953 Hercules enclosed chainguard, help / advise needed

    I have been trying to remove the enclosed chain guard on my 1953 Churchill / Hercules and it has me baffled. In an effort to tweak the crank to keep it from rubbing the chain guard I figured the best way is to remove the guard. Thing is I can't figure out how it come apart. Looks like the seam...
  30. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Monark delux silver king Fenders and chain guard

    I’m guessing late 40s monarch Silver King fenders and chain guard. Chain guard has a shallow dent behind the S and Silver King. Front of the front fender needs a little straightening but overall not too bad condition $50 plus shipping .
  31. szathmarig

    Sold Hoffman chain guard?

    $20 plus shipping.
  32. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn Chain Guard Bracket Lot

    First picture shows the group, the other pictures are detail shots. I think the long flat one is for early silver king maybe. $50/shipped for the pile
  33. T

    Columbia Chain Guard with Oiler

    Very nice Columbia chain guard with chain oiler. Looks like it was never on a bike but not mint condition. $75 plus $15 shipping to lower 48.
  34. oskisan

    Schwinn 20" cantilever tank and deluxe chainguard and frame.

    This is not mine and I am not sure how rare this is or if the price is in line with what the current asking prices should be for these items, but I rarely see a 20" tank and chainguard for these Schwinns. Pretty sweet setup for someone wanting to build out a "little guy". There is a "Make offer"...
  35. MsRock2

    Schwinn Phantom Chain Gaurd 26"

    Primered and ready to paint $50.00 PM for details. Pick up in San Diego or pay for shipping to your home.
  36. tech549

    higgins skirts and chain guard

    womans skirts and guards $100.00 plus shipping
  37. Junkman Bob

    Sold Higgins pair of skirt guards with chainguard 45$ shipped

    Set of skirt guards for JCHiggins included with chainguard ... this came off of 26” 60$ shipped to lower 48
  38. MrAustralia

    Chain guard, EA horn, delta ribbed light. TRADE

    Hi all, I have these items for trade, I am really trying to find a Hawthorne/Rollfast banana tank. Or a New Departure WD brake handle & cable. Obviously there will be a $$$ difference and any "top up payment" can be negotiated. Only US shipping required and PayPal available if any money...
  39. B

    WTB Schwinn Chrome Hockey Stick Chain Guard

    Looking for a chrome Schwinn hockey stick chain guard that will fit a straight or curved down tube frame. It doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks!
  40. rodeo1988

    Sold OG paint Prewar complete Shelby camelback frame, chainguard seatpost,handlebars

    I bought this from Maccdonals long time ago:D,,for project I don't have time for bicycles anymore (don't Remember from who) pics tell the story nice OG paint Red with white stripes shipped 48 lowers states PayPal as friend and family or add for the pp fees, THANK YOU
  41. oskisan

    Looking for a Twin 60 chainguard

    Looking for a chrome Elgin Twin 60 chainguard . PM me know if you have something.. Thanks, Ken
  42. nick1985

    Elgin chain guard help

    Hi everyone, Im picking up a mens Elgin bike this week from a friend here in London and Im wanting to collect some of the original parts for it. Does anyone know if a ladies Elgin chain guard fit onto a mens frame? Or do they have different brackets? I have attached a photo of the ladies chain...
  43. avanti

    Wanted: 1966-68 Stingray Fastback Chainguard ("Campus Green")

    Looking for a "Campus Green" chainguard for a Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5spd (as shown below). Any condition as long as it's original green finish. Message me. Thanks!
  44. B

    Found Colson clipper chainguard

    like the one pictured. please. Thanks Big Moe
  45. T

    Sold Blue Parts for a Cantilever Schwinn

    1) Tank with horn 175.00 2) Springer 175.00 3) Chain Guard 75.00 4 Fenders 75.00 All parts are original Schwinn, prices plus shipping in the 48
  46. T

    Sold Schwinn Hornet Chain Guard original blue

    includes shipping in the 48
  47. T

    Sold Schwinn Phantom Chain Guard primered

    Excellent original chain guard media blasted & primed, $ 49.00 includes shipping in the 48
  48. T

    Sold Schwinn Chain Guard

    60.00 includes shipping to the 48
  49. Howard Gordon

    Chain Guard

    Found I need a chainguard like this for a Monark I'm working on. Solid, any color. Thank you, Howard.
  50. REC

    WANTED! Chrome 24" chainguard

    I am looking for a chrome chainguard of this style for a 24" bike. Any help out there? Needs to be in good to NOS condition. The painted area color (where this one is white at least) is not important. Chrome is VERY important! Mounting hole spacing is approximately 16 & 1/2" PM with price and...