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  1. L

    Monark Chain Ring

    Monark Chain Ring Should polish up well. I can see some minor pits , faint area of discoloration near crank peg hole , but overall good. $20 shipped
  2. atencioee

    NOS Union Chain

    NOS in the box Union chain, 1/2 inch regular pitch, 56 link. Used on several Schwinn bikes. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the chain is anywhere from the late 1940s to early 1960s.
  3. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Diamond BLOCK CHAIN - The cool one with the cut-outs! - TOC

    1" pitch "skip tooth", standard 3/16" width, with the super cool diamond shaped cut-outs! This is the block chain everybody wants. Don't be lame and let your friend buy this.. then THEY would be the cool kid in town and not you! It has some surface rust in areas, but I didn't want to clean it...
  4. G

    Cheap Pedal Car Restoration (Philippines)

    Hi, I am new to CABE, I have been searching for hours now about pedal car restoration. I found this two old pedal car (don't know what make) in our stock room. I wanted to restore this for my nephew. He is turning one year next month (march 2019). I work away from home for a week and only got to...
  5. TophH

    (Sold) Late 50's Early 60's Thunder Jet Super Deluxe Double tube Men's Bike

    I have a Vintage Thunder Jet. Has double tubes..It's a great ride. Serial number is 6110197 Trim Grips, Mesinger Leather Seat Chrome needs polished. Very little paint chips (see pics).. As far as I can tell It's all original. This bike is stored inside took pics outside for lighting. This is...
  6. D

    Radiobike chain guard

  7. bikemonkey

    NOS - Vintage Murray 1/2" x 3/32" 10 Speed Chain Connecting Link in Original Pkg

    $10 shipped - PM's for orders please or I may miss your message. New Old Stock - From the estate of a 1980's retired bicycle shop is a connecting link for a vintage 10 speed chain. This is in the original unopened package and was made in Japan for the Murray bicycle Company. Disclaimer! Use...
  8. anders1

    Sold 4 Sale Iver Johnson Chain Rings and Crank

    $85 shipped for this 1909-13 Iver Johnson Chain Ring and Crank. The crank nut is on the ring side and was only produced for 5 years. $65 shipped for the Snowflake Chain Ring. $45 shipped for the Star Chain Ring... Shipped from S. California, personal messages only please. Thanks
  9. bricycle

    Reduced FS Chain gang, TOC 1"pitch Block style

    5 chains on the block... 1" skip block style, LINKS not froze. Top "A" to "E" bottom A). 52" x .190 tooth opening (3/16") $99.00 $105.00 $115.00 Needs a coupler screw/nut B). 56" x .260 tooth opening (13/32") $120.00$140.00 SOLD!!! C). 59" x .190 tooth opening (3/16") $130.00$150.00 SOLD!!! D)...
  10. 1

    26 inch shelby frame crank fork chain

    Here are some shelby parts left over for sale again. Make offer. Thare are some good parts still left. (((125 shipped)))
  11. mongeese

    Reduced Block chain 65$ stamped with cog with wire master link

    65 REDUCED shipped from Wisconsin or best offer. Some stiff links - chain is in great condition and not mucked with. 49 links.
  12. marius.suiram

    Sold Skiptooth chain - Diamond - 54 plus master

    I don't know why is double this post.
  13. marius.suiram

    Sold Skiptooth chain - Diamond - 54 plus master

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Price: 45$ shipped See pictures for more details
  14. Nickinator

    Sold Deluxe Non-Skip 1/2" Diamond Chain 53 Links with Master

    Nice condition, a bit of sticky old oil residue on it but flexible and in great shape. Diamond stamped. 53 links including master. See pics. Off prewar Iver Johnson. $60 shipped, PP no fees. Darcie/Nick
  15. Vintage Paintworx

    Schwinn Phantom/B6 chain gaurd

    Sand blasted and primed. $45.00 picked up in Whittier.
  16. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn late 40's feather chain guard

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 45$ plus shipping Now: 40$ plus shipping New price: 30$ plus shipping Straight, repaint, 26". See pictures for more details.
  17. ohmybike

    Sold Diamond chain $32

    $32 shipped PayPal f&f. 55 links has to master links.
  18. slothagese

    Sold Color flow rack, monark chain guard

    Rack: missing one emblem. A little crusty but completely solid. Both glass jewels on it. I haven’t attempted any cleanup on it. As found. $50 shipped conus Guard: straight and solid. Faux patina. It’s just brown paint underneath wet sanded through. Was getting it ready but got started on a...
  19. buck hughes

    chain rings- $21.00 shipped

    both chain rings $21.00 shipped-paypal as friend
  20. Jon Marinello

    Found WTB Schwinn Prewar Chain Adjusters

    Need a clean set of chain adjusters for my current build a ~1947 Liberty with locking fork.
  21. the third man

    CWC chain tensioner bolts

    I am working on a Roadmaster, Luxury liner and I need a set of chain tensioner bolts. They are a courser thread than the Shelby tensioners I have. Any one have any? Mike
  22. kirk thomas

    Sold 54" skiptooth chain $25 shipped

    This chain is in good condition with some patina but still very usable. The chain came from a man's bike and measures 54". It also comes with a NOS masterlink. I would like $25 shipped for this.
  23. MrAustralia

    Sold Chain guard trade?

    Im after this guard for a Hawthorne fastback. I have this one to trade Anyone interested in this trade? Only US shipping needed. Let me know! Cheers MrA
  24. MsRock2

    Reduced chain adjuster screws - any set $15 or single for $7

    Upper left is #1, second on left is #2, left under tape is #3 and one of these are a little bent, upper right is #4 and bottom right is #5... if you want all 5 sets $40 for all in photo above and $50 for all in both photos. Upper left is #6... singles go in order from left just below tape as...
  25. tommydale1950

    Wooden Chain Guard

    Anyone have a wooden chain guard they would part with ? Future project needs one ..Thanks in advance ..Tom
  26. easyrider

    Sold chain guards

    40.00 shipped
  27. easyrider

    Sold 26x2.125 chain tread

    soft but lots of cracking [display only 30.00 shipped
  28. gtdohn

    Sold 28" Single Tube Chain tread tires

    Nice set of chain tread tires for your TOC bike. One holds air for days and the other looses it over night. Both look great and are supple. Would be perfect for a display piece or put some slime in the one and ride them. They are labeled Penn-Arrow and are from the Pennsylvania Rubber Co. in...
  29. gtdohn

    TOC Block Chain

    Looking for a 3/16" 56 link block chain with master like this:
  30. T


    Hello all. I'm a retiree of the AZ Air National Guard. My Uncle has gotten me into restoring vintage bike. I just picked up a 1950s Western Flyer X-53. I'm looking for a chain guard and/or tank. I know it's a big ask. But I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks in advance for your help.
  31. ivrjhnsn

    Sold PARK CT-11 Campy 11spd chain Tool

    Selling this Park CT-11 chain tool. Specific for Campagnolo 11 speed chain pin. $28 shipped.

    76 Stingray Crank and 5 Spd Chain Ring

    Looking for a good condition "Mag" chain ring (52T) for a 5-speed Stingray and a '76 crank. Please PM if you have one or both. Thanks :)
  33. jchicago

    Chain Adjuster Screw

    I need a new chain adjuster screw. I'm checking ebay and brands are specified with the listings. Are they pretty standard, or do they vary from brand to brand? (Maybe in the head style?) This pair looks good to me, but my need is for a Colson...
  34. whizzer kid

    New departure M hub also 2 chain rings moto era F/S

    Have these small parts up for grabs M hub, clear stamping cones don’t quite match and have some use. But can be made to work . Also no bearings. 65 Plus ship ///SOLD/// Rings Both well used but look neat I don’t know what they are off of. 25 ea. ////LARGER ONE IS SOLD, /// Plus shipping
  35. J


    CWC Paisley chain guard in nice condition. I bought this guard for my bike a couple weeks ago and realized it was the wrong one when I got it home. Bought for $95 sell for $95 shipped.
  36. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Skip Tooth Chain - 52" and 16" sold together $50.00 Shipped

    The chain is a bit rusty and the ends were cut (as shown in photo). However I have a short piece 16" to go along with it that can make the chain much longer PM and friends PP $50 shipped to you.
  37. R

    Chain Tensioner for Balloon Tire Bike?

    I'm working on my '52 Murray today, taking off the crappy Chinese chain tensioner I had on there as a temporary fix. I shortened the chain a couple links and it looks a lot better, but the oversize 26x2.35 tires I had in it rub the frame. Is there any way I can get the back wheel to move back an...
  38. Junkman Bob

    Reduced Shelby chain guard 45$

    Shelby chainguard off of a Hiawatha super chief If you see anything in the back ground it’s probally for sale so just feel free to ask Decent condition 45$ shipped to lower 48
  39. Junkman Bob

    Sold J C Higgins skirt guards and chain guard

    2 skirt guards and chainguard for one price ... FYI...Black tape is just so the bolts don’t get lost ... 45$ shipped to lower 48
  40. J

    Help I.d chain guard.

    What Bike did this chain guard come on? Bought it a couple weeks ago thinking it was the right one for my Hawthorn then realized the Hawthorn one is a little different.
  41. bobcycles

    Sale Pending Prewar Schwinn Feather Chain Guard-Rider quality F/S

    Original 1938-41 Schwinn feather guard as you see it. It has been chrome plated in SILVER PAINT...new decal applied. Brackets are correct and original, threads are good in the front mount. Has one very small 1/4" split at the wrap around area on the back, does not effect mounting the guard...
  42. J

    Enclosed chain guard removal

    I have been trying to remove the enclosed chain guard on my 53 Churchill De-Lux. That has been an interesting endeavor. The crank had been rubbing the chain guard so I figured it would be best to remove the chain guard and tweak the crank arm just a little. To do this the guard has to be...
  43. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Sweetheart chain ring, crank and bearings

    Sweetheart chain ring, crank and bearings with fairly nice chrome $37 shipped
  44. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Monark delux silver king Fenders and chain guard

    I’m guessing late 40s monarch Silver King fenders and chain guard. Chain guard has a shallow dent behind the S and Silver King. Front of the front fender needs a little straightening but overall not too bad condition $50 plus shipping .
  45. J

    Stelber Chain Drive

    My grandson was having problems finding a bike to get started on. Too big for tricycles, not comfortable on training wheels. He loves this thing and I'm gonna get it cleaned up for him. missing the head badge though. If someone has one for sale, let me know. Would like for it to be complete.
  46. szathmarig

    Sold Hoffman chain guard?

    $20 plus shipping.
  47. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn Chain Guard Bracket Lot

    First picture shows the group, the other pictures are detail shots. I think the long flat one is for early silver king maybe. $50/shipped for the pile
  48. T

    Columbia Chain Guard with Oiler

    Very nice Columbia chain guard with chain oiler. Looks like it was never on a bike but not mint condition. $75 plus $15 shipping to lower 48.
  49. MsRock2

    Schwinn Phantom Chain Gaurd 26"

    Primered and ready to paint $50.00 PM for details. Pick up in San Diego or pay for shipping to your home.